Best Shoes for Running on Asphalt

7 Best Shoes for Running on Asphalt 2021

Running on hard surfaces such as asphalt generates high impacts on your joints and muscles. Best Shoes for Running on AsphaltThat’s why you require proper running shoes to enhance your comfort and prevent injuries. But, which are the best shoes for running on asphalt?

Well, plenty of cushioning and shock attenuation will allow you to run comfortably with less impacts under your feet. Plus they need to have reliable grip so that you don’t slip and fall on the rough asphalt surfaces.

Read more details in these reviews!

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Running on Asphalt 2021

1. Asics Men’s Nimbus Gel-22

If you have had the previous edition of Gel Nimbus, you’ll easily notice the heightened level of cushioning in the Gel Nimbus 22. It’s intended to provide even better responsiveness and impact mitigation when running on road surfaces such as asphalt, pavements or concrete.

Asics Men’s Nimbus Gel-22

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Another cushioning compound known as FlyteFoam is incorporated into the midsole to increase underfoot comfort. FlyteFoam is preferred over other cushioning materials because its ability to withstand weight for a long period. Plus it’s very light compared to other materials.

If you’re a neutral pronator, you’ll benefit from the contoured sockliner which lies above the midsole platform.

Making the outsole of Gel Nimbus 22 is the familiar AHAR rubber which is preferred because of its outstanding traction and durability. Flex grooves are incorporated into the outsole to minimise its weight and heighten flexibility.

Another upgrade to Gel Nimbus 22 is the upper unit which is engineered using monofilament fibers to deliver a strong and lightweight cover. It’s weaved into a mesh to permit air circulation into the foot chamber.

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Highly responsive
  • Reliable durability
  • Stylish design and colors
  • Not cheap

2. Nike Air Zoom Women’s Pegasus 36

Pegasus 36 is a typical running shoe for the treadmill and hard surfaces such as asphalt. Its aesthetic design and appealing colors makes it also good for casual wear.

Nike Air Zoom Women’s Pegasus 36

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If you’re running on asphalt, the Air Zoom cushion will effectively protect your feet from impacts and give you energy to move forward. Adding to your underfoot comfort is a removable sockliner which can be substituted with a custom or recommended orthotic.

The heel area of Pegasus 36 features carbon rubber which offers reliable grip on asphalt surfaces. Plus it works with the midsole to offer impact mitigation. The forefoot area is covered with Duralon rubber, to offer more energetic toe-offs while also ensuring secure traction. The entire outsole also entails multi-directional lugs to enhance grip across all directions.

A stretchy and breathable mesh is what makes the upper part of Pegasus 36. The former promotes foot flexibility while the later ensures inshoe comfort. This mesh comes with numerous overlays which act as both structural reinforcements and protection against wear and tear.

  • Ideal for road and treadmill running
  • Protective and energetic cushion
  • Adequate shock mitigation
  • Grippy and durable outsole
  • Amply breathable
  • Narrow toe-box

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3. Brooks Glycerin-17 Men’s Road Trainer

Hard running surfaces such as asphalt do not have to be painful on your feet. What you need is a well-cushioned running shoe like the Glycerin 17 from Brooks. With Glycerin 17, your feet land on a DNA LOFT cushion which makes the midsole. It’s a lightweight and durable foam designed to deliver secure and energetic runs on asphalt surfaces.

Brooks Glycerin-17 Men’s Road Trainer

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This material also acts as the means for shock absorption to cushion your feet from impact shocks. Extra comfort is delivered by the removable sockliner which also helps in moisture absorption to keep your feet dry.

The rubber compound on Glycerin 17’s outsole is specially designed to provide adequate grip on asphalt roads. Plus the lugs are meant deliver accurate contact with rough asphalt surfaces.

The outsole of Glycerin 17 also features flex grooves, to allow efficient heel-to-toe transition. Plus the rubber material is able to withstand the abrasive nature of asphalt without excessive wear.

Glycerin 17 uses a jacquard mesh as the cover for the upper unit. This offers adequate breathability while providing a soft wrap for the soft skin on the upper part of your feet. The heel and sides are reinforced with 3D synthetic prints to provide structural support and enhance the fit.

What’s more, the seamless construction of the upper ensures that your feet don’t suffer itches or irritations.

  • Traction-oriented rubber outsole
  • Comfortable on hard surfaces
  • Seamless and breathable mesh
  • Fits snugly
  • Moisture-wicking sockliner
  • Limited color options

4. Brooks GTS 19 Adrenaline – Men’s Road Running Shoe

If you exhibit overpronation when running, GTS 19 is a perfect running shoe you can use to prevent possible injuries. This is made possible by the sidewalls on the sides of the midfoot and the heel. Such a construction offers the necessary lateral stability to minimise excessive foot rolling.

Brooks GTS 19 Adrenaline – Men’s Road Running Shoe

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Plenty of cushioning is provided by the DNA LOFT to ensure you run comfortably on asphalt surfaces. This material also delivers adequate shock mitigation to keep your joints and muscles safe from impacts on hard surfaces.

Acute surfaces traction is delivered by the blown rubber which acts as the outsole. This material also provides additional cushioning to enhance underfoot comfort.

During foot-strike, impact shocks are effectively isolated only to areas that need affectation, thanks to the segmented outsole platform. Plus the outsole comes with flex grooves to permit unrestricted gait cycle.

The upper of GTS 19 is made of a lightweight, breathable and smooth material to deliver the necessary comfort for your feet. Reinforcing the sides and heel area, are 3D printed overlays which provide secure foot lock.

What’s more, your overall comfort is guaranteed by the inshoe details including the padded tongue and collar as well as the lacing system.

  • Highly cushioned platform
  • Ideal stability for overpronating feet
  • Form-fitting and ventilating mesh
  • Inshoe-comfort
  • Good quality
  • Inconsistent sizing

5. New Balance (1080 v9) Fresh Foam

As a road running shoe, the ninth iteration the fresh foam comes with the ideal underfoot platform for hitting hard surfaces. The fresh foam technology utilized in the midsole provides a bouncy ride and adequate shock attenuation to mitigate impacts encountered on asphalt or concrete roads.

New Balance (1080 v9) Fresh Foam

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Also making the midsole is a removable ortholite insole whose contours are designed to offer arch support.

Making the outsole of Fresh Foam 1080 v9 is a blown rubber, which offers both traction and additional responsiveness. The forefoot area of the outsole entails flex grooves to allow a more flexible toe-offs.

A comfortable wrap is provided by the double-layered jacquard mesh covering the front and sides. This material also aims at offering ventilation inside the shoe compartment so that your feet remain cool and dry.

The heel area has a booty construction and the material utilized here is a lycra-like textile which offers an elastic yet secure heel lock.

What’s more, the upper unit configuration does not cause unnecessary rubbing or itching for your tender upper foot skin.

  • Comfortable midsole
  • Adequate responsiveness
  • Reliable traction
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Good flexibility
  • Heel counter feels flexible

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6. Asics Gel Nimbus Men’s Lite Road Runner

Nimbus Lite is a great improvement from the initial Nimbus in terms of responsiveness, softness and lightness. This is achieved by utilizing FlyteFoam technology in the midsole platform. FlyteFoam is basically cellulose nanofiber which will be admired by environmentally-conscious individuals because of its sustainability and ability to decompose.

Asics Gel Nimbus Men’s Lite Road Runner

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The forefoot and the heel area of the midsole comes with additional cushioning material known as Gel. The extra cushion enhances impact mitigation during heel strike and toe-off of the gait cycle. You also get adequate comfort and arch support from the EVA sockliner.

The outsole of Nimbus Lite is designed with road running in mind. It’s built with AHAR rubber which does not wear easily even when used on asphalt roads. The sticky nature of AHAR rubber ensures you have a firm grip on asphalt surfaces to minimise sliding or skidding.

Making the upper unit is a polyester mesh which is manufactured from recycled waste plastic bottles. This material provides a lightweight and soft wrap while promoting a healthy air flow into the foot chamber.

The upper mesh also comes with midfoot overlays for maintaining its structure and locking your feet down. Your heels are also locked down comfortably by the heel clutch.

You might also love the reflective details which are conveniently placed to enhance your visibility in case you are running in dimly-light lit roads.

  • Soft and responsive midsole
  • Excellent breathability
  • Not heavy
  • Reliable traction
  • Overall durability
  • Narrow forefoot

7. Saucony ISO 2 Women’s Freedom

Freedom ISO 2 is an ideal road running shoe for individuals who exhibit neutral pronation. The underfoot platform comes with a midfoot contour designed to provide arch support. The midsole is constructed using EVERUN technology which delivers the necessary cushion for tackling hard surfaces.

Saucony ISO 2 Women’s Freedom

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The EVERUN compound also offers adequate shock attenuation and energy return to enable more comfortable and energetic push offs.

Guarding the midsole from wear and tear is the TRI-FLEX synthetic compound which makes the outsole. This material also delivers adequate grip on the road to keep you running without sliding. Plus its durability heightens the shoes life despite the abrasive nature of asphalt.

Covering the upper unit is a knitted fabric which is intended to provide a snug and flexible wrap. Synthetic overlays are placed in strategic areas to provide support and assist in foot locking.

  • Adequate responsiveness
  • Arch support
  • Soft and breathable wrap
  • Traction-oriented outsole
  • Breathable mesh
  • Runs large

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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Running on Asphalt

Running on asphalt surfaces feels quite different than when running the treadmill. Unlike the treadmill, asphalt surfaces are hard and less responsive. In addition, asphalt surfaces are extremely abrasive which makes your shoes to wear out easily on their soles. So, here is how to choose your shoes for running on asphalt.

1. Cushioning and shock attenuation

Asphalt surfaces are very hard for your feet. So, the first thing to consider in your running shoes is adequately cushioned midsole to ensure you run comfortably despite the hard asphalt surfaces.

The cushioning should also deliver sufficient shock mitigation to minimise the impact forces received by your joints and muscles.

2. Traction

Sliding and falling on asphalt surfaces can leave you with severe bruises on your body especially on your hands. However, you can minimise chances of sliding by wearing shoes that grip securely when running on such surfaces.

3. Correct Fit

Running in non-fitting shoes only makes you uncomfortable and exposes you to injuries due to lack of stability. In addition, non-fitting shoes tend to rub uncomfortably thereby likely to cause itches and bruises.

Therefore, it’s advisable to get the correct size for your running shoes to be able to cover longer runs.

4. Support

The level of support depends on the type of pronation exhibited by different runners. For instance, overpronators need to wear very supportive shoes to reduce excessive outward foot rolling.

Underpronators (supinators) also require some amount of arch support and plenty of cushioning. Neutral pronators are good to go with stability running shoes

5. Durability

Perhaps no other running surface wears out your shoes’ outsoles more than an asphalt road. However, high quality rubber outsoles are able to withstand the abrasive nature of asphalt surfaces.

Therefore, when running on asphalt surfaces, it’s recommended to go for shoes with highly durable outsoles.

Overall durability of the shoe is also paramount because it determines how long your shoes will last.


When running on the road, you might encounter concrete, pavement or asphalt surfaces. All of these surfaces tend to be hard on your feet. However, asphalt is more rough and dangerous to run on. Therefore, your shoes for running on asphalt should provide adequate grip to ensure you don’t slid.

In addition, your shoes require very durable outsoles to withstand the abrasive nature of asphalt roads.

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