Best Shoes for Walking in the City

7 Best Shoes for Walking in the City 2021

When you’re walking around city roads or walkways for long, consider wearing the best shoes for walking in the city. Best Shoes for Walking in the CitySince city roads are paved with hard materials, you need shoes that allow you to walk comfortably.

They should have sufficient underfoot cushioning and provide customized support to give you optimal comfort. Plus they should keep you securely footed by providing accurate grip on these surfaces.

Here are some decent recommendations to add to your shopping list.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Walking in the City 2021

1. Ryka Walk Women’s Sky Walking Shoe

Take you city walks in style with this walking shoe from Ryka. Specially designed for women, the Sky Walk sneaker guarantees the ideal comfort for walking on pavement and concrete.

Ryka Walk Women's Sky Walking Shoe

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The main source of comfort is the EVA foam midsole which cushions your feet against hard surfaces. Backed by memory foam insole, the midsole also dampens landing impacts to minimize injuries on you joints and muscles.

The insole also keeps your arches supported to alleviate fatigue on your lower extremities. Plus there’s a TPU shank which further enhances support.

A grippy rubber compound lines the actual contact points to provide secure grip on the road. This also guards the rest of the platform from the abrasive nature of most city roads.

The sport and stylish upper construction makes the Sky Walk sneaker a decent option for casual days out. The mesh fabric keeps your feet ventilated so that they don’t become sweaty and overheated.

Leather overlays are strategically-placed on to give you a secure fit and keep your feet protected. The plush and smooth interiors aid in keeping snugly locked.

  • Comfortable for city walking
  • Stylish women’s sneaker
  • Underfoot support
  • Breathable
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Decent colors
  • Women’s only sneaker

2. Skechers Stability Arch Fit Sneaker

Present in this walking sneaker is a podiatrist-approved footbed whose function is to provide arch support. It’s a useful construction for which aids in keeping your lower extremities aligned to minimize injuries when walking.

Skechers Stability Arch Fit Sneaker

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It’s a recommended walking shoes for people with flat feet and high foot arches who are likely to roll their feet when walking. Foot stability is further heightened by the cupped heel area.

The underfoot platform comes with plush and impact-resilience foam cushioning which is responsible comfortable landings and impact damping.

Rubber pods are strategically lined on forefoot and heel to give you secure grip and guard the midsole from abrasion. The tread patterns are designed to heighten traction especially on hard surfaces including asphalt, cobblestone and concrete.

Most of the upper unit is covered with a stretchable mesh which is lined with a soft interior fabric to allow a non-irritating inshoe sensation. Both fabrics are breathable enough to keep your feet cool and dry.

The sneaker also delivers a plush and secure fit, thanks to the well-padded interior.

Wrapping the toe-box is a hot-melt synthetic overlay which is responsible for toe protection. It also guards the mesh fabric from abrasion or ripping off.

  • Plush and supportive underfoot
  • Arch support
  • Stylish casual walking sneaker
  • Excellent breathability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable build
  • Limited colorways

3. Saucony City Walker Integrity ST 2

A decent sneaker for standing all day or for walking for long hours.

Saucony City Walker Integrity ST 2

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With the CMEVA cushioning, there’s sufficient responsiveness and impact resilience under your feet. Backed by the ProGrid heel cassette, the underfoot platform dampens impacts to ease pounding during walking.

Meanwhile, the forefoot is equipped with HRC technology to allow effortless transitions.

Underfoot plushness is further heightened by the presence of a well-cushioned footbed. You can substitute the footbed with custom orthotics in case your podiatrist recommends so.

The main compound for the outsole is the lightweight and responsive blown rubber which heightens underfoot comfort. Protecting the platform from abrasion is the XT-900 rubber placed on the high-abrasion areas. The rubber also delivers excellent traction on city roads and walkways.

Working with forefoot flex grooves, the Walk Trac configuration enables you to walk effortlessly and more efficiently.

Whether you choose the full-grain leather or suede upper construction, the sneaker exhibits heightened durability. Such a construction is also responsible for good foot support and secure coverage.

Inshoe plushness and foot underpinning is delivered by the well-padded collar and tongue. Plus ventilation is made possible the mesh tongue and the strategically-placed perforations.

  • Cushioned and supportive midsole
  • Secure traction
  • Exceptional durability
  • Allows use of orthotics
  • Can be worn with dress
  • Less breathable
  • Few colorways

4. Asics Walker Gel-Quickwalk 3

This is an exceptionally lightweight walking sneaker which allows you to walk in the city with less fatigue on your feet.

Asics Walker Gel-Quickwalk 3

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With the CMEVA midsole, the sneaker delivers a plush platform which keeps your feet effectively cushioned while remaining lightweight. Presence of Gel cushioning around the rearfoot results in heighted impact mitigation.

The midsole also delivers adequate underfoot support to keep you lower extremities aligned. You can wear this sneaker when you have high foot arches to allow even distribution of your body weight.

The contact points are wrapped with a traction-ready AHAR rubber compound which allows you to walk with secure grip. The rubber lining also guards the underfoot platform from wear and tear.

Furthering the sneaker’s lightweight construction is the mesh and synthetic upper. The overlays keep the foot supported and effectively locked while the mesh fabric aids in ventilation.

  • Well-cushioned midsole
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable
  • Good traction
  • Color limitation

5. Reebok Walking Shoe Ultra 7 Walk Dmx Max

This is a good sneaker for taking long walks on city roads or for general all-day wear.

Reebok Walking Shoe Ultra 7 Walk Dmx Max

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Unique to this sneaker, is the air-cushioned midsole. Trapped in two chamber, the air cushion shift between the chambers to keep your feet appropriately cushioned. It dampens impacts so that there’re minimal shocks on your body especially when walking on the hard city roads.

Also responsible for cushioning is the contoured Memory foam insert. It heightens underfoot comfort while aiding in support.

The material used on the outsole is hard-wearing rubber compound which allows the sneaker to resist wear and tear. Together with the non-pronounced lugs, the outsole bites securely on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Covering the top of the sneaker is soft leather which is responsible for support and protection. Additional leather wraps the midfoot area to enhance lateral support.

What’s more, the sneaker comes with adequate interior padding to enhance comfort and keep your feet effectively locked.

  • Comfy and supportive
  • Durable build
  • Excellent shock attenuation
  • Affordable
  • Less breathable

6. New Balance Leather Walker 840 v2

This is an exceptionally durable sneaker for walking on city roads which are characterised with high abrasion.

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With its Ndurance and blown rubber compounds, the outsole delivers a good balance of comfort and durability. Placed on the rearfoot and ball of the foot, Ndurance rubber delivers exceptional grip and abrasion resistance.

Meanwhile, blown rubber is placed on forefoot and midfoot to give you flexible and responsive toe-offs.

Running throughout the midsole is the Abzorb foam compound which delivers a lightweight yet impact resilient cushioning. Although it’s a soft foam, it does not become squishy. This keeps your feet sufficiently supported even when you’re a heavy person.

It’s also a good sneaker to wear when you have high foot arches.

The sneaker mainly uses leather material on the foot chamber to offer heightened foot protection and enhance durability.

Presence of interior padding results in secure foot underpinning and heightened inshoe comfort.

Your feet are cooled down by the mesh fabrics on the tongue and collar. Plus there’s numerous perforations to enhance breathability and heat dissipation.

  • Adequate cushioning and support
  • Wide toe-box
  • Durable construction
  • Breathable
  • Accurate traction
  • Plush interior
  • Runs small

7. Vionic Aimmy Slip-On City Walk 

If you prefer a slip-on walking sneaker, then Vionic Aimmy is decent option. Together with the Velcro patch, it gives an easy and quick means of closing the shoe to attain a custom fit.

Vionic Aimmy Slip-On City Walk 

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It’s equipped with a podiatrist designed orthotic footbed which is responsible for cushioning and underfoot support. Such a configuration results in comfortable landing and proper alignment of your lower extremities. Thus you can wear Vionic Aimmy when you have flat feet or high arches to counter overpronation and supination respectively.

It’s a recommended walking shoes when you’re experiencing pain on your knees, foot, plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

Lining the high-abrasion areas of the outsole is durable rubber compound which guards the platform from wear and tear. These rubber compounds also aid gripping to keep you securely grounded.

With its mesh upper design, Vionic Aimmy sneaker provides entry pores for fresh air and heat dissipation. This keeps your feet cool and dry even on a sunny day out.

Synthetic overlays are placed on the sides and heel area to enhance foot support and guard the mesh from wear and tear.

  • Recommended for high arches and flat feet
  • Velcro patch strapping
  • Excellent support
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Could be more breathable

Features to Consider in the Best Shoes for Walking in the City

Whether you’re walking around the city for leisure or your daily errands, consider wearing the best shoes for walking in the city. Not only do they enhance your walking comfort, but they are also meant to alleviate common walking injuries.

But how do you about choosing the most ideal walking shoe to cater for your foot type?

Here is a helpful guide.

1. Cushioning and Support

How comfortably you walk on city roads or walkways mainly depends on the level of cushioning and support delivered by your shoes.

With adequate cushioning under your feet, you feel the hardness exhibited by the city roads and walkways. Plus it lessens impact-related injuries on lower body appendages.

Another source of comfort is underfoot support. This will however depend on the anatomy of your feet. If your foot is the flat foot or high arched foot, then you need heightened arch support. This provides a means for aligning your foot, leg and lower back so as to alleviate excessive strain.

If your feet have a moderate arch, then you’re good to go with shoes that provide neutral support.

2. Secure Traction

Your typical shoes should keep you securely grounded on surfaces by providing accurate grip. This ensures that you don’t suffer injuries from accidental slippage.

3. Durability

Asphalt roads are extremely abrasive. Therefore, good shoes for walking on these surfaces ought to offer exceptional resistance to wear and tear. This guarantees you longer mileage and hence value for money.

4. Breathability

Your feet are always breathing and sweating especially in hot weather. A breathable shoe keeps your feet aerated so that there’s minimal sweating and overheating. This lessens discomforts while preventing foot slippage inside the shoe. Plus it discourages bacterial growth thus minimizing odor.


Wearing inappropriate shoes when walking or standing for long can result in recurring discomforts or even injuries. This is especially possible when you’re walking on most city roads which are usually hard.

Therefore, consider wearing well-cushioned walking shoes and those that are designed for your foot type.

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