Best Shoes for Running on Pavement

7 Best Shoes for Running on Pavement 2021

A great number of road running races happen on paved roads.  Best Shoes for Running on PavementThus, they make the best training surfaces when gearing up for a completion. Whether you’re training or competing, you need comfortable running shoes to attain optimal performance and ensure your safety. So, which are the best shoes for running on pavement?

This article has everything you need to know when searching for the most ideal shoes for running on paved roads.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Running on Pavement 2021

1. Asics Novablast Men’s Pavement Running Shoe

Novablast uses FlyteFoam Blast as the midsole cushioning instead of the traditional Gel cushioning. This compound has the advantage of providing better comfort and responsiveness even when you’re covering long distances.

Asics Novablast Men’s Pavement Running Shoe

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In addition, the platform is shaped to allow smooth transition which enables you run for long due to reduced strain. The footbed of FlyteFoam Blast is a sockliner whose moisture-wicking properties help in keeping the foot chamber cool and dry.

The sole unit contributes to a springy toe-off which gives you better and effortless propulsion. Areas that constantly touch the ground are covered with the much revered AHAR+ because of its outstanding traction and durability. The tread patterns are typically designed for road surfaces.

A multi-directional mesh is employed to offer a secure and comfortable foot cover. A soft fabric covers the inside of the foot chamber to enhance inshoe comfort. The midfoot is appropriately laminated to offer support and uphold the structure of the mesh.

What’s more, FlyteFoam Blast comes with adequate padding on the collar and tongue to enhance inshoe comfort.

  • Excellently-cushioned midsole
  • Not heavy
  • Allows smooth transition
  • Good traction
  • Good breathability
  • Stylish
  • High price

2. Nike Women’s React Flyknit-Infinity Road Running Shoe

With the thick and responsive midsole in Run Flyknit you can run on paved roads with much comfort due to less impacts on your body. Running full-length the react foam delivers a responsive platform which gives you a comfortable and energetic ride.

Nike Women’s React Flyknit-Infinity Road Running Shoe

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A removable sockliner is added to provide a softer footbed for extra comfort. This also gives you the leverage to use custom orthotics whenever you need them.

The midsole also includes heel clips in the form of rearfoot sidewalls designed to offer lateral support to enhance your stability.

An exceptionally durable rubber serves as the outsole of Run Flyknit. This compound exhibits adequate sturdiness for withstanding the abrasiveness usually encountered on pavements. Plus it offers accurate grip on paved roads.

Rib-like structures are incorporated on the outer surface of the outsole to make it more flexible and enhance traction.

Flyknit Loft is utilized on the upper to provide a more sturdy mesh cover compared to the previous Flyknit. This technology also aims at maintaining the softness and flexibility of the upper unit to give runners the most ideal comfort.

Your heels and sides of the foot are adequately supported with overlays to ensure proper foot lockdown. The stretchy collar and tongue provides a comfortable wrap over the ankles, heel and the instep.

  • Comfortable shoes for running on hard surfaces
  • Responsive footbed
  • Reliable traction
  • Durable build
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive upper
  • Narrow forefoot

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3. Puma Fusefit Speed-600 Running Sneaker

The term speed hints that Speed-600 Fusefit was designed for faster running. Great responsiveness and quick energy return is guaranteed by the ProFoam technology utilized in the midsole. ProFoam is basically an EVA-based compound aimed at giving runners the ability to endure the hard pounding on paved roads.

Puma Fusefit Speed-600 Running Sneaker

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Another responsive cushioning material known as IGNITE is incorporated at the heel to offer better impact mitigation.

The SpeedTraction technology employed on the outsole is intended to deliver secure grip on dry and wet pavements. The sole unit also features proplate material at the arch to give it quick response during toe-off.

Fusefit refers to the sock-like mesh used to make the upper unit of Speed-600 Fusefit. The lacing system includes side eyelets which allow you to tie the laces to a customized fit. The heel support provides adequate heel lock to minimise overpronation.

  • Comfortable for road running
  • Allows customized lacing
  • Excellent traction on paved roads
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Narrow toe-box

4. Asics Gel Lite Nimbus Men’s Road Trainer

If you have run in any of Nimbus road running shoes, then you must have admired them for their performance and sturdiness. If you’re looking for a perfect running shoe for pavement then you can’t go wrong with Nimbus Lite.

Asics Gel Lite Nimbus Men’s Road Trainer

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It comes with a softer and more responsive FlyteFoam cushioning aimed at increasing underfoot comfort. FlyteFoam is derived from cellulose nanofibers which are preferred over other materials because of their lightweight and durability properties.

Gel cushioning is added at the forefoot and heel to enable better shock attenuation for the toe-off and landing phases respectively. This is in turn contributes to smooth and more effective transition which makes you even more comfortable during running.

An EVA-based sockliner makes the footbed of Nimbus Lite. Since it’s removable, you can adjust your underfoot experience by using an appropriate custom orthotic.

A combination of AHAR rubber and non-protruding treads gives the outsole effective traction on paved roads. Plus AHAR rubber exhibits exceptional durability which gives you longer mileage.

Nimbus Lite is built with a polyester mesh which is derived from recycled materials. This delivers a soft and non-irritating wrap which ultimately contributes to overall comfort. Non-restricting overlays are incorporated at strategic zones to offer better support and maintain the shoe structure.

  • Ideal cushioning for road running
  • Excellent grip on pavements
  • Ample breathability
  • Durable build
  • Soft and responsive ride
  • Stylish
  • Softer forefoot

5. Men’s Brooks GTS 19 Adrenaline Running Shoe

Running on GTS 19 offers the ideal stability for correcting overpronation. This is provided for by the sidewall extensions aimed at ensuring sufficient foot lock at the midfoot and the heel.

Men’s Brooks GTS 19 Adrenaline Running Shoe

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The DNA LOFT in the midsole utilizes EVA foam, air and rubber to deliver a heightened level of springiness. This gives you the necessary comfort and confidence when stepping out on those hard pavements. BioMoGo DNA is also incorporated in the midsole to improve the underfoot support offered by the midsole.

The midsole of GTS 19 also entails a supportive structure for both the heel and midfoot to minimise overpronation.

Additional cushioning emanates from the blown rubber which serves as the outsole. It’s a spongy rubber whose stickiness delivers outstanding grip on paved roads. The sole unit guarantees ample flexibility and smooth ride, thanks to the evenly distributed flex grooves.

A seamless mesh gives the upper a highly comfortable configuration which is necessary for optimal performance. Printed overlays are incorporated in the mesh outline to make the upper more sturdy for better support.

There’s also plenty of padding on both the collar and tongue designed to offer ample inshoe comfort.

  • Ample cushioning
  • Ideal stability for overpronation
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and clothe-like mesh
  • Excellent breathability
  • Good traction
  • Inconsistent sizing

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6. Asics Men’s Road Shoe Gel Nimbus-22

The new update to the Gel Nimbus series now features a thicker FlyteFoam midsole cushioning to give you a reliable springiness. A thicker layer of Gel cushioning is also incorporated to offer better shock attenuation and toe-offs.

Asics Men’s Road Shoe Gel Nimbus-22

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Notably the midsole is constructed to be softer for your feet and resilient enough to withstand repeated pounding. Thus you get the same good springiness even after using it for a prolonged period.

An extra layer of cushion is offered by an EVA sockliner designed to offer a contoured support for extra comfort.

A thicker layer of AHAR rubber is utilized as the outsole to allow prolonged usage despite the roughness found on pavements. Placed on the contact areas, AHAR rubber delivers reliable traction on paved roads. Flex grooves are added on the sole unit to improve grip and flexibility.

Making the upper part is a soft and lightweight monofilament designed to offer comfortable foot protection. Plus it allows good air flow inside the shoe to keep your feet cool and free from wetness.

The mesh also comes with convenient support components to provide adequate support for your feet.

  • Thick and plush cushioning
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Resilient midsole
  • Secure traction on pavements
  • Breathable
  • Great style
  • High price

7. New Balance Running Sneaker 990 v5

This road running shoe retains its iconic styling while upgrading comfort and performance by utilizing superior materials. Two layers of cushion are employed in the midsole to deliver comfort, flexibility and durability.

New Balance Running Sneaker 990 v5

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To begin with, there’s a full-length EVA foam which serves as the primary cushioning material. The forefoot features a more responsive cushioning technology intended to make toe-offs more rapid and energetic.

The second layer constitutes a lighter and more resilient foam compound known as Acteva. Derived from elastomers, this layer aims at making the midsole more flexible and durable. Thus the midsole exhibits a prolonged longevity despite the heavy pounding it gets when running on hard surfaces such as paved roads.

Both Ndurance and blown rubber are employed on the outsole of this road running shoe. Ndurance is placed at the contact areas to enable effective gripping and give protection from the abrasiveness of road surfaces.

Blown rubber is responsible for additional cushioning, traction and a more resilient shock mitigation.

A high level of support is offered by the upper unit because it’s built with leather and mesh. This configuration also guarantees reliable toughness which makes your shoes to endure prolonged usage.

Adequate foot locking is achieved by a foam-based collar and a TPU strap. Plus the mesh promotes good breathability.

  • Responsive and durable cushioning
  • Excellent support
  • Reliable durability
  • Breathable
  • Versatile running shoe
  • Relatively heavy

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Shoes for Running on Pavement

Whether you’re a new or experienced road runner, your aim is to run safely and attain the best performance. The best shoes for running on pavement are what you need to achieve these. So, which are the features to consider when searching for the best shoes for running on paved roads?

Here are key considerations to have in mind?

1. Comfort

Running on pavement results in high impacts on your joints and muscles due to heavy pounding under your feet. This may result in impact-related running injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, IT band syndrome and so on.

That’s why you need well-cushioned shoes when running on pavement. Ample cushioning minimizes the impact magnitude before they get to your body. With minimal impacts, you’re able to run comfortably and with lower risk of injuries.

2. Correct Fit

Your performance depends on how comfortable your running shoes are. That’s why runners are always advised to wear their most ideal shoe size to avoid discomfort or possible injuries.

A good balance should be attained between ‘not too loose or too tight.’ In the world of shoes, this is called a snug fit.

3. Breathability

Without ample ventilation your shoes tend to accumulate excess heat and moisture. Due to the wetness, your feet may slide and cause irritation or blisters. This can be a good source of discomfort and lack of motivation. Plus it can result in bad odor from your shoes thus making you feel embarrassed.

Because of these reasons, running shoes are designed with greater breathability compared to walking shoes or shoes meant for casual wear.

Most of the running shoes brands utilize varied types of mesh while a few use perforations to offer ventilation. Whichever shoe you choose, ensure it provides adequate ventilation to your feet.

4. Traction

If you slide and fall when running on paved roads, you’re likely to sustain serious wounds or bruises. Highly grippy rubber outsoles on your running shoes is what gives you the safety and assurance to run on pavements.

5. Durability

Paved roads will wear out your running shoes more than any other running surface. Thus, your shoes should have very resilient outsoles to endure the abrasiveness of paved roads.

Also consider a durable midsole that will retain its springiness for long despite the heavy pounding on the road. Plus it should have a sturdy upper unit to minimize wear and tear.


To some extent, every type of running surface has its own pros and cons including paved roads. The biggest challenge you’ll face when running on paved roads is the heightened level of impacts. That’s why underfoot cushioning is of great importance when running on paved roads.

Your shoes should also have secure contact with the running surface to prevent sliding.

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