Best Shoes for Hammer Toes and Bunions

7 Best Shoes for Hammer Toes and Bunions 2022

Looking for the best shoes for hammer toes and bunions? Best Shoes for Hammer Toes and Bunions Then consider shoes that exert little pressure on the affected areas. Notably, they should have a stretchy mesh and provide ample toe space to accommodate unrestricted to movement.

In addition, they should keep your underfoot well-supported to lessen pressure on the bunion and toe area.

Below are typical recommendations for hammertoes and bunions.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Hammer Toes and Bunions 2022

1. Propet Stretch-Knit Stability X

By employing a stretchy mesh fabric Propet Stability X does not put excessive pressure on your bunions and hammertoes. Plus it is designed with stability features which are meant to mitigate effects of overpronation and supination.

Propet Stretch-Knit Stability X

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The underfoot platform contains an EVA foam midsole and a dual-density PU foot-bed. Both of them serve as the means for underfoot cushioning to keep you comfortable for longer periods. In addition, they exhibit adequate springiness which helps in guarding your joints and connective tissues from excessive impacts.

The foot-bed also comes with a ridged and gel-padded which heightens impact protection while enhancing heel support.

The rubbery and roughly-treaded outsole guarantees you a firm grip whether you’re walking on the road or jagged terrain. Outsole flexibility is further heightened by the strategically-placed flex grooves. Plus it’s meant to offer prolonged resistance to abrasion.

The almost all-mesh upper compartment aims at keeping your feet well-ventilated and facilitate non-restricting foot movements. The absence of overlays on the bunion and toe-box area means there’ll be no pressure points during transitions. Plus the toe-box provides ample space for toe-splay.

The midfoot leather saddle aids in foot cradle and support while maintaining the erect shape of the silhouette. Another leather overlay is placed at the rear of the shoe to provide heel lock and support.

Also contributing to your comfort is the moisture-wicking inner lining and the padding on the tongue and collar.

  • Spacious and stretchable forefoot
  • Ideal comfort and impact protection
  • Arch support
  • Grippy and durable sole unit
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Ample breathability
  • Odd colors

2. Joelle Stretchable Orthopedic Bunions Sneaker

When you have bunions or hammer toes, you don’t anything that puts pressure on your feet. Orthofeet Joelle comes with the ideal features to keep your feet comfortable when you’re suffering from bunions or hammer toes.

Joelle Stretchable Orthopedic Bunions Sneaker

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First, it’s equipped with an Orthofeet underfoot platform which guarantees optimal comfort when walking. The platform features an orthotic insole which is intend to offer a plush and supportive underfoot experience.

With the ergonomically-designed outsole, your feet are guaranteed a soft landing while receiving adequate propulsion. This allows smooth heel-to-toe transitions, thus alleviating strain on joints and tendons. The extra heel cushioning provides adequate impact protection while aiding in propulsion.

The upper unit is configured to be both flexible and non-constricting, thanks to the stretchable fabric and lack of overlays above the toes and bunions. Such a design is aimed at avoiding putting excessive pressure on the affected areas especially when pushing off the ground.

The foot compartment also features a soft inner fabric whose purpose is to eliminate chances of pressure points or hot spots. What’s more, the deep and wide toe-box ensures that your toes are free to move without restriction.

The sole unit exhibits excellent gripping properties which allows you to walk without worries about sliding. Plus it comes with flex grooves which are conveniently-placed to promote natural foot biomechanics.

  • Comfortable Orthofeet underfoot cushioning
  • Stretchable and padded upper
  • Not pressure points or hot spots
  • Arch support
  • Breathable upper
  • Effective gripping
  • Limited color choices

3. Orthofeet Edgewater Athletic Stretchable Shoe

By employing Orthofeet’s footwear technologies the Edgewater walking sneaker guarantees optimal comfort for individuals with hammertoes and bunions on their feet.

Orthofeet Edgewater Athletic Stretchable Shoe

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The stylish upper design is not just there for looks, but it’s configured to exert minimal pressure on the hammertoes and bunions. First, the material used here is a stretchable mesh which is capable of accommodating natural foot movements without causing pressure points. The design also entails a padded and non-binding forefoot which does not put pressure on the hammertoes and bunions.

With the deep and wide toe-box, there’ll be no pressure on the toes and bunions even during toe-off.

Providing a soothing underfoot experience is the orthotic insole. Designed to follow the underfoot contours, the insole offer sufficient plushness and arch support to give optimal comfort. Arch support serves as the means for countering overpronation which usually causes excessive strain on the bunions and hammertoes.

Not only does the outsole offer additional cushioning, but it’s equipped with air pockets on the heel area to enhance shock attenuation.

What’s more, the underfoot platform delivers excellent propulsion which results in comfortable and less straining strides.

  • Soothing and supportive footbed
  • Non-constricting toe-box
  • Excellent quality
  • Appealing style
  • Orthotics-friendly
  • Non-blistering
  • Limited color choices

4. Skechers Stretchable Arch Fit Sneakers

Built for stability, the Arch Fit sneaker offers the ideal arch support which in turn helps in aligning your legs to your feet. This results in even distribution of the bodyweight on the foot thus minimizing pressure on the toes and bunions.

Skechers Stretchable Arch Fit Sneakers

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Your feet are adequately protected from excessive pounding by the impact-resistant foam midsole. Not only does the cushioning keep you comfortable, but it also contributes propulsive strides which helps in alleviating strain on your feet. Presence of lateral heel walls helps countering excessive rolling of the heels.

The underside of this Arch Fit sneaker comes with grippy rubber pods which are conveniently-placed to offer traction. These pods also exhibit good resistance to abrasion which prolongs the sneaker’s lifespan.

What’s more, the underfoot platform also contributes to smooth heel-to-toe transitions, thanks to the deep flex grooves.

The foot compartment entails a knitted mesh and an interior lining, a configuration that is meant to offer soft foot coverage. These fabrics also exhibit excellent flexibility which allows you to walk with minimal pressure on the bunion and hammertoes.

With the deep and wide toe-box, your toes are have plenty of space to spread-out. Plus they’re effectively protected from impacts by the hot-melt overlay.

  • Responsive underfoot cushioning
  • Stretchy foot compartment
  • Arch support
  • Deep and wide toe-box
  • Non-irritating interior
  • Stylish and durable
  • Few colors

5. Brooks Addiction Durable Walker-2

The full-grain leather employed on the upper unit of Addiction Walker 2 ensures that your feet aren’t soaked in water when it’s raining. So, if you’re looking for perfect sneaker to walking during the winter season, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Brooks Addiction Durable Walker-2

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Common with many Brook’s running shoes, the BioMoGo DNA cushioning employed in the midsole of this sneaker results in customized underfoot comfort. That’s because it adapts to shape of your underfoot so as to support every part of your underfoot.

Moreover, the midfoot area features an embedded medial post which helps in countering overpronation.

Additional cushioning and impact mitigation comes from the included insole which can also be substituted with custom orthotics.

Covering the entire underside is a rubber material whose stickiness delivers excellent traction to prevent sliding. It’s typically designed to offer grip on outdoor and indoor surfaces including wet and smooth floors. Plus forefoot flexibility is enhanced by incorporating deep grooves.

The all-leather foot compartment is responsible for sufficient foot protection and support while contributing to overall durability of the sneaker. Having a deep and wide toe area ensures that there’s no pressure on the bunions and hammertoes.

What’s more, presence of soft padding on the tongue and collar results in a comfortable and non-chaffing fit.

  • Adequate underfoot cushioning
  • Excellent durability
  • Arch support
  • Spacious toe area
  • Little breathability for a sunny day

6. Skechers Slip-On GOwalk Max Sneaker

Stretchable and easy to slip on or out, the GOwalk Max sneaker offers optimal comfort when you bunions on your feet. The upper unit is weaved into a stretchable mesh which is intended to accommodate foot movements without causing excessive pressure. The fact that it’s available in wide and extra-wide sizes allows you to choose the most comfortable shoe for your feet.

Skechers Slip-On GOwalk Max Sneaker

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5GEN cushioning technology is employed as the primary source of underfoot comfort. Designed with injection moulding, the midsole offers excellent impact protection to minimize pounding on the foot joints and tendons.

Extra cushioning results from the plush insole which is also configured to provide underfoot support.

Also serving as the outsole, the 5GEN compound comes with a rough bottom so as to heighten grip when walking. Moreover, it’s equipped with full-length grooves to make it more flexible. Plus it’s meant to offer reliable resistance to abrasion.

Overall, GOwalk Max sneaker comes in a lightweight design which allows you to walk with minimal load on your feet. Plus it’s meant to keep your feet well-ventilated to minimize moisture and heat build-up.

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Stretchable
  • Excellent breathability
  • Lightweight design
  • Wide sizing
  • Less durable outsole

7. Skechers Summits Walkers 

What makes Skechers Summits good for individuals with bunions is the stretchy mesh fabric and the wide toe-box. Such a configuration leads to minimal pressure on the bunions even the metatarsal bends during push-off.

Skechers Summits Walkers 

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The entire underfoot platform comes as one component with the midsole and outsole fused together. This results to high stack of EVA foam cushioning which delivers consistent comfort throughout the day. Plus additional underfoot padding comes from the insole.

Owing to its raised midfoot area, the platform keeps your feet effectively supported to lessen strain around the bunion and hammertoes area.

The gripping surface comes with small but numerous multi-directional patterns which contribute to a firm grip on surfaces. Also present are deep grooves which are meant to promote smooth and unrestricted foot biomechanics.

Coming in a slip-on upper design, Skechers Summits are good for the elderly and people who have difficulties tying laces. Inshoe comfort is heightened by the presence of padding around the collar and instep. Plus you get a perfect foot cradle from the bungee lacing to minimize shoe removal.

What’s more, having a mesh upper results in ample air flow around the foot thus keeping them cool and free from wetness.

  • Plush cushioning
  • Wide and stretchy forefoot
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Supportive footbed
  • Breathable and non-chaffing upper
  • Not durable
  • Lacks effective traction

Considerations for Choosing the Best Shoes for Hammer Toes and Bunions

1. Stretchy Upper

Usually, pain on the bunions or hammertoes results from the excessive pressure exerted by the upper part of your shoes. Therefore, the forefoot area of the upper unit needs be stretchy enough to alleviate pressure on the affected areas.

This is especially useful during push-off causes your toes to spread out.

2. Ample Toe-Box Area

The toe-box area should be wide and deep enough to accommodate toe bending and spread-out without resulting in excessive pressure. In addition, any overlays placed on the forefoot and toe-box should not limit how far the bunions and hammertoes can spread.

3. Seamless and Non-chaffing Interior

Bunions and hammertoes can become irritated due to constant rubbing from the interior of the shoe. That’s why the best shoes for hammertoes and bunions come with seamless and non-chaffing forefoot to minimize irritation.

Notably Orthofeet sneakers come with a soft forefoot padding which is intended to lessen irritation on the bunions and hammertoes.

4. Support

Without sufficient support under your feet, there’ll be excessive pressure of the ball or the foot and toes since the bodyweight isn’t evenly distributed. This is especially true when your feet have a tendency to overpronate of supinate.

Depending on your foot type, you might therefore require supportive shoes to lessen pressure on the forefoot area.


The pain on hammertoes or bunions will make running or walking quite unenjoyable. However, you can lessen the pain by wearing shoes that put less pressure on the bunions or hammertoes.

While shoes won’t cure hammertoes and bunions, they provide a conservative remedy which allows you to walk with less pain on your feet.

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