Best Track Spikes for Mid Distance

7 Best Track Spikes for Mid Distance 2021

Your performance in mid distance races mainly depends on you form and the track spikes you use. Best Track Spikes for Mid DistanceThe best track spikes for mid distance races should give you adequate propulsion and comfort to enable optimal performance.

In addition, they should provide secure grip to prevent accidental sliding especially when negotiating corners.

Here are typical recommendations for the best mid distance track spikes.

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Reviews: 7 Best Track Spikes for Mid Distance 2021

1. Adidas Track Shoe Adizero MD

With the Adizero MD track spike, you can comfortably complete middle distance sprinting with heightened efficiency and comfort.

Adidas Track Shoe Adizero MD

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It comes with a spike plate that runs almost through the entire sole unit to provide adequate underfoot support. This guarantees you the ideal comfort for races ranging from 800m to 1500m.

Adizero MD sprinting sneaker utilizes the Pebax plate which is high revered for delivering explosive acceleration. The plate also exhibits good flexibility so that it won’t restrict foot movements. Plus the fact that it’s lightweight means it doesn’t add significant weight on your feet.

Strategically-placed on the forefoot area, the five pyramid spikes deliver excellent traction on rubber and grass tracks. They can also be used on hard surfaces such as asphalt and wood. Heel grip is provided by the grippy and patterned rubber lining the rearfoot.

With the boost primary midsole and EVA foam footbed, the underfoot platform delivers exceptional comfort and responsiveness. Backed by the additional EVA foam cushioning on the heel area, the platform keeps you comfortable over middle distance sprinting.

Conveniently-placed on the upper unit, the air mesh fabric keeps your feet effectively ventilated to minimize discomforts. The midfoot area is wrapped with synthetic overlays to prevent undesirable foot movements.

  • Adequate propulsion
  • Excellent inshoe comfort
  • Not heavy
  • Stylish build
  • Good traction
  • Ample ventilation
  • Might feel tight for some individuals

2. Asics Mid-Distance Cosmoracer MD Track Spike

Middle distance sprinters will find Cosmoracer MD sneaker exceptionally comfortable during their track and field events.

Asics Mid-Distance Cosmoracer MD Track Spike

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The outsole of Cosmoracer MD sneaker is meant to offer sufficient underfoot support and propulsion for middle distance competitions. The use of Pebax plate on the underside results in an exceptionally lightweight sneaker which means lesser weight on your feet.

The sneaker uses five spikes configuration which are meant to provide the right amount of grip and stability. The heel area comes with a grippy and patterned material to enhance traction.

Also shelving the sneaker’s weight is the full-length Solyte foam cushioning utilized on the midsole. Although lightweight, Solyte foam exhibits the ideal sturdiness to support your weight without losing its responsiveness.

Cosmoracer MD features an air mesh whose perforations provide ample air flow and heat dissipation. Printed on both sides of the air mesh, the Asics signature serves an overlay to provide lateral support and foot cradle.

Your feet are kept comfortable by the seamless interior since there’s not rubbing.

  • Responsive spike plate
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Supportive upper
  • Secure grip on tracks
  • Narrow fit

3. Asics Hyper Track Spike MD 6

Whether you’re looking for a track spike for sprinting, middle distance running or competing in hurdles races, Hyper MD 6 is a good choice.

Asics Hyper Track Spike MD 6

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By utilizing a nearly full-length Pebax plate, the outsole delivers the ideal underfoot support to keep you comfortable during mid-distance races. The plate also gives you adequate propulsion to allow effortless and explosive acceleration.

Although Pebax plates are stiff, they still exhibits adequate flexibility to allow unrestricted heel-to-toe transition. Plus they don’t add undesirable weight to the shoe.

Surface grip comes from five pyramid spikes on the forefoot area and the grippy rubber compound wrapping the heel area.

The EVA midsole is intended to deliver a comfortable underfoot sensation while enhancing support. Plus it dampens impacts thus lessening pounding especially on the heel area.

As the name suggests, the speed mesh fabric utilized on the upper unit is meant to allow swift foot movements. That means, it does not restrict natural foot biomechanics.

The upper construction also employs a network of printed overlays to provide non-constricting support. These overlays also contribute to the sneaker’s overall durability while enhancing its structure.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Overall support for mid-distance
  • Secure traction
  • Overall durability
  • Great propulsion
  • Fits tightly

4. Saucony Ballista 2 Track Spike – Mid-Distance

Building from the success of the original Saucony Ballista, the second iteration delivers excellent performance while remaining lightweight. It’s also a very stylish track spike for mid distance competitions.

Saucony Ballista 2 Track Spike - Mid-Distance

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By making use of a composite spike plate, the sneaker is responsible for propulsive strides which result in faster running. The spike plate extends up to the midfoot to offer underfoot support for optimal comfort.

Notably, the plate is made to be extremely lightweight to avoid adding excessive load on your feet.

The six pyramid spikes are strategically-arranged on the forefoot area to keep you securely-grounded even when negotiating corners. In addition, there’s a grippy rubber on the heel zone to enhance traction.

The underfoot platform uses an EVA foam compound which delivers a good balance of responsiveness and firmness. This results in soft and steady landings thus lessening discomforts.

Designed with Flex Film technology, upper unit is meant to deliver a stretchable, lightweight and seamless foot coverage. Plus the woven mesh construction serves as the primary source of inshoe ventilation.

  • Good grip
  • Propulsive acceleration
  • Spacious toe-box
  • Not heavy
  • Durable construction
  • Breathable
  • Less cushioning

5. New Balance Track Spike MD800 v6

The MD800 v6 makes one of the best track spikes for mid distance racing. Designed with a full-length teardrop-like Pebax plate, MD800 v6 sneaker delivers smooth and energetic strides. This allows you to run faster and with greater efficiency.

New Balance Track Spike MD800 v6

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Not only is the plate lightweight, but it also exhibits the ideal flexibility to permit effortless heel-to-toe transition.

The fix-fold spike construction guarantees stable and secure landing. This is especially helpful when negotiating corners.

On the midsole the RevLite foam material which works with the spike plate to give quick and responsive rides. RevLite cushioning is also desirable in sprinting and mid-distance running shoes because it’s exceptionally lightweight.

With seamlessly woven fabric, the foot chamber guarantees a comfortable inshoe experience since it eliminates rubbing. The forefoot is designed to offer heightened ventilation to prevent wetness and overheating.

What’s more, the bootie-like construction and stitched overlay ensures that your foot is effectively cradled.

  • Excellent propulsion
  • Ample energy return
  • Secure foot cradle
  • Highly breathable
  • Admirable styling
  • Lacks durability

6. Nike Zoom Men’s Rival M 9 Track Spike

Now in the ninth edition, this series of middle distance track spike promises greater running efficiency while keeping the athlete comfortable.

Nike Zoom Men's Rival M 9 Track Spike

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Extending up to the arch area, the Pebax plate utilized in Zoom Rival M 9 guarantees the ideal underfoot support. This aids in lessening fatigue on your feet during sprints and middle distance races as well as hurdles. This is a comfortable sneaker for jumping track and field events.

The spike plate also delivers heightened propulsion which allows you to run faster and more effortlessly.

The seven gripping spikes are evenly spread around the forefoot area to provide secure and steady toe-offs. Moreover, there’s a sticky and patterned rubber compound covering the heel are to enhance grip.

The midsole is built with the lightweight EVA foam compound to provide a comfortable and responsive underfoot platform.

With the sock-like mesh, the upper unit wraps the foot in a comfortable and unrestricting manner. The mesh fabric also comes with a soft interior lining which heightens inshoe comfort while aiding in moisture management.

The façade features minimal overlays which are strategically-placed to enhance foot support and protect the mesh construction from hazards.

What’s more, presence of an internal midfoot strap results in a secure foot lockdown.

  • Excellent propulsion
  • Versatile sneaker
  • Inshoe comfort
  • Durable construction
  • Ample breathability
  • Narrow toe-box

7. Adidas Distancestar MD Track Spike

Coming in a stylish design and admirable colorways, the Distancestar makes a good track spike for middle and long distance track races including steeplechase. It makes use of a TPU plate as the means for propulsion and underside protection.

Adidas Distancestar MD Track Spike

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Revered for being lightweight, firm and flexible, the plate delivers excellent propulsion to allow quick and effortless strides. The plate also serves as the means for underfoot support to enhance your comfort.

Surface grip is delivered by the 5-fold spike design and the grippy rubber compound wrapping the heel zone.

Also responsible for your comfort is the EVA foam compound featured on the midsole area. The platform delivers responsive strides while dampening impact shocks.

Both the midsole and outsole are built with lightweight materials to ease the burden on your feet.

Wrapping the upper unit is the air mesh fabric and a network of printed overlays. The former serves as the means for inshoe ventilation while the later is responsible for foot underpinning and support.

Heel cradle and support is delivered by the stitched overlay wrapping the rear part of the shoe.

  • Explosive acceleration
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Multipurpose
  • Accurate grip
  • Durable construction
  • Breathable
  • Lack color variety


A good track spike for mid distance is intended to keep your feet adequately cushioned and supported for optimal comfort. Plus it should provide the ideal propulsion to allow quick and effortless running.

Also consider buying a sneaker that will last long for you to have the best value for your money

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