Best Shoes for Stairmaster

7 Best Shoes for Stairmaster 2022

Looking for the best shoes for stairmaster? Best Shoes for StairmasterThen consider shoes that provide adequate underfoot cushioning so that your landing feels as soft as possible. Moreover, your shoes should offer sufficient underfoot support to minimize strain on your feet due to excessive foot rolling.

See the reviews below for some typical shoes for stairmaster workouts.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Stairmaster 2022

1. Nike Alpha Trainer 2 Air-Max Gym Fitness

Now in its 2nd iteration, this cross trainer guarantees optimal comfort and stability when walking on the stairmaster. It makes use of the proprietary Air Max underfoot cushioning to provide a comfortable platform for training on most cardio machines. Placed on the heel area, this cushioning technology offers excellent fatigue-relief by dampening impacts.

Nike Alpha Trainer 2 Air-Max Gym Fitness

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The full-length foam cushioning also delivers adequate plushness to keep the entire foot comfortable. The midsole also comes with cup-like lateral extensions which are intended to keep your feet steady.

Lining the entire bottom part is a grippy rubber which is meant to offer secure grip on the stairmaster steps. Presence of gripping patterns results in heightened grip which allow to make accurate steps. Moreover, the platform is equipped with forefoot grooves whose function is to promote non-restricted bending of the metatarsal during toe-off.

What’s more, outsole also exhibits sufficient sturdiness which allows it to withstand abrasion when used in outdoor cross training.

Unlike the predecessor, this sneaker uses fabric and leather overlays instead of printed overlays to enhance durability. These overlays also contribute to heightened foot lock-down while enhancing support.

The mesh fabric aids in keeping your feet effectively-ventilated to lessen sweat and heat build-up. Plus it results in good flexibility thus allowing unrestricted foot biomechanics.

The light padding around the collar and tongue contributes to a plush inshoe comfort while minimizing chaffing.

  • Comfortable and non-squishy
  • Excellent stability
  • Adequate underfoot support
  • Good flexibility
  • Breathable and supportive upper
  • Needs break-in

2. Brooks Sneaker Revel 3 

Although this is a running shoe, it comes with a low-to-the ground profile which makes it stable enough to take on the stairmaster. A soft and responsive cushioning is provided by BioMoGo DNA compound which runs throughout the midsole.Brooks Sneaker Revel 3 

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Also utilized in many of Brook’s running shoes, this compound conforms to the foot contours thus keeping your feet supported. Together with the sockliner, the midsole offers sufficient impact mitigation to minimise pounding on your joints and connective tissues.

Also utilized in the midsole is the segmented crash-pad which is responsible for effective shock attenuation and smooth transitions.

HPR Plus rubber is utilized on the bottom of Revel 3 where it delivers excellent grip while protecting the rest of the platform from hazards. Smooth and effortless transitions are made possible the grooves placed around the forefoot.

On the upper of Revel 3 is a thick mesh designed to provide secure and supportive foot wrap. This fabric also exhibits the ideal sturdiness which contributes to overall durability of the sneaker. The inner side of the fabric comes with a smooth fabric which is intended to minimize chaffing.

Presence of thickly-padded tongue and collar results in heightened inshoe comfort and secure foot cradle.

The Brooks signature is placed on the sides both as an overlay and a means of adding aesthetics to the shoe.

  • Adequate cushioning
  • Excellent underfoot support
  • Durable sneaker
  • Ample breathability
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Good traction
  • Might feel restrictive

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3. Asics (Gel) Kenun-MX Men’s Sneaker

Although it’s built for road running, Kenun MX also makes a good sneaker for walking and casuals wear. By making use of Solyte foam cushioning the sneaker feels exceptionally lightweight thus lessening the load on your feet.

Asics (Gel) Kenun-MX Men's Sneaker

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Solyte cushioning also exhibits sufficient springiness which results in softer landing and effective impact mitigation. A Gel material is placed on the heel area to enhance impact protection while giving you smoother transitions.

Guarding the shoe from abrasion is a solid rubber compound serving as the outsole. It exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasion which makes ideal for running on asphalt. Backed by the wave-like tread patterns, the outsole delivers superb traction on the road and gym surfaces.

Adding to inshoe comfort is the ComforDry and Ortholite technologies. The former is responsible for added cushioning while the later aids in minimizing wetness and odor.

Together with the guide line, the wave-like patterns also contribute to the flexibility of the platform. This results in unrestricted foot movements thus allowing you to run or walk smoothly.

A seamless mesh is employed as the upper coverage to eliminate chances of irritation. Foot support and lock-down is delivered by the printed overlay which is placed on the sides of the midfoot. By employing a tightly-woven mesh at the rearfoot, your heels are effectively locked and supported to minimize excessive movement.

Inshoe comfort is enhanced by the presence of a soft padding on the tongue and collar.

  • Responsive cushioning
  • Good traction
  • Non-squishy footbed
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Breathable upper
  • Odor and moisture management
  • Runs narrow

4. Nike Men’s Trainer Renew Fusion

This is a versatile trainer designed to offer excellent performance and comfort during gym workouts, plyometrics, cardio, and so on. If you’re looking for the best shoes for stairmaster training, then Renew Fusion is a good option.

Nike Men's Trainer Renew Fusion

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The Renew technology employed on the midsole is intended to offer a stable cushioning which allows you walk on the stairmaster with minimal foot rolling. Built as a dual-layer platform, the midsole also guarantees sufficient impact protection during intense cardio.

The footbed also comes with adequate padding to offer a comfortable underfoot experience.

Also enhancing steadiness is the wide and flat bottom. It’s intended to keep you appropriately footed during training.

As the name depicts, the midsole and outsole are fused into a one foam compound. However, the underside is lined with grippy rubber pods which are located strategically to allow effective grip. Moreover, the platform is designed with a wide and flat heel to give stability during your workouts.

Dubbed as Nikeskin, the material for the upper is designed to deliver a snug-fitting foot coverage. The design entails a mesh fabric which is coated with polyurethane on the high abrasion areas and areas that need support. Areas that are not coated with polyurethane are meant for ventilating the foot chamber.

Lateral support is provided by PU strap placed around the midsole.

  • Stable cushioning
  • Lateral support
  • Durable build
  • Excellent versatility
  • Breathable
  • Arch support
  • Upper unit lacks flexibility

5. Under Armour Cross-Trainer HOVR Rise

By utilizing the HOVR cushioning, Under Armour delivers a very comfortable sneaker for high-intensity cardio, gym workouts and plyometrics. It exhibits exceptional resistant to compression which gives you the necessary support minimize strain on your feet.

Under Armour Cross-Trainer HOVR Rise

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Since the platform does not become squishy during landing your feet won’t suffer excessive strain due to excessive rolling.

The rubber compound making the bottom part of the sneaker is intended to offer effective whether you’re training in the gym or outdoors. Presence of multidirectional gripping patterns results in heightened traction even during side-to-side movements. Plus platform’s flexibility is enhanced by incorporating split grooves at specific areas.

The top part is designed with excellent rearfoot support which is intended to give you heel stability during lateral movements. The silhouette also features printed overlays which contribute to appropriate foot lock-down. A breathable mesh is placed around the forefoot and toe area to provide a means for keeping your feet aerated.

  • Offers comfort and support
  • Breathable
  • Lateral support
  • Good for intensive cardio
  • Excellent versatility
  • Inadequate cushioning

6. Reebok HIIT Women’s Cross Trainer

This typical HIIT sneaker offers the ideal comfort for training on the stairmaster. First, it’s equipped with a responsive midsole which delivers springy steps when walking the stairmaster.

Reebok HIIT Women's Cross Trainer

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The platform also keeps your underfoot effectively supported to minimize strain on your feet. Plus it’s designed to minimize excessive rolling when walking and during lateral movements.

The grippy outsole comes with two types of tread patterns which are intended to offer multidirectional grip. By incorporating a deep middle groove and forefoot grooves, the platform delivers sufficient flexibility which makes transitions less strenuous.

What’s more, outsole exhibits the ideal sturdiness to withstand abrasion when you’re training outdoors. Plus it comes with a wide heel to enhance stability.

The sneaker uses a sock-like silhouette to offer a comfortable and secure foot wrap. The mesh fabric contributes to inshoe ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry. Synthetic overlays are layered on specific areas to guard the mesh from hazards. Backed by the supportive strap, the overlays are responsible for a secure foot lock-down.

  • Comfortable and springy
  • Adequate support
  • Good flexibility
  • Secure traction
  • Issues with durability

7. Reebok Flashfilm Cross Training Sneaker

Built for cross training, Flashfilm Trainer delivers a good balance of underfoot cushioning and support. This makes at a versatile sneaker which can used in most gym workouts including weightlifting, stairmaster and running on treadmill. The shoe also comes with features that makes it good for rope climbing workouts.

Reebok Flashfilm Cross Training Sneaker

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Though it doesn’t come with a thick underfoot cushioning, the rearfoot has been raised sufficiently to offer better impact protection. Derived from polyurethane, the midsole exhibits adequate springiness to keep the entire foot effectively cushioned. Plus additional cushioning is provided by the EVA foam footbed.

The underfoot platform also delivers exceptional lateral stability, thanks to the lateral rubber extensions which guard the foot from too much rolling.

The underside features a wide-heeled rubber compound which is heightens your stability during weightlifting. Platform is also intended to promote non-restricted foot movements so as to minimize injuries. Plus the rubber compound works with the tread patterns to provide effective grip on the gym floor as well as outdoors.

Covering the upper part of the sneaker is a combination of a stretchable mesh and a sturdy Flexweave mesh. The former is placed on the forefoot while the later employed on the high-wear areas to offer protection from hazards. Plus synthetic overlays are strategically-placed to enhance protection from wear and tear.

What’s more, both mesh fabrics are responsible for inshoe ventilation to keep the foot chamber cool and free from wetness.

  • Supportive underfoot cushioning
  • Lateral support
  • Ample breathability
  • Versatile
  • Stylish and durable build
  • Excellent stability
  • Narrow forefoot

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Stairmaster

So, which criteria do you use when choosing the most ideal sneaker for Stairmaster? You can use either running or cross training shoes on the Stairmaster. If you opt for running shoes ensure they offer adequate support to lessen strain on your lower extremities.

If you go cross training shoes ensure they’re well cushioned.

A typical sneaker for Stairmaster should have the following features:

1. Cushioning

Although training on the Stairmaster does not involve high impacts, your shoes should provide adequate cushioning under your feet. This is meant to lessen pressure on your feet while cushioning your lower extremities from landing impacts.

2. Stability

While your typical running shoes are ideal for training on the Stairmaster, ensure they are supportive enough to keep you stable. A stable underfoot platform keeps your lower extremities aligned thus minimizing strain or possibility of injuries.

3. Flexibility

Taking on the Stairmaster stairs requires your toes to flex appropriately. Thus, your typical shoes for Stairmaster ought to be as flexible as your running or walking shoes.


The best shoes for stairmaster or elliptical trainer should offer supportive underfoot cushioning to keep you comfortable and minimize strain on your joints. Although you can use your typical running shoes on the stairmaster, ensure they have a supportive midsole.

If the midsole is too squishy you’re likely to suffer strain or injuries due to overpronation or supination.

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