Best Skechers for Arch Support

7 Best Skechers for Arch Support 2022

The best skechers for arch support provide a good remedy for both moderate and severe overpronation during running or walking. Best Skechers for Arch SupportThey aid in minimizing the tendency to bend your feet inwards, a condition that may lead to discomfort or injuries.

Individuals with shallow or fallen foot arches are more prone to pain or discomfort due to lack of support in their running or walking shoes.

Below is a review of the best skechers for arch support to help you run or walk with greater comfort.

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Reviews: 7 Best Skechers for Arch Support 2022

1. Skechers GOrun Running Shoe Forza 3 – Arch Support

If you’re the flat-footed type, then you’ll benefit from the arch support provided by GOrun Forza 3 running sneaker from Skechers. It comes with a triple density midsole which is raised at the midfoot to keep your arches from collapsing.

Skechers GOrun Running Shoe Forza 3 - Arch Support

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Such a configuration is aimed at minimizing the risk of discomfort or injuries which result from excessive overpronation due to collapsed arches.

Dubbed as Flight Gen, the midsole compound offer a responsive ride while guarding your joints and muscles from harmful impacts.

Moreover, the midsole platform is designed to encourage midfoot strike which results in lesser impacts during landing. Midfoot strike also leads to more efficient heel-to-toe transitions compared to heel strike.

The bottom of GOrun Forza 3 sneaker sports sturdy rubber which produces prolonged resilience to abrasion. Backed by the line tread patterns, this compound also provides secure traction especially on pavement roads.

The outsole also exhibits the ideal flexibility to enable smooth and effortless transitions.

With the 3D mesh silhouette, your feet are cradled in a soft and smooth compartment. The sturdy mesh wraps around your feet to provide the necessary foot support with inhibiting normal foot movements.

Other supportive features include the tightly-woven heel fabric and midfoot strap. Plus the heel counter and collar provides a comfortable foot support and lock-down.

  • Excellent underfoot cushioning
  • Arch support enhances stability
  • Superb durability
  • Counters overpronation
  • Possibility of instep blisters

2. Skechers Comfy Arch Fit – Flat Feet Walking Sneaker

As the name depicts, arch fit sneaker is built with a raised arch area so as to provide arch support to counter overpronation. This is provided in form of a podiatrist-certified insole to mitigate the effects of excessive foot rolling. This makes it ideal for resolving much of the discomforts or injuries related to flat-footedness.

Skechers Comfy Arch Fit – Flat Feet Walking Sneaker

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If you require a varied underfoot sensation, you can substitute the insole with custom orthotics.

The underfoot is cushioned and protected using a foam-based compound. This enables safe landings and effective transitions. Moreover, the raised flanges at the heel area of the midsole help in keeping the heel locked to minimize foot rolling.

Arch Fit features a midsole which also serves as the outsole. The platform is also equipped with rubber pods at the forefoot and heel areas to provide good grip enhance its resilience to abrasion. Plus there are deep grooves to enable smooth and effective transitions.

The upper part of the sneaker is built with a knitted mesh and a soft liner to give you optimal comfort. The inner lining guarantees moisture-less and non-chaffing inshoe experience.

The high-wear areas are reinforced with sturdier overlays to enhance the shoe’s resilience to hazards. Plus the toe-box features and extension of the outsole to provide a protective bumper for your toes.

  • Adequate underfoot cushioning
  • Excellent arch support
  • Sufficient shock attenuation
  • Orthotics-friendly
  • Counters overpronation
  • Not many colorways

3. Skechers Summits Women’s Walking Sneaker

If you’re looking for support under your foot arches, then you’re good to go with these Skechers Summits sneakers. They come with a foam insole which is meant to provide a customized cushioning and support by molding to your underfoot contours.

Skechers Summits Women’s Walking Sneaker

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The primary cushioning is provided by the EVA foam compound utilized as the midsole. Backed by its foot-like contours, the midsole is intended to provide consistent cushioning while supporting the entire underfoot. Plus it dampens impact shocks which allows you to walk with less pounding on you joints and muscles.

Extending to make the outsole EVA foam adds to the underfoot cushioning while providing protection from impacts and abrasion. Such a configuration aims at keeping Skechers Summits sneakers lightweight to heighten your comfort.

Presence of both vertical and horizontal flex grooves allows the platform to bend in all directions to accommodate natural foot mechanics.

The slip-on design of this sneaker makes it easy wear and remove. It’s built to provide a sock-like foot cradle which minimizes rubbing or irritations. The mesh configuration aims at maintaining a fresh environment inside the shoe by dissipating heat and allowing air circulation.

The padded collar provides a comfortable inshoe experience which keeping the foot well-supported. Stretchable bungee laces are utilized to provide a foot lock-down.

  • Comfortable and springy
  • Underfoot support
  • Non-fatigue walking shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Quick slip-on and slip-out
  • Sock-like and non-irritating
  • Moderate traction

4. Skechers Men’s Sneaker Elite Flex – Wasick

If you require moderate arch support in your walking shoes, then Wasick version on Skechers Elite series is an ideal sneaker. This lightweight sneaker comes with a full-length Elite Flex cushioning, a proprietary compound from Skechers. It provides the primary means of underfoot comfort and shock attenuation.

Skechers Men’s Sneaker Elite Flex - Wasick

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The foot entails a memory insole which is responsible for additional underfoot comfort. It’s designed to adapt to underfoot contours so as to support the areas that need support especially under the arch. Plus its air cooling design keeps the entire shoe well ventilated.

Elite Flex compound also serves as the sole unit of this sneaker because it exhibits the necessary sturdiness to withstand wear and tear. Running the entire platform, the vertical grooves aid in flexibility while contributing to traction.

Foot cradle is provided by a one-piece knitted textile which is intended to provide a cloth-like coverage. The silhouette is also built to enhance foot stability and promote breathability. Plus it does not restrict foot movement.

The slip-on or non-lacing configuration allows you to wear and remove the sneaker with less struggle.

  • Comfortable for walking
  • Foot support
  • Lightweight
  • Easy wear and removal
  • Tread patterns tend to wear out easily

5. Skechers Running Sneaker GOrun Forza 2

Now a bit lighter than its predecessor, GOrun Forza 2 promises adequate cushioning and stability to enable you run with optimal comfort. If you’re ready to take on longer miles, you will benefit from the 5GEN underfoot cushioning which is soft, responsive and impact absorbing.

Skechers Running Sneaker GOrun Forza 2

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Underfoot support is enhanced by the medial post which is embedded in the midsole foam just below your arches. This also enhances the torsional rigidity if the midsole to minimize overpronation.

Moreover, the midsole uses midfoot strike which forces your feet to hit the surface with the midfoot. Not only does midfoot strike lead to smoother transitions but it also results in lesser landing impacts.

Keeping your feet and the underfoot platform protected is a hard-wearing rubber making the outsole. The medial area features dual durometer rubber which enhances the stability of the platform while making it more resistant to abrasion.

The landing surface comes with circular and arrow-shaped treads both of which make the platform more pliable and grippy.

Unlike the predecessor, sublimated air mesh is utilized on the upper unit to deliver a more durable shoe. This does not however, hinder the breathability and flexibility of the upper silhouette.

With the inclusion of hot-melt overlays the upper unit is intended to offer heightened support and protection. Plus the sturdy heel counter keeps the heel intact and well-supported.

  • Comfortable long distance running sneaker
  • Superb support
  • Excellent foot stability
  • Durable configuration
  • Counters overponation
  • Breathable
  • Comparatively heavy

6. Skechers (Incredible) GOwalk 4 Performance

GOwalk 4 – Incredible makes a perfect arch support sneaker for individuals who are looking for something to put on and off with ease. Arch support is provided by the midsole which is raised at the midfoot area. This is intended to keep the foot well-supported so that body weight is evenly distributed instead of being concentrated to certain areas of the foot.

Skechers (Incredible) GOwalk 4 Performance

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Additional underfoot comfort and support comes from the Goga Max insert placed above the 5GEN cushioning.

The midsole entails 5GEN cushioning which delivers consistent cushioning while mitigating the effects of impact shocks.

5GEN compound exhibits substantial sturdiness which allow it to be used on the sole unit as an open midsole. Tread patterns are incorporated to increase the gripping ability of the sole unit.

Moreover, the forefoot and heel zones are equipped with Goga Pillars whose primary function is to protect your feet through adaptive cushioning.

The low-sided upper construction makes GOwalk 4 – Incredible easy to slip on and off thus saving you time. The mesh fabric making the largest portion of the upper unit contribute to superb breathability which keeps the foot cool and dry.

The exposed and high-wear areas are wrapped with protective synthetic overlays which allows the mesh fabric to last longer.

  • Comfortable arch support sneaker
  • Easy slip on and off
  • Excellent breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Little versatility

7. Skechers (Paradise) GOwalk Joy Walking Sneaker

Lightweight and breathable this sneaker makes a perfect choice to walking and daily wear. It makes use of lightweight but durable materials which contribute to comfort and good value for your money.

Skechers (Paradise) GOwalk Joy Walking Sneaker

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GOwalk Joy (Paradise) employs 5GEN midsole cushioning which is essentially an EVA foam compound. It is responsible for the ideal walking comfort and keeping the foot guarded from impacts. It’s also a flexible compound designed to promote smooth transitions with each step so as to minimize fatigue on your feet.

Also making the midsole is Goga Max insert which is meant to provide arch support and additional cushioning.

Like in other GOwalk sneakers, the sole unit is an extension of the midsole platform. Not only does it provide secure grip but it also guarantees shoe longevity. Plus the outsole patterns and grooves are responsible for traction and flexibility.

The upper silhouette can be described as flexible, breathable and lightweight. This configuration allows you to walk with comfort, no foot constriction, no itches and or moisture accumulation.

The padding on the collar and tongue helps in maintaining and a secure fit while minimizing irritations.

  • Comfy walking sneaker
  • Good underfoot support
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible upper
  • Excellent breathability
  • Few colors


Having shallow or fallen foot arches leaves your feet with inadequate underfoot support and less springiness. If your feet are of this type, then you need to consider getting arch support sneakers to avoid straining your joints and muscles.

The above sneaker are quite affordable while giving excellent value for money.  Moreover, they are built with supportive footbeds to keep your underfoot supported.

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