Best Shoes for Running on Grass

7 Best Shoes for Running on Grass 2022

When running on grass, your body experiences less impacts than when running on hard surfaces such as asphalt.Best Shoes for Running on Grass However, the soft and smooth nature of grass surfaces provide some challenges for runners.

That’s why you need to get proper running shoes to promote effective running – besides using a good flea spray for the yard. So, which are the best shoes for running on grass?

Well, you’ll realize that shoes for running on grass have deeply-treaded outsoles to offer grip on grass.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Running on Grass 2022

1. Asics FujiTrabuco 7 Gel Running Shoe

Designed for outdoor running, FujiTrabuco 7 is a great shoe for tackling all types of outdoor terrain including gravelled, grassy, rocky surfaces and so on. It’s also a perfect bet for transitioning from road to the trails.

Asics FujiTrabuco 7 Gel Running Shoe

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The outsole is actually trail-ready, thanks to the AsicsGrip technology employed here. It aims at offering traction, flexibility and durability in one shoe. The gripping treads come in various shapes and orientation to enable multidirectional traction.

Flytefoam Lyte is a lightweight cushioning material utilized as the midsole to deliver the much needed rebound and underfoot comfort. Owing to its lightweight configuration, it doesn’t add significant weight to your feet.

Providing for responsiveness and shock attenuation is a Gel cushioning placed at the rear area of the midsole. Plus there’s an antimicrobial ortholite sockliner to enhance comfort and minimise moisture and odor.

FujiTrabuco 7 comes with a non-chaffing upper mesh which allows you run without discomforts caused by itches or irritation. Plenty of ventilation is provided by the mesh structure to ensure a clean foot chamber and enhance comfort.

The strategically-placed overlays enhance proper foot lock while protecting and reinforcing the mesh structure.

  • Ideal for trail, road and grass surfaces
  • Plenty of underfoot cushion
  • Lightweight
  • Stability trail runner
  • Excellent grip
  • Durable build
  • Few colors

2. Inov-8 275 GTX Parkclaw Men’s Running Shoe

With the Gore-Tex coated upper unit, you can run with these shoes on wet grass or when it’s raining out there. Gore-Tex is an excellent waterproof membrane designed to protect your feet from wetness without compromising on the breathability of your shoes.

Inov-8 275 GTX Parkclaw Men’s Running Shoe

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Gore-Tex technology is also designed to be flexible so that your feet can bend without limitation. Plus it does not form wrinkles which might cause uncomfortable rubbing, itches or blisters.

Tri-C is the technology making the outsole of Parkclaw 275 GTX. It employs three rubber compounds to deliver an all-round outsole. The heel area features a sturdy rubber to offer secure and durable traction. The forefoot employs a flexible rubber to permit effective toe-offs. At the midfoot is a softer rubber aimed at allowing comfortable landing.

The outsole also entails deep lugs to provide effective grip on rugged surfaces including trails, grass, road and mud.

Providing a comfortable and responsive footbed is the POWERFLOW+ midsole. This aims at delivering safe and energetic landing on almost every kind of terrain. Plus it offers sufficient springiness to minimise impact shocks.

  • Excellent grip on various terrain
  • Lightweight
  • Gore-Tex coated mesh
  • Comfortable on hard and soft terrain
  • Appropriate forefoot flexibility

3. Altra Women’s Trail Runner Superior 4.0

Superior 4.0 comes with a trail-oriented outsole featuring Altra’s popular MaxTrac technology. It’s essentially a sturdy rubber which is configured to tackle outdoor surfaces like those found on trails and grass surfaces. In addition to its stickiness, the outsole features deep gripping claws to offer grip on irregular surfaces. Owing to their skewed orientation, these claws provide effective grip whether you’re running uphill or downhill.

Altra Women’s Trail Runner Superior 4.0

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Superior 4.0 features a full-length Quantic foam in its midsole to provide a bouncy and energizing underfoot platform. Quantic foam also delivers substantial shock mitigation which minimizes impacts on your feet and knees. The footbed entails a protective stoneguard which can replaced with an insert of your choice.

The zero-drop midsole construction makes it great for individuals who exhibit heel-strike landing when running or walking.

The form-fitting and seamless construction of the upper offers a comfortable cover. The stitched overlays incorporated at the heel and sides help in locking your feet to prevent shoe movement which might cause discomfort.

The toe-box is built with adequate space to allow effective toe splay. Plus the forefoot overlay protects your toes from outdoor hazards.

  • Effective traction on irregular surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate sizing
  • Responsive ride
  • Seamless upper unit
  • Quite breathable
  • Thin outsole

4. Salomon Trail Sense Ride-3

Sense ride 3 is equipped with a rugged sole unit which gives it a firm grip on both grass and trail surfaces. Contagrip MA is what makes the sole unit of this running shoe. It strikes a good balance between the rubber compound and geometry to deliver secure traction on both dry and wet grass.

Salomon Trail Sense Ride-3

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Contagrip MA technology is also meant to deliver stability when running on rugged or uneven surfaces.

Making the midsole is Optivibe technology aimed proving a comfortable and responsive cushion under your feet. Also integrated in the midsole is a TPU film designed to provide a strong but flexible midfoot area.

Ortholite sockliner serves as the footbed of Sense ride 3. It adds to underfoot comfort while minimising moisture accumulation. This helps in promoting a healthy environment inside the foot chamber.

The Kevlar fibers used in making the upper unit provide a comfortable and secure cover without restricting foot movement. The interior of the foot chamber is lined with Sensifit textile to minimise friction which might cause irritation or blisters.

What’s more, your feet are adequately supported by the sensifit overlays for enhanced comfort.

  • Adequately cushioned midsole
  • Grips securely on grass
  • Durable construction
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Heavy and bulky

5. Asics Trail Runner DynaFlyte-2

The amount of cushioning inherent in DynaFlyte 2 guarantees adequate comfort whether you’re running on the road or grass. Dubbed as FlyteFoam, the midsole entails foam and organic fibers which deliver a lightweight and responsive underfoot platform.

Asics Trail Runner DynaFlyte-2

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Shock attenuation is delivered by Gel cushioning placed at the rear of the midsole. This protects your heels from impacts while promoting smooth transition.

You also get additional comfort from the sockliner which can be substituted with custom orthotics where necessary. A smoother heel-to-toe transition is enabled by the IGS integrated into the midsole.

The sole unit comes with reversed lugs which are ideal for tackling both soft and hard surfaces. Combined with the stickiness of AHAR rubber, these lugs offer sufficient grip on grass surfaces. Owing to the sturdiness of AHAR rubber, the outsole has a guaranteed durability.

Adept Mesh is the technology used to make the upper unit. It’s intended to offer an accurate fit and allow ample foot flexion. Plus it has a configuration to minimise rubbing which might cause irritation or blisters.

  • Lightweight and responsive midsole
  • Accurate traction on soft and hard surfaces
  • Flexible and smooth transition
  • Seamless upper configuration
  • Adequate support

6. Asics Kayano-26 Gel Running Shoe

Kayano 26 promises ideal comfort and security when running on grass surfaces. Two types of FlyteFaom compound are utilized in the midsole to deliver a solid yet comfortable base. FlyteFoam is basically a combination of foam and organic nano-fibers and it’s intended to offer adequate rebound and shock attenuation.

Asics Kayano-26 Gel Running Shoe

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The forefoot and heel area also entail the Gel cushioning technology to enhance springiness and impact mitigation. A stability element known as trusstic is included below the midsole to stabilize your gait by averting fatigue or discomfort.

The midsole also includes ComforDry X-40 which is a preferable sockliner because of its great cushioning properties. Plus it has excellent moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties which promote clean and healthy conditions in the foot compartment.

The outsole features both AHAR rubber and DuraSponge. AHAR rubber provides excellent grip and durability for the heel area while DuraSponge provides a responsive toe-off. Plenty of flex grooves make the sole unit very flexible to enable unrestricted movements especially when running on uneven surfaces.

The gripping treads provide reliable grip on grass, trails and road surfaces.

A Jacquard mesh makes the upper and it aims at providing a supportive wrap without restricting foot movement. Plus it has plenty of breathing holes to keep your feet ventilated.

  • Excellent support and stability
  • Responsive midsole
  • Comfortable ride
  • Very durability
  • Breathable upper
  • Quite expensive

7. Adidas Men’s Trail Rockadia

Dubbed as a trail running shoe, Rockadia Trail comes with a rugged outsole to provide effective grip on irregular surfaces including grass. Since the lugs are multi-directional, they provide grip on both upward and downward terrains.

Adidas Men’s Trail Rockadia

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ADIWEAR rubber is what gives the sole unit an incredible gripping ability on the trails and grass surfaces. Plus the rubber has quite a high resilience to wear and tear.

Underfoot comfort and responsiveness is guaranteed by the sectioned midsole platform. The heel cushion aims at damping landing impacts while the forefoot cushion provides a flexible yet responsive transition.

A foam insole makes the footbed of Rockadia Trail to heighten underfoot comfort and responsiveness. It’s molded to provide arch support especially for supinators and neutral pronators.

Rockadia Trail comes with a highly durable mesh which is reinforced with overlays to prolong its lifespan. The foot chamber is well-ventilated through the mesh to keep your feet comfortable.

What’s more, the lacing system provides a perfect tightening mechanism to keep your feet secure and comfortable.

  • Excellent grip on grass surfaces
  • Comfortable and springy midsole
  • Adequate breathability
  • Stylish
  • Durable build
  • Narrow toe-box

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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Running on Grass

Although grass running surfaces are very uncommon, they provide the best terrain for running. Unlike hard surfaces such as asphalt and pavements, grass exhibits less impacts for your joints and muscles hence less likely to cause injuries.

Another advantage of running on grass is that it makes your legs to work harder thus making them stronger.

However, you tend to be slow when running on grass. Plus you are likely to overpronate. Wearing proper running shoes allows you to run on grass with much effectiveness. So, how do shoes for running on grass look like?

Below is a guide for choosing your shoes for running on grass surfaces.


Perhaps grass is the smoothest running surfaces you might find. Thus you are very likely to slide when running on grass than on hard surfaces. Even worse grass tends to be more slippery when it’s running.

However, owing to the softness of grass surfaces, it’s safe to run on them using trail running shoes. These shoes come with deeply-treaded outsoles which provide reliable grip on irregular surfaces.


Running generates impacts under your feet whether you’re running on hard or soft surfaces. Therefore, your shoes should be adequately cushioned to offer the necessary comfort. The cushioning should also provide effective impact mitigation to keep your joints safe.


The unevenness of grass surfaces can lead to instances where your feet tend to twist or roll. Therefore, your running shoes should provide the necessary stability to prevent injuries caused by foot rolling or twisting.

If you exhibit supination, you can attain stability by supporting your foot arches with highly cushioned shoes. Stability in overpronators is achieved using motion control shoes. Neutral or stability running shoes are the most ideal shoes for neutral pronation.


Apart from the underfoot comfort, your shoes should be generally comfortable in all aspects.

First, it should be of the correct size so that you don’t experience uncomfortable shoe wobbling or rubbing. Flexible shoes are very comfortable because they allow your feet to bend or flex without restriction.

Also consider breathable and lightweight running shoes.


Nobody wants to replace their shoes within a short period after a buying. That’s why you need to buy sturdy running shoes that are constructed with high quality materials.


The most common challenges when running on grass surfaces include slipperiness and unevenness. So, your running shoes ought to have deeply-treaded outsoles to provide secure grip on these surfaces. Plus they should have adequate cushioning and stability to tackle the uneven surfaces.

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