Best Shoes for Dance Fitness

7 Best Shoes for Dance Fitness 2021

Dance fitness has become the norm with many fitness enthusiasts especially women.Best Shoes for Dance Fitness It incorporates cardio-based moves into dance thereby burning plenty of calories and contributing to your overall wellbeing.

Zumba and Jazzercise are the most commonly used fitness dances. That means you need shoes that are specifically designed for the numerous and complex moves associated with these dances. So, which are the best shoes for dance fitness?

Well, take a look at some of the best.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Dance Fitness 2021

1. Ryka Influence Dance Fitness Shoe

Ryka Influence is an all-round cross trainer designed for dance-related exercises and indoor studio workouts. It’s intended to provide adequate comfort and security for your feet when performing high impact workouts.

Ryka Influence Dance Fitness Shoe

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Two layers of cushion are employed at the midsole to provide an effective landing platform. N-Gage is a firm and bouncy compound which makes the first layer of cushion. The upper layer is a softer and very responsive cushion designed to reduce the effect of impact shocks on your legs and feet.

The footbed is an insole made from a precise-return material which adds to underfoot comfort. Plus the midsole is configured to allow the necessary foot flexibility for dance movements.

Functioning as the outsole is a traction-ready rubber which features gripping rubber pods at the heel and forefoot. These pods also guard the midsole from abrasive surfaces thus promoting the overall durability of the Ryka Influence.

The pivot provides an effective turning point to minimise strain on your joints during your dance fitness.

Upper foot cover entails a breathable, lightweight and snug-fitting mesh. The wave-like overlay reinforcements aid in ensuring a secure foot support.

What’s more, even better comfort and customized fit is delivered by the well-padded collar and tongue.

  • Dance-oriented trainer
  • Comfortable for high-impact exercises
  • Pivot point
  • Quality build
  • Lightweight
  • Little arch support

2. Ryka Dance Shoes Grafik-2

Grafik 2 entails Ryka’s finest technology of training shoes. If dancing is one of the techniques you use to maintain your fitness, then Grafik 2 is a perfect training shoe for that. You can use it for gym workouts and cardio-based dances like Zumba and jazzercise.

Ryka Dance Shoes Grafik-2

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The low-profiled midsole is intended to allow you to feel the ground so that you can have better foot-to-ground coordination. The EVA foam utilized here provides adequate comfort and protection for low-impact exercises.

Reinforcing the midsole is a more sturdy rubber placed at the rearfoot to provide heel support and improve impact mitigation. Plus the contoured design of the footbed provides underfoot support for added comfort.

The indoor-oriented outsole is essentially a grippy rubber compound designed to offer appropriate grip to allow safe and accurate braking. This rubber also entails diamond-shaped lugs to make it more flexible and heighten the gripping ability.

There’s also a pivot point on the sole unit to enable smooth and effortless turning. Thus, you won’t strain your body during exercises or dances that involve frequent turning.

The upper piece is built to be light, breathable and durable. Plus it’s conveniently reinforced with overlays to offer the most ideal comfort and support on your feet. Foot lock-down and support is provided by the padded collar and tongue to keep your feet comfortable.

  • Ideal for gym and dance fitness
  • Effective turning with pivot point
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Arch support
  • Stylish build
  • Lightweight
  • Women’s only shoes

3. Ryka Enhance-3 Mid-Cut Cross Trainer

Compared to its immediate predecessor, Enhance 3 promises better performance across various women-oriented training. You can use it in cross training, aerobics and dance fitness exercises such as Jazzercise and Zumba.

Ryka Enhance-3 Mid-Cut Cross Trainer

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A double-layered midsole provides the ideal underfoot support and cushioning to keep your feet safe and comfortable during workouts. EVA foam is the primary cushioning compound which also acts as the means for impact mitigation. N-Gage foam delivers firmness and a bit of cushioning. Plus a RE-ZORB sockliner is responsible for a customized underfoot comfort.

Designed like your foot curve, the sole unit is meant to enhance foot support. The contact points are lined with a sticky rubber which acts as the braking aid. Two pivot points are placed on the sole unit to aid in turning and twisting.

The upper piece entails a mid-cut design built a breathable mesh and reinforced with flexible overlays and synthetic leather. The mid-cut design is ideal for ankle support. The padding on the collar and tongue ensures you don’t experience rubbing on your ankles.

  • Comfortable for dance fitness
  • Well-cushioned midsole
  • Durable build
  • Lateral support
  • Ankle support
  • Versatile cross trainer
  • Expensive
  • Long laces

4. Ryka Cross Trainer Vivid-RZX

Vivid RZX also uses RE-ZORB technology as the midsole cushioning. This proprietary cushioning technology is also featured in the Ryka Vida RZX cross training shoes. It’s placed at the rearfoot to provide the necessary impact absorption.

Ryka Cross Trainer Vivid-RZX

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However, a flexible compound is placed at the forefoot to cushion and also enable unrestricted forefoot movement. The sole unit also features flex grooves at the forefoot to enhance foot flexibility.

Adding to underfoot cushion is a contoured and responsive insole which delivers a customized comfort and arch support.

With the rubbery sole unit, there’s assured grip on entirely any training surface you may encounter. Engraved on this rubber are flex grooves which also act as gripping lugs. Plus a pivot point is incorporated on it to allow convenient turning and twisting.

The forefoot entails a round-shaped toe area to enable ample toe splay. The forefoot and the heel are covered with a synthetic material to provide a guard against hazards. The rest of the upper part comes with an engineered mesh which locks effectively with the lacing system.

What’s more, the upper is configured to offer the necessary comfort throughout your training.

  • Supportive footbed
  • Ideal for dance fitness
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Accurate sizing
  • Very breathable
  • Not for high impacts

5. New Balance Cross Trainer 608 v4

Built for cross training, this 4th iteration of the New Balance’s 608 classic trainers will serve you well in both indoor and outdoor workouts. If you’re looking for plenty of underfoot cushioning and arch support in your dance fitness training, then this an ideal shoe to go for.

New Balance Cross Trainer 608 v4

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The midsole employs two layers of cushion to deliver a firm, responsive and flexible landing base. First is the IMEVA, a firm but flexible compound intended to enhance the durability and flexibility of the midsole.

On top of IMEVA is the ABZORB, a softer cushion meant to enable comfortable landing while protecting the lower body appendages from impacts. The footbed also entails an EVA compound which adds to underfoot comfort.

A non-marking rubber compound makes the outsole to ensure your indoor training floors are free from markings or streaks. The sticky rubber works with the non-marking treads to deliver reliable traction on all indoor training floors. Plus it’s adequately flexible to allow foot flexion.

The use of leather as the upper unit cover, makes 608 v4 a very supportive and durable cross trainer. Inshoe ventilation and heat elimination takes place through the mesh-like tongue and the top of foot holes.

What’s more, 608 v4 provides the best inshoe comfort compared to most cross training shoes.

  • Highly comfortable cross trainer
  • Non-marking sole unit
  • Versatile cross trainer
  • Arch support
  • Superb shock absorption
  • Breathability issues

6. Ryka Vida-RZX Zumba Shoes

Designed for women fitness enthusiasts, Vida RZX is one the best shoes you will get for your dance exercises. It’s also an excellent choice for high-impact cross training, thanks to the RZX cushioning technology employed in its midsole.

Ryka Vida-RZX Zumba Shoes

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The midsole features a rearfoot shock-attenuating compound known as RE-ZORB. This is intended to cushion your feet against high-impacts. Another element of the midsole is the forefoot flex grooves which promote foot flexibility.

The footbed is formed to adapt to the anatomy of your foot arch for enhanced comfort and arch support.

The contact points of the sole unit are lined with a traction-ready rubber to prevent sliding and brake whenever necessary. The circle-like grooves enhance the outsole’s traction ability while making it more flexible. The pivot aids in the frequent turning and twisting usually associated with certain types of dances.

Apart from its stylish look, the upper unit manages to deliver its purpose of comfortable support for your feet.

  • Responsive midsole
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Great cardio dance shoe
  • Lateral support
  • A bit rigid

7. Ryka Devotion-XT (Good for Wide Feet)

Devotion XT is one of the dancing shoe brand name you’ll here mentioned in women dance studios. It comes with the greatness you expect from RYKA, one of the most revered women dancing shoes maker. I have intentionally included it in this list to cater for individuals with wide feet.

Ryka Devotion-XT (Good for Wide Feet)

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The EVA foam used in its predecessor has been retained because of its proven effectiveness in providing a comfortable underfoot cushioning. Below the midsole is a pod-like compound known as RE-ZORB meant for shock absorption.

In addition, there’s an ortholite footbed meant to offer a plush comfort. It also serves as the means for moisture absorption to promote healthy and comfortable conditions in the foot compartment.

The outsole appears to have a notch between the forefoot and the heel. This is intentionally aimed at enhancing its flexibility to enable better and accurate foot movements. Working with the circle-like ridges, the rubber compound employed here serves as the gripping/braking aid.

Lastly, the pivot point aids in effective and strain-free turning or twisting.

  • Ideal for wide feet fitness enthusiasts
  • Superb comfort and fit
  • Perfect pivot point for cardio dance
  • Effective shock absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • None

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Shoes for Dance Fitness

Shoes for dance fitness come in various designs, quality and price. Luckily, they’re fairly-priced compared to running shoes. But before you choose your most ideal dancing shoe, there’re some important factors to consider.

Here are some of them!

1. Comfort

Dance fitness involves straining movements and impacts which not only make you tired but can also lead to injuries. Your comfort will determine your effectiveness in the dance and how many hours you’re likely to train before getting tired.

As far as impacts are concerned, your dancing shoes should have sufficient cushioning especially at the rearfoot and forefoot. This aids in shock absorption to prevent impact-based injuries and ensure comfort.

In addition, the upper unit should provide a secure and plush lock to minimise discomfort due to loose fit. Plus it should not cause chaffing or itchiness on your skin.

2. Support

Pronation or foot rolling tendency may cause discomfort or injuries during dance-related fitness workouts. Thus, depending on your pronation type, you need may need some arch support to minimise pronation.

You also need sufficient lateral support to counter the strain exhibited during lateral movements.

3. Flexibility

Aerobic dances such as Zumba and Jazzercise involve multidirectional foot positioning which require non-restricting shoes to perform. Therefore, your shoes for such dances should be overly flexible.

This allows you to attain wide-ranged foot movements without straining or hurting your feet.

4. Traction and Gliding

Although you need accurate braking during dance, your shoes should allow appropriate gliding over the floor. The two conditions are achieved by having a grippy outsole for traction and a pivot point to allow gliding when necessary.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll be taught how to go about braking and gliding when dancing.

5. Breathability

Any training yields heat and sweating which makes your shoes slippery and smelly. These incidences will make you uncomfortable or even embarrassed. Luckily, sweating and heat accumulation can effectively be mitigated by having proper air circulation inside your shoes.

Simply speaking, cool and dry inshoe conditions will enhance your comfort and hence your performance.

6. Lightweight

With the swift and abrupt dance movements, your shoes ought to be considerably lightweight to minimise strain on your feet as you strive to keep pace.


Having the correct shoes for dance fitness allows you to make effective moves and with less strain on your body. Not only does this ensure your comfort but it also makes the dance more enjoyable.

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