Best Shoes for Knee and Back Pain

7 Best Shoes for Knee and Back Pain 2022

Looking for the best shoes for knee and back pain? Best Shoes for Knee and Back PainThen, the key features to consider in these shoes is adequate underfoot cushioning and arch support. The former offers impact protection while the later enhances your stability so as to lessen strain on the knees and lower back.

With both overpronators and supinators being more prone to knee and back pain, it’s inevitable for them to wear appropriate shoes.

Here are reviews of the best options.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Knee and Back Pain 2022

1. Vionic Orthofeet-Oriented Classic Walker

Boasting of worldwide acknowledgement, these sneakers promise outstanding comfort when you’re walking or standing for long periods. They’re especially a great option for individuals who have issues like knee pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and so on.

Vionic Orthofeet-Oriented Classic Walker

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The primary midsole material is an EVA foam which exhibits the ideal responsiveness to allow safe and comfortable landing. It’s built to withstand impacts for long so as to protect the joints and muscles on your lower body appendages from excessive pounding.

Arch support is provided by the Orthaheel footbed and the raised thermoplastic brace embedded at midfoot of the midsole. By providing support on the arch area, these components help in countering overpronation and supination. This in turn relieves excessive stress on the knees, ankles as well as the lower back.

With the sturdy rubber bottom, the sneaker guarantees outstanding durability thus giving you value for money. The platform also exhibits adequate forefoot flexibility which allows contributes to unrestricted transitions. Plus it’s equipped with multidirectional pods which to heighten its gripping ability.

Walker Classic gives a choice of suede or leather for the upper unit depending on your preferences. Both materials are intended to provide heightened support while contributing to overall durability. Presence of a plush padding and soft mesh lining on the collar and tongue results in comfortable and non-cahffing inshoe experience.

Breathability is made possible by the presence of mesh fabrics at strategic areas.

  • Sufficient cushioning and arch support
  • Supportive configuration
  • Outstanding durability
  • Ample shock attenuation
  • Might need break-in

2. Skechers Supportive Arch Fit Walking Shoe

By utilizing podiatrist-approved footbed, Arch Fit sneaker is intended to offer support to both high and collapsed arches. This results in proper leg and foot alignment which in turn alleviates excessive strain on your knees, foot joints and lower back. The insole also gives you the possibility of using custom orthotics.

Skechers Supportive Arch Fit Walking Shoe

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Arch Fit sneaker comes a springy but firm cushioning which is responsible for energetic strides. The platform also provides excellent impact resistance to minimize pounding on joints, muscles and connective tissues. Plus the heel flanges help in lessening excessive heel movement.

The midsole compound also makes the underside of Arch Fit sneaker. However, the actual contact points are lined with grippy and abrasion-resistant rubber pods. This results in secure traction and heighted durability.

Moreover, the platform is completed with deep grooves to enable smooth transitions especially during toe-off.

The woven mesh fabric and the soft inner lining makes the upper coverage exceptionally comfortable for your feet. It’s responsible for a breathable, flexible and non-irritating foot wrap. Inshoe comfort and secure foot cradle is enhanced by the foam padding lining the tongue and collar.

Use of synthetic overlay on the toe-box aids in toe-protection as well as guarding the mesh from hazards.

  • Impact-resistant cushioning
  • Podiatrist-approved arch support
  • Stylish design for casual wear
  • Stretchable and breathable upper
  • Not heavy
  • Relieves knee and back pain
  • Colorways are limited

3. Tacoma Orthofeet-Approved Sneaker

A stylish sneaker to help you walk with minimal pain when your knees or lower back are aching. Recommended by podiatrists world-wide, the sneaker utilizes technologies that are meant to deal with common walking injuries and foot conditions.

Tacoma Orthofeet-Approved Sneaker

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The underfoot platform exhibits adequate springiness which offers a soft landing surface for your feet. Incorporating heel pockets at the heel area results in heightened springiness providing better impact protection. This also gives you sufficient propulsion thus allowing you to walk with minimal effort.

The arch support footbed serves an additional cushioning element as well as a means for supporting your underfoot. Arch support aids in aligning your legs and feet especially when you have a tendency to overpronate or supinate. It’s meant to relieve your feet, ankles, knees and lower back from excessive strain.

The upper part of the Orthofeet Tacoma sneaker is completed with a mesh fabric and synthetic overlays. Stretchable and well-padded, the mesh fabric offer a comfortable coverage around the forefoot, instep, ankles and Achilles. Moreover, there’s a smooth inner fabric lining which contributes to a non-chaffing inshoe experience.

Having a wide toe-box and the absence of overlays around the forefoot makes Tacoma sneakers good for individuals with bunions or hammertoes.

Your feet are effectively wrapped at the midfoot by the synthetic overlays thus resulting in secure foot lock-down. Synthetic overlays are also utilized at the rearfoot and toe-box. The former gives protection to the toes while the later is responsible for heel support and lock-down.

  • Superb comfort and responsiveness
  • Offer sufficient arch support
  • Breathable upper
  • Stylish build
  • Comfortable interior
  • Only a few colors

4. Orthofeet Sneaker Monterey Bay – Knee Pain Relief

Proven and recommended by podiatrists world-wide, Orthofeet athletic shoes are built to conservative remedy for most foot conditions. If you’re experiencing knee or lower back pain, then you can’t go wrong with the Monterey Bay Sneaker.

Orthofeet Sneaker Monterey Bay - Knee Pain Relief

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With the Ortho-Cushioned midsole, the shoe offers a soft and responsive platform which guarantees optimal underfoot comfort. Backed by the heel air pockets, the underfoot platform exhibits outstanding springiness which dampens landing impacts before they reach your feet. This helps taking excessive pressure off the knees and lower back.

Presence of an arch supporting insole results in appropriate leg and foot alignment thus minimizing overpronation. This is intended to lessen stain on the joints and connective tissues. Not only does this resolve knee and back pain, but it also helps in relieving pain on arthritic feet.

The upper part employs technologies that are meant to keep your feet comfortable and free from chaffing. The main material is a soft fabric padded on the padded on the forefoot, instep, toe-box, collar and rearfoot. The inner side comes with a soft lining whose function is to eliminate hot spots.

With the wide toe-box and non-binding overlays, the shoe delivers optimal comfort even for individuals which are suffering from bunions or hammertoes.

  • Plush cushioning
  • Excellent shock attenuation
  • Adequate arch support
  • Breathable upper
  • Non-constricting overlays
  • Not available in many colors

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5. New Balance 880 v10 Comfort Running Shoe

If you’re looking for the best shoes for knee and back pain when running, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s especially good to neutral pronators who don’t require a lot of support under their foot arches. Besides, it comes with a removable footbed which gives you the option of using custom orthotics in case you need heightened support.

New Balance 880 v10 Comfort Running Shoe

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The sneaker now employs an updated midsole cushioning which is intended to offer greater responsiveness and underfoot comfort. A look on the outer side of the midsole shows different-sized indentations whose size increases towards the heel area.

Together with the small holes on the heel are, these indentations result in heightened springiness thus dampening impacts even more. Thus your knees, feet and lower back won’t be exposed to excessive pounding.

Use of blown rubber on the underside of the sneaker adds an extra layer of cushioning under your feet. Being a grippy and abrasion-resistant compound, blown rubber also provides excellent traction and protection especially when running on asphalt.

The grooved patterns on the underside contribute to the platform’s flexibility while enhancing traction.

Woven into a cloth-like mesh, the upper design is intended to offer a comfortable foot coverage that free from chaffing or hot spots. The design also keeps your feet aerated so as to minimize overheating and wetness.

Use of a sturdy heel-counter results in effective heel cradle to counter undesirable movements.

  • Sufficient underfoot cushioning
  • Flexible underfoot
  • Good traction
  • Ample impact mitigation
  • Stylish for walking
  • Durable
  • Upper unit might be a bit constricting

6. Propet Walker Stability Walking Shoe

As the name suggests, this is a stability walking shoe designed to enhance your comfort especially when you have high arches or flat feet. It’s designed to offer arch support so as to mitigate the effects of overpronation and supination.

Propet Walker Stability Walking Shoe

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Underfoot cushioning and support is provided by an EVA foam midsole. Backed by the PU footbed, the platform offers a soft and responsive underfoot experience. This configuration also results in sufficient impact protection which lessens pounding on your lower extremities.

The underside of the sneaker is completed with an abrasion resistant rubber compound which contributes to overall durability. Together with multi-directional patterns, the outsole rubber guarantees reliable grip to keep you securely footed.

By utilizing sturdy materials for the upper unit, the sneaker exhibits excellent durability thus giving you value for money. The upper design also guarantees ample foot support while guarding the entire foot against hazards.

Presence of padding and the smooth Nylex interior lining results in a comfortable and non-chaffing inshoe experience. The forefoot comes with numerous holes to allow air circulation and heat dissipation.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Adequate arch support
  • Overall durability
  • Ideal for relieving knee and back pain
  • Limited breathability
  • Sizing inconsistency

7. New Balance Comfort Trainer 608 v5

Popular with fitness enthusiasts, this is a comfortable training sneaker for minimizing injuries on your knees and lower back. Due to its stylish design and colorways, you can also use it for daily walks or casual wear.

New Balance Comfort Trainer 608 v5

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Providing primary cushioning is a firm but pliable foam-based midsole. It exhibits the ideal plushness to allow soft landing yet providing sufficient impact resilience. Together with the additional Abzorb pad at the heel area, the platform guards your lower body appendages from excessive pounding.

The platform also guarantees sufficient underfoot support which results in lesser strain on the knees, ankles and lower back. Plus it’s equipped with side flanges to keep the foot steady during lateral movements.

The sole unit exhibits excellent stickiness which guarantees reliable grip during workouts or when walking. It’s configured to grip effectively on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Presence of two flex lines at the forefoot results in smooth transitions thus lessening strain on the foot.

The leather comes with an advantage; there’s heightened foot support and secure lock-down. Moreover, it’s capable of withstanding hazards especially when you’re training or walking on rough surfaces.

What’s more, your feet are comfortably-cradled by the soft padding on the sneaker’s tongue and collar.

  • Exceptional comfort and support
  • Durable sneaker
  • Versatile
  • Adequate arch support
  • Excellent style for casual wear
  • Little breathability


Whether you exhibit excessive inward or outward foot rolling, there’s a chance of putting excessive strain on the foot, knees and lower back. Moreover, wearing less-cushioned shoes exposes these lower extremities to harmful impacts.

That’s why podiatrists recommend choosing your shoes depending on your pronation tendency. In this review I have included some popular sneakers that are recommended by podiatrists as a remedy for knee and back pain.

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