Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio

7 Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio 2022

The best shoes for weightlifting and cardio should have a good balance in the amount of cushioning and firmness in their midsole.Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio The midsole should be steady enough to support heavy lifting and give sufficient rebound during cardio workouts. Plus, the shoes ought to permit natural foot movements to avoid possible foot injuries.

Below is my review of trainers that guarantee optimal performance and comfort during weight lifting and cardio workouts.

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7 Best Shoes for Weight Training and Cardio 2022

1. Nike Metcon-4 Cardio Trainers

Metcon 4 strikes a good balance of underfoot cushioning, stability and flexibility which make it ideal for weightlifting and cardio workouts. It comes with well-cushioned yet dense midsole which offers a firm and stable base for weightlifting. The 4-mm drop keeps your feet near the training surface for added stability.

Nike Metcon-4 Cardio Trainers

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Guarding the midsole from hazards is the rubber outsole which exhibits outstanding abrasion resistance. Presence of tri-star treads results in multi-directional gripping which is necessary during weightlifting and most cardio-related workouts.

The outsole is also configured with lateral extensions whose function offer a means for gripping during rope climbing. Plus it guards the upper mesh from wearing out.

Making the upper part, is a double-layered mesh designed to offer a plush foot coverage. The mesh is made more durable at the vulnerable areas by lining it with Haptic rubber. A TPU heel counter is incorporated at the rearfoot to offer heel support and minimize wobbling.

What’s more, the upper unit is configured to allow optimal foot flexibility so that your foot can bend naturally during weightlifting.

  • Exceptional comfort
  • Supportive configuration
  • Ample flexibility
  • Durable build
  • Superb grip
  • Runs narrow

2. Inov-8 G-Grip F-Lite (230)

If you’re regular workouts involve weightlifting and cardio workouts, the F-Lite 230 is the ideal training shoe to have. The low profile configuration aims at keeping your feet close to the ground to increase your stability during heavy lifting.

Inov-8 G-Grip F-Lite (230)

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Powerflow foam makes the midsole of F-Lite 230 where it provides the right amount of cushioning for ultimate comfort and impact mitigation. This is especially helpful when performing low impact cardio workouts.

The platform is also meant to accommodate foot flexibility and allow quick changeovers during cardio exercises.

The outsole is marked G-Grip which indicates the incorporation of graphene into the rubber compound utilized here. Graphene exhibits admirable resistance to abrasion which makes your shoes last longer. It works with the gum rubber to give accurate grip on most indoor surfaces.

Flex grooves are strategically placed to give the necessary flexibility during your workouts. Plus the Meta-Flex configuration below the metatarsal is responsible for forefoot flexibility.

What’s more, F-Lite 230 also comes with Rope-Tec technology which enables your feet to grasp on climbing ropes.

Your feet are adequately covered and supported by a flexible and breathable textile. Supportive structure in form of TPU overlays are incorporated on the upper unit to provide secure foot cradle and enhance support during lateral movements.

  • Low profile for weightlifting
  • Adequate cushioning for aerobic workouts
  • Supportive upper structure
  • Overall flexibility
  • Reliable traction
  • Could have used rubber instead of TPU as toe bumper

3. Reebok Women’s Flexweave CROSSFIT Nano 8.0

These trainers build from the success of Nano 8. The only difference is the use of Flexweave technology on its upper unit. This results in greater foot support and better breathability. Plus it makes the shoe more durable.

Reebok Women's Flexweave CROSSFIT Nano 8.0

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The midsole is built with a dual-density compound which is meant to serve various cross training demands. Whether, you want a shoes for weightlifting, plyometrics, cardio workout, and so on.

It comes in a low heel-to-toe drop which guarantees safe footing when lifting heavy weights. Moreover, it comes with a firm heel area which gives you the necessary support for weightlifting.

Adding to the responsiveness of the midsole is an ortholite insert which is responsible for shock attenuation to keep you comfortable during plyometrics and cardio workouts.

Nano 8.0 Flexweave comes with an abrasion-resilient rubber on its bottom to deliver prolonged usage. This also meant to offer reliable traction on surfaces to enhance your safety during various workouts. Plus it’s built with RopePro technology which makes it possible to climb on ropes.

What’s more, the outsole also employs Metasplit technology at the forefoot to enhance flexibility.

The Flexweave configuration entails a sturdy outer mesh and softer inner sleeve. This results to a durable foot cover which is also extremely comfortable of your feet. Plus it accommodates sufficient foot flexibility.

The rearfoot is adequately locked and supported by rigid TPU heel clip to enhance foot stability. Plus the toe area is reinforced due to its susceptibility to bumps and tearing.

  • Multipurpose trainer
  • Adequate support and stability for weightlifting
  • Quality and stylish build
  • Ample flexibility
  • Sufficient impact protection
  • Not heavy
  • Sizing issues

4. Ryka Cardio Trainer Dynamic 2.5

Women weightlifting aficionados will love this trainer because it’s built to cater for the training demands of women. And it’s quite a versatile trainer which you can use in most gym workouts, cardio workouts, aerobic dance, HIIT, and so on.

Ryka Cardio Trainer Dynamic 2.5

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N-Gage EVA is employed at the midsole to give you sufficient impact protection and enable smooth landings during aerobics. In addition, there’s a removable ortholite footbed designed to improve underfoot comfort. It’s built with antimicrobial materials to minimize moisture and odour formation under your feet.

Exo-Shell is a high abrasion resistant compound employed as the outsole of Ryka Dynamic 2.5 promote its durability. The platform also incorporates varied types of flex grooves which aid in flexibility while enhancing flexibility.

Coming in a multi-layered mesh, the foot chamber aims at offering excellent foot support and still allow flawless foot mechanics. This part of the shoe also comes with synthetic overlays designed to offer reinforcement at strategic areas.

What’s more, the shoe comes with a rounded toe area which guarantees adequate toe splay.

  • Superb comfort and impact protection
  • Excellent versatility
  • Adequate underfoot and lateral support
  • Roomy toe space
  • Secure grip
  • Arch support
  • Comes in women’s version only

5. Reebok Men’s Weightlifting Trainer Speed TR(2.0) CrossFit

Designed for numerous cross training, this shoes saves you the cost of having different pairs of trainers for different workouts. You can use it in weightlifting, high-impact workouts, cardio exercise, running among others.

Reebok Men's Weightlifting Trainer Speed TR(2.0) CrossFit

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What makes it good for weightlifting is the 3-mm drop which gives you better grounding and stability. Cushioning and shock attenuation results from a soft EVA foam which runs throughout the midsole.

The TPU Guard at the heel aids in minimizing wear and tear when performing wall push-ups.

Not only is the soles unit grippy, but it’s also built to serve various cross training needs. Presence of multi-directional lugs is responsible effective grip across various surfaces. The external surface of the outsole features MetaSplit grooves designed to promote flexibility.

RopePro technology is also included on the outsole to provide sufficient grip during rope-climbing workouts.

Covering the upper part is a low-cut Cordura fabric whose sturdiness aids in minimizing abrasion and tearing. Backed by polyurethane overlays the upper unit is able withstand rigorous workouts like weightlifting. The low-cut configuration allows ample ankle mobility thus making it good for squats.

What’s more, the toe box and the heel are covered with sturdy overlays to protect your feet from impacts during workouts.

  • Comfortable trainer
  • Excellent stability for weightlifting
  • Versatile
  • Ample flexibility
  • Superb traction
  • Overall durability
  • Narrow forefoot

6. Inov-8 Men’s Versatile Trainer F-Lite 235(v3)

F-Lite 235 v3 makes use of Powerflow+ technology which results in a firm and responsive midsole. Firmness makes it ideal for weightlifting while the responsiveness contributes to your comfort and impact mitigation during high-impact cardio workouts.

Inov-8 Men's Versatile Trainer F-Lite 235(v3)

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The midsole also lies at 4-mm drop which keeps your feet low for enhanced footing and stability.

Coming with G-Grip rubber, the sole unit guarantees reliable traction while offering reliable abrasion resistance. The outer surface is designed with deep-cut vertical and horizontal grooves to allow multi-directional flexibility and enhance grip. The forefoot exhibits greater flexibility to enable appropriate flexibility during squat.

Also in the sole unit is a TPU shank which promotes smoother transitions.

Additional outsole features include a toe bumper and the Rope-Tec configuration. The former guards your toes during box jumps or burpees while the later aids in rope-climbing.

The upper is built to deliver a customized fit and promote adequate flexibility, thanks to the utilization of two types of textiles and synthetic overlays. This configuration is also meant to offer sufficient breathability and contribute to the shoes’ durability.

  • Balance cushioning and firmness
  • Great versatility
  • Durable construction
  • Ample flexibility
  • Grippy outsole
  • Forefoot is a bit tight

7. Nike Men’s Cardio Trainers Metcon Repper-DSX

These trainers combines the ideal firmness for weightlifting and responsiveness for cardio workouts. It’s an all-rounded trainer which promises outstanding performance in various cross training including plyometrics and running.

Nike Men's Cardio Trainers Metcon Repper-DSX

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The phylon midsole entails an EVA-based cushion which provides the ideal underfoot comfort and impact absorption. Since EVA foam is lightweight, the shoe does not add unbearable weight to your feet. Moreover, it exhibits the ideal flexibility that enable your feet to bend efficiently.

A grippy rubber serves as the sole unit of Metcon Repper DSX. Not only does it offer secure traction but it’s also responsible for durability.

Providing the foot cover is breathable mesh which is effectively reinforced with Flywire cables. The overlays are connected to the lacing system in as a way that they lock your feet whenever the laces are tightened.

The upper unit also comes with TPU overlays at the heel and toe box. The former enhances the foot lock-down while the later guards your toes from hazards during box jumps and burpees.

  • Ideal weightlifting stability
  • Sufficient cushioning for high-impact cardio
  • Ample flexibility
  • All-round cross trainer
  • Lightweight
  • Narrow fit


When you’re looking for the best shoes for weightlifting and cardio consider shoes that give you adequate stability for weightlifting. However, ensure that the midsole is responsive enough to keep you comfortable and absorb impacts during cardio workouts.

In addition, the shoe should exhibit adequate flexibility so as to give your feet the freedom to bend and flex without restriction.

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