Best Shoes for Lunges

7 Best Shoes for Lunges 2022

As a form of calisthenics, lunges can be done barefoot or with minimalist shoes.Best Shoes for Lunges But it is more comfortable to train with an extra skin under your feet than being barefoot. So, when you’re looking for the best shoes for lunges, consider minimalist shoes.

Not only are they lightweight, but they also come with thin outsoles so as to allow a barefoot sensation. See some good options in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Lunges 2022

1. Inov-8 Minimalist Bare-XF 210 v2

During lunges workouts, you don’t need a lot of cushioning under your feet for you to be comfortable. A minimalist/barefoot sneaker is more preferable because it allows your feet have better contact with the surface for enhanced balance.

Inov-8 Minimalist Bare-XF 210 v2

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Bare-XF 210 v2 is on the best minimalist sneakers you can use during lunges to protect your feet and achieve optimal performance.

Underfoot comfort results from the 3mm Power insole which serves as the primary means of cushioning. Such minimal cushioning allows your feet to feel the ground and therefore communicate with the brain more effectively.

A thin layer of hard-wearing rubber wraps the bottom of the sneaker guard the midsole from abrasion or ripping off. The rubber compound also exhibits the ideal stickiness to give you secure traction on surfaces.

The outsole also comes with a Meta-Flex groove to make the forefoot more flexible. This allows unrestricted metatarsal movement when you’re doing lunges, burpees, push-ups and sled-pushing.

Forefoot flexibility is also enabled by the stretchable mesh wrapping the forefoot area of foot compartment. The mesh fabric is serves as the means for ventilation alleviate excessive moisture and heat in the foot compartment.

Presence of synthetic overlays on the midfoot area results in heightened foot support during lateral movements. These overlays also provide abrasion resistance during rope climbs. Heel cradle and support is provided by the stitched overlay on the rearfoot area.

What’s more, the rubber toe-box overlay works with the outsole extension on the toe-box to guard your toes against impacts or compression.

  • Delivers the ideal barefoot sensation
  • Ample forefoot flexibility
  • Lateral support
  • Great styling
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Toe protection
  • Excellent traction
  • Not good for rough surfaces

2. Asics Gel Lightweight Fit Sana 3 Women’s Sneaker

Flexible and lightweight, Gel Fit Sana 3 makes an excellent sneaker for lunges and other workouts that involve repeated foot movements.

Asics Gel Lightweight Fit Sana 3 Women's Sneaker

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It comes with an EVA foam midsole which cushions your joints and muscle against excessive impacts. Presence of rearfoot GEL cushioning results heightened energy return and shock attenuation.

Gel Fit Sana 3 does not actually have a distinct sole unit. It makes use of an exposed midsole which makes it lightweight and more flexible. However, the high-abrasion areas are covered with grippy rubber pods to offer secure traction.

The outsole also features numerous flex grooves to allow unrestricted foot movements.

With the sock-like upper construction, the upper unit delivers a comfortable and unrestricting sensation. The interior padding delivers a plush inshoe experience while the lining eliminates instances of chaffing.

The upper unit also promotes air circulation and heat dissipation to keep your feet cool and dry throughout your training.

Heel support is enhanced by the rearfoot fabric which is sturdier than the rest of the fabric.

What’s more, the outsole extends to the toe-box to guard your toes against compression and impacts.

  • Excellent flexibility
  • Breathable upper fabric
  • Lightweight construction
  • Roomy toe space
  • Lacks lateral support

3. New Balance Versatile Trainer Minimus 20-v7

As the name suggest the Minimus 20 v7 Trainer is intended to deliver a barefoot experience during workouts. This an excellent sneaker for workouts which don’t require a lot of cushioning under your feet. You can use it during calisthenics workouts like lunges, burpees, push-ups among others.

New Balance Versatile Trainer Minimus 20-v7

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Underfoot cushioning results from the REVlite which exhibits a good balance of responsiveness and sturdiness. Backed by the cushioned footbed, the underfoot platform delivers adequate impact protection during high-impact workouts like box-jumps.

The bottom of the sneaker is features a full-length Vibram rubber which highly revered because of its durability. Vibram rubber also delivers exceptional grip on the gym floor and outdoor surfaces.

Surface traction is heightened by the small pods which are highly concentrated on the forefoot area.

The outsole is also completed with crisscrossing flex grooves which allow the platform to bend more readily during workouts. This lessens foot restriction especially during lunges, burpees, sled pushing and push-ups.

With the one-piece nylon-infused upper fabric, the sneaker delivers comfortable and supportive foot wrap. The smooth inner fabric aids in minimizing chaffing or irritation.

The upper unit also keeps your feet ventilated to minimize sweating and overheating.

By extending on the toe-box area, the sole unit guards your toes against impacts or compression.

  • Sufficient shock-attenuation
  • Sock-like fit
  • Ample breathability
  • Excellent traction
  • Durable construction
  • Runs narrow

4. Vibram Minimalist FiveFingers KSO EVO

As the name suggests, the barefoot sneaker is designed to mimic the shape of your foot including the five fingers.

Vibram Minimalist FiveFingers KSO EVO

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The underfoot platform is equipped with a thin Ethylene Vinyl Acetate compound which is responsible for cushioning your feet. It’s intended to offer comfortable yet barefoot underfoot sensation on indoor surfaces. However, wearing it rough surfaces is likely to cause discomfort under your feet.

Presence of an anti-microbial and moisture-wicking fabric results in a healthy and odorless inshoe experience.

The underside of this minimalist sneaker is lined with a rubber sole which allows it to grip securely on surfaces. The full-length tread patterns add to its gripping ability while making the underfoot platform more flexible.

The upper part features a polyester mesh fabric and a non-chaffing inner fabric. This results in a comfortable foot wrap which allows you to perform optimally. The fabrics also permit ample air circulation and heat dissipation to keep your foot cool and dry.

Presence of printed overlays results in heightened foot support while enhancing the shape of the sneaker.

  • Barefoot underfoot experience
  • Breathable upper fabric
  • Secure traction
  • Flexible construction
  • Lightweight
  • Durability issues

5. Prio Minimalist Xero Women’s Shoes

With its zero-drop and 2mm removable footbed, this sneaker delivers a barefoot experience. Owing to its lightweight materials, the sneaker feels completely inexistence on your feet. This makes it ideal for calisthenics workouts like burpees, push-ups, lunges among others.

Prio Minimalist Xero Women's Shoes

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It’s also a good sneaker for runners who want to have a barefoot experience or those who want to minimize heel striking.

The bottom of Xero Shoes Prio is covered with a grippy rubber material which keeps you securely footed. Presence of multi-directional V-shaped treads results in heightened traction on both soft and hard surfaces.

The sole unit also comes with strategically-placed grooves which allow it to bend at convenient zones. Thus, it won’t restrict natural foot movements during various workouts.

Foot coverage is provided by mesh fabric and strategically-placed overlays. The mesh fabric provides the means for inshoe ventilation so that your feet don’t become sweaty and overheated.

The overlays are placed are placed on the high-wear zones to enhance the shoe’s durability. There’s a midfoot and rearfoot overlay to provide lateral and heel support respectively. Another overlay is placed on the toe-box area to guard the toes from impacts or squishing.

  • Offers a barefoot experience
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Breathable upper
  • Good traction
  • Flexible construction
  • Stylish
  • Runs small
  • Lacks durability

6. Merrell Men’s Minimalist Vapor Glove 4

Coming with a thin underfoot platform, the Vapor Glove 4 delivers the ideal barefoot experience for bodyweight workouts. The underfoot platform is only meant to enhance comfort unlike when you’re barefoot.

Merrell Men's Minimalist Vapor Glove 4

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The main advantage with the barefoot sensation is that allows the foot have better contact with ground. This results in heightened balance and hence better performance.

The use of M-Select Fresh materials on the interior of the sneaker allows it to absorb moisture and discourage bacterial growth.

Known for its anti-slip properties, the Vibram rubber utilized as the sole unit delivers exceptional grip on both outdoor and indoor surfaces. In addition, the contact surface is completed with multi-directional nodes to enhance traction.

Vibram rubber also delivers heightened resistance to abrasion. Plus it flexes readily so as to allow unhindered foot movements.

By extending to the toe-box, the outsole also serves as a guard to keep your toes safe during workouts.

The upper part is completed using Cordura mesh which is capable of withstanding abrasion and ripping off. The fabric also delivers a form-fitting foot wrap while allowing proper ventilation.

Wrapping the rearfoot is a TPU strip which is responsible for heel support and lockdown.

  • Barefoot sneaker
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Overall flexibility
  • Breathable upper
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Not long-lasting

7. Nike Metcon 4 XD Men’s Trainer

With its minimal underfoot cushioning and flexibility, Metcon 4 makes a good sneaker for calisthenics and plyometrics. If you’re looking for the best shoes for lunges, then Metcon 4 is a perfect choice.

Nike Metcon 4 XD Men's Trainer

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Underfoot cushioning results from the removable footbed which serves as the midsole component. The platform offers moderate impact protection during high-impact workouts while remaining steady during weightlifting.

With the flat and non-slip rubber outsole, Metcon 4 keeps you stable and securely grounded. Presence of multi-directional tread patterns results in heightened grip no matter how your foot is oriented in reference to the ground.

The outsole patterns also result in a more flexible platform which allows your feet to bend with less restriction.

The upper construction entails a double-layered façade which is intended to offer a plush foot wrap. Placed on the high-wear zones, the rubber patterns are meant to guard the upper fabric from abrasive conditions. The patterns are more concentrated on the toe-box area to offer toe protection.

What’s more, the mesh fabric permits fresh air into the foot compartment while eliminating excessive heat.

  • Cushioned underfoot platform
  • Durable construction
  • Secure traction
  • Breathable upper
  • Versatile sneaker
  • Flexible design
  • Lateral support
  • Might experience heel slippage


Training on hard surface for long can lead soreness on the foot sole due to friction. If you’re looking for the best shoes for lunges, then consider minimalist shoes so that you can have a barefoot experience.

Unlike being barefoot, minimalist shoes will provide a softer surface under your feet and still promote the barefoot sensation.

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