Best Shoes for Rope Climbs

7 Best Shoes for Rope Climbs 2022

The best shoes for rope climbs are typically designed to prevent sliding on the gym climbing rope. They are equipped with rope climbing technologies on the sides of the medial and lateral midfoot areas. This gives you secure grip on the rope while offering abrasion-resistance to the outsole and upper part of the shoe.

See some high performance and quality sneakers for rope climbs in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Rope Climbs 2022

1. Inov-8 Rope-Tec F-Lite 260 Knit Cross Trainer

With the incorporation of graphene in the outsole rubber, F-Lite 260 Knit sneaker guarantees heightened abrasion-resistance and traction.

Inov-8 Rope-Tec F-Lite 260 Knit Cross Trainer

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The outsole wraps the sides of the midfoot to form what is called Rope-Tec. Backed by the rubber overlays on the upper unit, Rope-Tec delivers secure rope bite which protecting the mesh fabric from wear and tear.

F-Lite 260 Knit also make a perfect sneaker for plyometrics, thanks to the Powerflow cushioning employed as the midsole. It’s intended to offer heightened impact damping to lessen impacts on your body.

Backed by the proprietary DFB shank, the midsole results in efficient and effortless push-offs especially during explosive workouts such as box-jumps.

Also making the midsole is the removable power insole. It adds to underfoot comfort and protection during high-impact workouts and can be removed to enhance stability during weightlifting.

The foot chamber uses a tightly-woven mesh which delivers superb flexibility and breathability. The toe area comes with a synthetic wrapping to offer protection for your toes.

A big portion of the rearfoot is wrapped with a synthetic overlay to heel cradle and support. Plus there’s a TPU heel strip to enhance heel stability.

  • Ideal for plyometrics and rope climbs
  • Excellent versatility
  • Adequate lateral support
  • Overall durability
  • Ample flexibility
  • Exceptional style
  • Relatively pricey

2. Nike Metcon 5 Women’s Versatile Sneaker

If you’re looking for the best shoes for rope climbs, then you can’t go wrong with Metcon 5. With the large midfoot side rubber panels, it offers excellent grip and abrasion resistance during rope climbs.

Nike Metcon 5 Women's Versatile Sneaker

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The midsole comes in a low-to-ground and dual-density design. Backed by the firm heel cushioning, it offers heightened stability during heavy lifting. The forefoot is designed to offer adequate flexibility during workouts such as squats among other WODs.

Perhaps what makes Metcon 5 unique is the adjustable heel area. Inserted underneath the primary midsole, the heel inserts give you the option to raise the heel height to allow better ankle mobility during squats.

The underside is purposely configured to be wide and flat to heighten your stability during weight lifting and other cross training.

With a grippy rubber on the platform there’s guaranteed traction to minimize sliding. Plus an abrasion-resistant rubber is placed on strategic areas to heighten durability.

By extending to forefoot, the outsole offers protection to the toes when performing burpees.

Foot wrap, support and protection is delivered by a combination of tightly-knitted mesh and Haptic link which is a sturdy overlay.

The midfoot area utilizes Flywire cables which are connected to the eyelet to enhance lateral support and lockdown. Heel steadiness and lockdown is delivered by leather overlay and TPU heel counter.

  • Large and grippy panels for rope climbs
  • Wide and stable underside
  • Firm heel cushioning for weightlifting
  • Secure grip
  • Overall durability
  • Needs break-in period

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3. Nike Metcon-4 CrossFit Trainer

Nike designs sneaker that allow you train across most cross training. Metcon 4 makes one of these sneaker allowing you to perform plyometrics, rope climbing, weight lifting, squats among others.

Nike Metcon-4 CrossFit Trainer

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With the textured rubber panels at the sides of the midfoot area, the outsole offers excellent grip during rope climbing. These panels also serve as protection for the upper mesh to prevent wear and tear.

The underside entails a grippy rubber which is equipped with multi-directional patterns to offer secure traction in all directions. Plus it exhibits exceptional abrasion resistance thus making it a durable sneaker for training on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The outsole extends to the toe-box and back area to offer protection during burpees and wall push-ups respectively.

Coming with a 4-mm drop, the underfoot platform gives sufficient stability for weightlifting. Underfoot cushioning and impact protection is delivered by the removable foam-based footbed.

Wrapping the foot chamber is a double-layered mesh fabric which delivers a plush and flexible sensation. The mesh fabric also results in optimal inshoe ventilation which keeps your feet cool and dry.

Tri-star patterns cover strategic areas of the mesh, with the midfoot entailing a dense network of the patterns to offer abrasion resistance during rope climbs. Backed by the midfoot strap, the patterns also contribute to lateral support during side-to-side movements.

Heel support is provided by the two TPU heel strips incorporated on both sides of the heel.

What’s more, Metcon 4 exhibits overall flexibility to allow non-restricted foot movements.

  • Excellent stability for weightlifting
  • Gripping and protective elements for rope climbing
  • Ample breathability
  • Secure traction
  • Narrow fitting

4. Inov-8 Men’s CrossFit F-Lite 235-v3 Sneaker

The third iteration of the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 is built to give you heightened performance and versatility in various cross training. It’s an especially useful sneaker to use during box jumps, burpees, rope climbing, powerlifting and so on.

Inov-8 Men's CrossFit F-Lite 235-v3 Sneaker

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With the upgraded Powerflow+ cushioning, the underfoot platform delivers a good balance of steadiness and responsiveness. This makes it ideal for weightlifting and exercises that are associated with high impacts including box jumps, rope jumps among others.

Enhanced with graphene, the outsole exhibits heightened sturdiness against abrasion or other hazards encountered on rough surfaces. Graphene also enhances the outsole’s gripping ability to minimize sliding.

Unique to the F-Lite 235 v3 is the deeply-grooved outsole patterns which mimics the plantar fascia band. It’s purposely designed to enable your foot to flex and spread as if you’re barefoot. Forefoot flexibility is taken a notch further by incorporating Meta-Flex technology.

Extending to the lateral midfoot, the outsole guards the upper part of the shoe from abrasion when performing rope climbs. This also serves as the means for gripping so that you won’t accidentally slide on the rope.

Also promoting unrestricted foot movements is the mesh configuration making the upper unit. However, it’s wrapped with printed overlays at strategic areas to give it longevity and enhance foot support and cradle. Plus it’s responsible for aeration and heat dissipation to keep your feet cool and dry.

  • Cushioned midsole for high-impact workouts
  • Lateral support
  • Versatile cross trainer
  • Rope protection
  • Overall durability
  • Overall flexibility
  • Breathable upper
  • Wide-footed individuals might find the forefoot a bit tight

5. Inov-8 Versatile Trainer F-Lite 290

If your cross training normally involves weightlifting, cardio, rope climbing, sprints, then F-Lite 290 is a good trainer for you. It’s built with quality materials which results in heightened durability even when used in rigorous training.

Inov-8 Versatile Trainer F-Lite 290

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It makes use of both Exteroflow and Powerheel cushioning technologies to offer a comfortable underfoot platform. Exteroflow serves as the primary means of cushioning where it delivers sufficient impact protection during plyometrics, cardio or sprints.

Powerheel is a firm foam compound placed on the heel area to enhance heel steadiness during weight lifting.

The bottom of F-Lite 290 is designed with varied technologies which contribute to its versatility. First it’s built with an almost flat and sticky rubber compound which guarantees stable and secure footing especially during weight lifting.

Presence of DFB shank and forefoot Meta-Flex groove results heightened flexibility to allow unrestricted foot movements.

Wrapping both sides of the midfoot area is the Rope-Tec configuration whose purpose is to offer secure grip during rope-climbs. This also guards the upper unit from the abrasion nature of climbing ropes.

With the structured mesh and strategically-placed synthetic overlays, the upper unit offers super foot support, flexibility and ventilation. Rearfoot stability and cradle is enhanced by the presence of a TPU strip.

What’s more, lateral support and foot cradle is heightened by the Meta-Cradle design which works with the lace-up system.

  • Excellent versatility
  • Comfortable and stable cushioning
  • Durable build
  • Lateral support
  • Breathable upper
  • Relatively heavy

6. Reebok Women’s Fleaxweave CrossFit Nano 8 Trainer 

Building from the success of the Nano 8, this sneaker promises excellent versatility and sturdiness. You can use it in plyometrics, rope climbs, sprints and short runs.

Reebok Women's Fleaxweave CrossFit Nano 8 Trainer 

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With the 4-mm heel-to-toe drop and dual-density underfoot cushioning, the sneaker delivers adequate stability for weightlifting and other cross training. Backed by the OrthoLite footbed, the platform guarantees ample shock attenuation during high-impact cross training.

Built for versatile training, the outsole guarantees exceptional grip, flexibility and abrasion resistance. Rope climbing is made possible by the RopePro technology which comes in form of jagged ridges.

The outsole also employs Meta-Split technology at the forefoot to promote natural foot movements.

Flexweave upper coverage is what differentiates this sneaker from its predecessor. It’s designed to be more supportive, durable while offering heightened breathability. Printed overlays are placed on the eyelets and the collar area to make the sneaker more durable and upright.

The cleatie-like inner sleeve wraps the foot snugly thus heightening inshoe comfort. The heel part comes with a TPU heel counter to give you heel stability during cross training. Plus there’s rubber toe-bumper to guard your toes from impacts especially during burpees and box jumps.

  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Stable underfoot platform
  • Ample flexibility
  • Lateral support
  • Durable build
  • Breathable upper
  • Possible heel slippage

7. Reebok Her Speed TR Women’s CrossFit Shoe

Coming in women only design, the Speed Her TR makes a perfect sneaker for women you want to take the challenge of rope climbing. It’s built using some of Reebok’s coveted cross training shoes technologies to deliver optimal performance, comfort and versatility.

Reebok Her Speed TR Women's CrossFit Shoe

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Apart from rope climbing, you can wear Speed Her TR during weightlifting and high-intensity interval training.

With the IMEVA midsole cushioning, the shoe offers a comfortable and stable platform for HIIT and weightlifting. Underfoot comfort is enhanced by the removable footbed which can be substituted with custom insoles.

Moreover, the platform is designed to keep your feet near the ground surface to give you a more accurate footing.

The wide and flat triple-layered outsole rubber delivers additional stability while giving you prolonged usage. Plus it’s designed secure grip no matter the orientation of your feet in relation to training surface.

Meta-Split grooves are incorporated on the forefoot to ensure your feet bends with less restriction.

Built as a single piece, the foot chamber is intended to offer a sock-like and non-irritating coverage. Cradling the rearfoot is a padded cleatie-like inner sleeve which heightens inshoe comfort while enhancing support.

The toe-box is reinforced with a plastic-like synthetic compound to guard the toes against hazards.

  • Comfortable footbed
  • Stable underfoot platform
  • Excellent traction on surfaces
  • Secure rope bite
  • Durable configuration
  • Lateral stability
  • Inadequate cushioning for high-impact workouts

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Rope Climbs

Shoes are perhaps the most important gear you’ll be requiring during your rope climbs workouts. They provide a means for locking your feet on the rope so that you gather energy to ascend to the top of the rope.

There’re basically three techniques you can use to lock your feet on the rope during rope climbs. These include, J wrap front, J wrap rear and S wrap.

Your typical shoes for rope climbs should have the following properties.

1. Rope Grip

Rope grip technology entails a grippy and hard-wearing portion on the sole unit which is intended to facilitate rope climbing. You’ll see labels like Rope-Tec in some Inov trainers and RopePro in some Reebok crossfit shoes.

Placed on the medial and lateral sides of the outsole, these labels indicate that such shoes are ideal for rope climbs.

2. Abrasion-Resistant Fabric

Making an S wrap or J wrap using the climbing rope results in intense friction between the rope and upper part of the shoe. Therefore, the upper fabric should offer adequate resistance to wear and tear.

3. Lateral Support

Since your feet will be experiencing excessive rolling when wrapping your feet on the rope, your shoes should offer sufficient lateral support. Plus it should have a sturdy heel counter to minimize heel movements.

4. Breathability

A breathable fabric permits air circulation and heat dissipation to keep your feet cool and dry.

Benefits of Rope Climbing

There’s a myriad of benefits you can reap from rope climbing workouts. They will make you stronger and able to perform optimally in athletics and day-to-day physical activity.

Here are some of the benefits of rope climbing.

Core Strength

Rope climbing provides an excellent means for strengthening the core muscles. Core muscles are typically the muscles around the abdomen, pelvis, hips, lats and lower back. Having a stronger enhances your balance and stability which allows you to perform excellently during physical activity.

In athletics, a stronger core enhances your endurance while reducing the risk of injuries. Plus it minimizes fatigue thus enhancing your performance during competition.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then incorporating core strength exercises like rope climbs will give you a well-rounded fitness.

Arm and Shoulder Strength

Rope climbing is perhaps the most effective exercise for strengthening and toning your arms and shoulders. Pulling your body up the rope utilizes your arm and shoulder muscles. So, the more you challenge yourself on the rope, the stronger your arms and shoulders become. You’ll find yourself getting to the top of the rope with lesser effort.

Pull-ups and chin-ups also make excellent exercises for arm and shoulder strength.

Enhances your Grip Strength

Maintaining a secure grip on the rope is thing that can’t get off your during rope climbing. You can’t imagine losing grip when you’re 20 feet above the floor. So, the more you do rope climbing, you end up training your hands to grip securely.

You’ll need this during pull-ups and chin-ups or lifting activities like deadlifts and Olympic lifting.

Builds Confidence

Being 20 feet above the floor and all you can trust is your grip on the rope could send jitters for beginners. But as you get used to this, you’ll end up becoming more confident about yourself. Such confidence is likely to enhance your performance in activities like running.

Rope Climbing Safety

Climbing up the rope comes with the risk of falling especially if you’re a novice in this type of workout. That’s why you should take safety measure to minimize chanced of falling. Here are some recommendations.

  • Place a climbing crash pad directly under the rope. In case of an accidental fall, it’ll protect you from a direct crash with the floor.
  • Do rope climbs progressively. Start with partial climbs and progress to the top as you gain adequate strength and grip.
  • Wear appropriate shoes. They should grip securely when locking your feet on the rope. In addition, wear socks that guard your socks against friction with the rope.
  • Avoid wearing baggy pants.
  • If you’re new to rope climbing you may experience rope burns or blisters. So, it’s advisable to apply liquid chalk on your hands to enhance grip and minimizes rope burns.


Secure rope grip is inevitable when you’re involved in rope climbing CrossFit. Rope grip is provided by both your hands and shoes. So, if you’re looking for the best shoes for rope climbs, consider shoes that are equipped with rope climbing technologies.

These technologies are intended to offer grip on the gym climbing rope whenever you need it. Plus they guard the shoe’s upper details from the abrasive nature of the climbing rope.

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