Best Shoes for Cardio Dance

7 Best Shoes for Cardio Dance 2022

Cardio dance workouts provide a great way of maintaining a healthy life. Best Shoes for Cardio DanceThey involve intense and high impact activities which help you break sweat and burn plenty of calories.

One of the basic requirement for cardio dance is the right pair of shoes. So, which are the best shoes for cardio dance.

Well, this guide has got you covered. It’s a detailed review of the best shoes for cardio dance.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Cardio Dance 2022

1. Ryka Influence – With Pivot Point

The high impacts involved during cardio workouts can be mitigated by wearing shoes that have adequate midsole cushioning. Ryka Influence comes with a two-layered midsole which is meant to provide a firm yet responsive dancing performance. The footbed entails a plush insole for extra underfoot comfort.

Ryka Influence – With Pivot Point

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Like many dance shoes, Ryka Influence features a raised midsole which allows only the heel and forefoot to touch the ground. This configuration aims at delivering flexibility which is necessary during cardio workouts.

The pivot point on the outsole provides a means for turning around to ease strain on your knees as a result of twisting. The heel and forefoot of the outsole features rubber pods which provide reliable grip on indoor surfaces.

A tightly-knitted mesh is what provides protection for your toes and the rest of your upper foot. It’s a lightweight fabric designed to provide a snug support for your feet and permit air flow. Adequate foot locking is enhanced by the wave-like synthetic overlays on the sides of the upper mesh.

  • Quality build
  • Quick turning with pivot point
  • Ideal for dance and cross training
  • Stylish
  • Supportive
  • None

2. Ryka Vivid-RZX

Designed for intense cross training, Vivid RZX is an ideal shoe for cardio workouts. Presence of a pivot point makes it great for exercises that need numerous and sudden changes in position. This feature allows you to turn effortlessly and with less strain on your knees and hips.

Ryka Vivid-RZX

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The stickiness of the outsole rubber is what gives you accurate braking whenever you want to cease moving.

Forefoot flexibility is made possible by the flexible compound incorporated at the forefoot of the midsole. This compound is also responsible for responsive toe-offs during cross training or cardio workouts. Additional forefoot flexibility is delivered by the flex grooves placed at the forefoot of the outsole.

RE-ZORB cushioning provides underfoot comfort for your heels while also enabling shock attenuation. Thus, your muscles and joints won’t be exposed to the intense impact usually associated with cardio workouts.

The upper unit comes with a protective toe cap whose round-cut design offers ample space for toe-splay. The upper mesh is engineered to wrap your feet snugly and allow easy foot flexion. Plus it allows air into the foot chamber to minimize moisture build-up.

  • Adequate cushioning
  • Pivot point allows efficient turning
  • Not heavy
  • Sufficient Breathability
  • Accurate sizing
  • Inshoe comfort
  • Inadequate arch support

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3. Ryka Vida-RZX

Vida RZX doubles as a cross training and dancing shoe. It’s specially designed for high impact workouts and those that involve numerous and abrupt turning. So, if you want a shoe for cardio dance, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Ryka Vida-RZX

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Of great importance is the RE-ZORB cushioning utilized in its midsole to provide a comfortable platform for intense workouts. This compound is placed at the heel because this is the area that receives the greatest impacts. In addition, the entire midsole comes with a molded footbed which enhances your comfort.

The forefoot area entails flex grooves whose function is to enhance flexibility.

The outsole is somehow discontinued at the midfoot so that only the forefoot and heel touches the ground. This is intended to deliver some amount of flexibility. In addition, there is a pivot point for enabling stress-free turning. As such you don’t exert too much strain on your lower body joints.

You get a comfortable foot cover from the breathable mesh making the upper part of Vida RZX. The well-padded collar and tongue ensures that you don’t get bruises or uncomfortable rubbing.

  • Adequately cushioned
  • Allows easy turning
  • Sturdy and breathable mesh
  • No inshoe rubbing or bruises
  • Overall support
  • Minimal forefoot responsiveness

4. Ryka Devotion-XT

An upgrade from the Ryka Devotion walking shoes, Devotion XT now comes with pivot point on the outsole. This makes it a good choice for cardio dances which require you to turn your body severally and abruptly. With the pivot point, you won’t strain your joints when turning.

Ryka Devotion-XT

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The rubber compound utilized in the outsole is meant to provide sufficient grip to enable abrupt braking. The differentiation of the heel and forefoot offers flexibility so that your feet can bend without restriction.

RE-ZORB provides the primary means of underfoot cushioning and shock mitigation against high impacts. Also adding to underfoot comfort is an ortholite insert which also minimises moisture build-up.

The foot compartments is kept cool and dry by the breathable mesh which allows effective air circulation. The toe area, the heel and sides are reinforced with synthetic overlays to support the mesh and give it endurance.

Sufficient foot lock and steadiness is guaranteed by the combination of the padded collar and the heel counter. Thus, your feet remain intact even during rigorous workouts.

  • Ample cushioning
  • Excellent shock mitigation
  • Pivot point allows quick turning
  • Reliable traction
  • Breathable
  • Wide feet sizes
  • None

5. Ryka Influence-2.5

Ryka shoe maker has an undisputable reputation when it comes to cross training shoes for women. And with Influence 2.5 you get superb performance in various types of cross training and dance-related workouts.

Ryka Influence-2.5

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It makes use of N-Gage EVA foam to provide a responsive midsole which makes your workouts more energetic. Together with the RE-ZORB insert, EVA foam also helps in absorbing impacts. Thus, high impact workouts are less likely to cause injuries to your joints and muscles.

Serving as the outsole is a flexible rubber compound designed to accommodate the numerous foot flexion exhibited during cardio workouts. This compound acts as the means for braking due to its grippy nature.

Like most Ryka dancing shoes, Influence 2.5 also features a pivot point on the outsole to enable efficient turning.

A lightweight mesh provides a comfortable inshoe environment by allowing air exchange and heat dissipation. Synthetic overlays are placed at strategic areas to protect the mesh from wear and tear.

What’s more, the heel counter and padded tongue provides adequate foot lock down to keep your feet stable. Plus there’s midfoot support provided by the cable structures on the sides.

  • Comfortable for cardio dance
  • Efficient foot lock
  • Pivot point
  • Arch support
  • Grippy outsole
  • Stylish build
  • Minimal heel support

6. Ryka Vestige-RZX

Vestige RXZ uses two types of technology to provide the necessary underfoot comfort and flexibility. RE-ZORB cushioning is utilized at the heel while Ultra Flex technology is used for the forefoot area. The former delivers appropriate responsiveness and impact mitigation while the later promotes natural foot flexion.

Ryka Vestige-RZX

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An ortholite insert functions as the footbed for this cross training shoe. This is designed to provide extra cushioning and minimise moisture bulid-up.

The rubber outsole allows quick and accurate breaking while the pivot point enables you to turn without straining your joints. Just like midsole, the outsole also features forefoot flex grooves to heighten foot flexibility. This type of forefoot flexibility is commonly utilized by most dancing shoes brands.

The upper unit is built to last long and provide a supportive cover for your feet. It makes use of a breathable mesh which is reinforced with flexible foil overlays to give you unrestricted midfoot support.

  • Flexible configuration
  • Adequate midfoot support
  • Built to last long
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Stylish design
  • Minimal arch support

7. Asics Gel-Fit (Sana 3)

Last but not least is Fit Sana 3, one the best Asics’ cross training shoes you can use in your cardio workouts or dance. A rear foot Gel cushioning provides sufficient responsiveness to protect your feet from impacts during high-impact workouts.

Asics Gel-Fit (Sana 3)

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The Gel material making the midsole extends to form the outsole of Fit Sana 3. The stickiness of this rubber enables you to break effectively whenever you want to cease movement.

Extra grip is delivered by the rubber pods incorporated at the heel and forefoot of the outsole. Forefoot flexibility is made possible by the flex groves making the forefoot area of the outsole. This makes it possible to flex your feet without strain.

A sock-like mesh wraps your feet comfortably to provide adequate support for performing rigorous workouts. The heel overlays, the tongue and collar offers adequate foot lock down to ensure secure fit. Plus there’s a very effective lacing system for enhancing the lock down.

  • Comfortable footbed
  • Extremely flexible
  • Sock-like fit
  • Ample breathability
  • No pivot point

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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Cardio Dance

You got the reviews of the best shoes for cardio dance. Below is a breakdown of typical features that you should consider when choosing your shoes for cardio dance.

1. Comfort

Wearing uncomfortable shoes during cardio dance exposes you to injuries because of the high impacts involved. Discomfort can also make your workouts boring and non-motivating. Therefore, your shoes need to have a comfortable footbed to mitigate high impacts.

In addition, the material making the upper unit should provide a secure wrap without causing discomfort to your feet.

Getting the correct size of shoes goes a long way to minimise inshoe discomfort. With proper fit you don’t get blisters due to shoe wobbling.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is inevitable in cardio dance shoes because of the numerous foot movements involved in the various cardio workouts. Of great importance is midfoot and forefoot flexibility because are the areas that exhibit frequent bending.

3. Pivot Point

A pivot point is one of the features that is recommended in cardio shoes. It enables you to perform numerous and abrupt turns without exerting too much strain on your knees and hips.

4. Traction

No matter how calculated your cardio dance moves are, without proper grip, you’re likely to slid and possibly injure your body. That’s why your dancing shoes ought to have reliable traction on the gym floor.

5. Lightweight

Cardio dance workouts require swift movements which may prove difficult and tiresome with heavy shoes. So, you should go for lightweight shoes without compromising on quality.

6. Breathability

To keep your feet ventilated you need shoes with good breathability. The upper unit should allow proper heat dissipation and air circulation to keep your feet cool and dry.

7. Durability

Durable shoes provide good value for your money. Therefore, consider highly durable shoes so that you won’t have to replace them in a short time.


The best shoes for cardio dance should give you optimal comfort and convenience during the complex and fast-paced cardio dance movements.

Typically should have sufficient cushioning to keep you comfortable and absorb impact shocks. They should also give you stability and allow non-restricted foot movement.

Notably, high performance cardio dance shoes must have a pivot point to facilitate easy turning and spinning.

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