Best Shoes for Burpees

7 Best Shoes for Burpees 2022

When you’re looking for the best shoes for burpees consider shoes that allow your feet to bend with minimal restriction. Best Shoes for BurpeesThus, they should have a flexible outsole and a stretchable upper construction.

Your typical shoes for burpees should also have a rubber toe bumper to keep your toes protected.

See the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Burpees 2022

1. Inov-8 Men’s CrossFit Knit F-Lite 260

This is perhaps one of the most versatile cross training shoes in the market. If you’re looking for the best shoes for burpees, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s also a perfect choice for weightlifting, plyometrics, CrossFit WODs among other gym workouts.

Inov-8 Men's CrossFit Knit F-Lite 260

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By making use of Powerflow cushioning, the midsole delivers adequate rebound to enhance comfort and impact protection during plyometrics. Additional cushioning comes from the removable power insole.

Embedded into the midsole is the DFB shank which is responsible for more effective push-off during jumps.

With the super grippy rubber on the underside, the sneaker guarantees excellent grip on typical gym surfaces. The rubber also wraps the toe-box to guard your toes during burpees, lunges and box jumps.

The outsole also comes with Meta-Flex grooves which allows your feet to bend without restriction.

Presence of rope grip and protection technology makes F-Lite 260 Knit good for rope climbing.

Covering the forefoot and midfoot area is a stretchy mesh which does not hinder natural foot movements. The rearfoot comes with a synthetic overlay and a TPU heel cage to aid in heel support and cradle.

Also aiding in toe protection is the rubber overlay wrapping the toe-box area.

  • Excellent versatility
  • Toe bumper
  • Good forefoot flexibility
  • Durable build
  • Breathable upper
  • Relatively pricey

2. Nike Metcon Men’s DSX Flyknit-2

With this cross trainer you can perform different types of gym workouts including weightlifting, plyometrics, burpees, rope climbs and so on.

Nike Metcon Men's DSX Flyknit-2

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It makes use of a drop-in midsole which delivers the ideal comfort and steadiness for lifting workouts. It’s responsible for protecting your joints from excessive impacts during plyometrics.

Also giving you versatility is the bottom of the sneaker. It’s designed to offer varying levels of stickiness depending on the workout.

First, the forefoot delivers the most grip to minimize sliding during workouts such as sled pushing. The rubber also provides a grippy and abrasion-resistant surface for rope climbing. Presence of tri-star patterns on the outsole results in heightened grip on gym floors.

As the name suggests, the sneaker uses Flyknit fabric to provide a sock-like foot coverage. This is intended to allow appropriate foot movements. It doesn’t restrict foot movements when you’re doing burpees.

The rearfoot comes with a TPU heel counter to provide heel support. This is intended to enhance heel stability especially during weightlifting and squats.

What’s more, the upper construction also delivers exceptional breathability thus enhancing comfort.

  • Versatile sneaker
  • Sock-like fit
  • Ideal for burpees
  • Stylish design
  • Durable build
  • Possibility of heel slippage

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3. Nike Metcon Women’s Flyknit-3

The third iteration of Flyknit 3 comes with everything you need for performing burpees. From flexibility to toe protection, the sneaker guarantees optimal performance during burpees including its variations.

Nike Metcon Women's Flyknit-3

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This is also a versatile sneaker which can be used for weightlifting, plyometrics, aerobics, rope climbs among others.

Owing to its low profile construction, the sneaker keeps you firmly grounded during heavy lifting.

The underfoot platform also comes with adequate cushioning which dampens impacts during box jumps.

The outsole delivers excellent flexibility to allow unrestricted foot bending when performing burpees. Moreover, it’s designed with an anti-slip rubber so as to keep you securely grounded on various surfaces.

Notably, the midfoot and heel are made to be flat to enhance your stability during lifting.

Adding to the sneaker’s versatility is the rubber compound wrapping the midfoot area. It aids in grip and abrasion protection during rope climbs.

By extending to the toe-box, the outsole guards your toes from injuries during box jumps and burpees. Plus it shields the mesh fabric from abrasion and ripping off.

The term Flyknit refers to the technology employed on the upper unit of this sneaker. Wrapping the forefoot and part of the midfoot, the fabric allows your feet to bend effectively and aids in ventilation.

With the rearfoot overlay, the upper unit keeps your heels steady to minimize excessive movements during squats and weightlifting.

What’s more, the lace-up system employs Flywire technology which aids in foot underpinning.

  • Stable cushioning
  • Superb grip
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent versatility
  • Breathable
  • Runs narrow

4. Reebok Crossfit Versatile Trainer Nano 6.0

The sixth iteration of Crossfit Nano uses DuraGrip technology on its outsole to give you better grip on during training. Presence of razor-like lugs on the forefoot and midfoot areas results heightened grip during sled pushing and rope climbs respectively.

Reebok Crossfit Versatile Trainer Nano 6.0

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The use of Metasplit technology on the forefoot area aims at making the platform more flexible. This alleviates foot restriction during toe-offs and when performing burpees.

Moreover, the toe-box features an extension of the DuraGrip rubber to guard your toes when performing burpees, sled pushes, box jumps and pushups.

What’s more, outsole also exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasion thus heightening the sneakers durability.

Inside the shoe is the CMEVA midsole which delivers a stable cushioning. This makes it ideal for weightlifting. However, the platform also exhibits adequate responsiveness to dampen impacts.

Notable with this sneaker is the Kevlar overlay finishing which is strategically on high-abrasion areas to enhance its durability. The forefoot and collar areas are not lined with the Kevlar overlay to give spaces for inshoe ventilation.

  • Comfortable cross trainer
  • Overall durability
  • Versatile
  • Adequate forefoot flexibility
  • Breathable
  • Limited color schemes

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5. Reebok CrossFit Versatility Speed TR 2.0

When you’re looking for the best shoes for burpees, consider shoes that offer toe protection and allow adequate forefoot flexibility. The Speed TR 2.0 makes a good sneaker for burpees and various cross training workouts.

Reebok CrossFit Versatility Speed TR 2.0

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With its thin outsole and MetaSplit grooves, the sneaker allows unrestricted foot flexibility during burpees, sled-pushes, box jumps and pushups. Backed by the razor-like lugs, the outsole delivers superb grip on the gym floor during various workouts.

The lugs on the midfoot area help in grip during rope climbs.

The outsole also wraps the toe-box where it serves as a toe guard during burpees, sled-pushes, box jumps and pushups.

With the minimal heel-to-toe elevation, the midsole remains exceptionally firm to give you sufficient stability during heavy lifting. A thin EVA foam compound serves as the midsole where it cushions your lower extremities from impacts.

The use of Cordura textile results in a durable construction which thus giving you value for money. The fabric also exhibits the ideal flexibility to allow unrestricted foot movements.

The façade’s durability is heightened by a polyurethane overlay which is lined on the high-wear areas. These overlays also enhance shoe’s structure while contributing to a more secure foot cradle.

What’s more, the upper construction also promotes inshoe ventilation to keep your feet cool and free from excessive moisture.

  • Overall comfort
  • Ample flexibility
  • Accurate grip
  • Excellent stability
  • Durable construction
  • Breathable
  • Little underfoot cushioning

6. Inov-8 Versatile Trainer F-Lite 290

This sneaker uses technologies that make it adaptable to various cross training workouts. It’s a decent trainer for burpees, rope climbs, plyometrics, and weightlifting among other workouts.

Inov-8 Versatile Trainer F-Lite 290

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It comes with Exteroflow cushioning which is both stable and responsive. This makes it ideal for weightlifting and jumping workouts. The platform also entails a firm heel area to enhance stability especially during weightlifting.

The bottom of the sneaker features a slip resistant rubber compound to allow secure grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It’s also configured with DFB and Meta-Flex technologies both of which are responsible for unrestricted foot movements during burpees.

The outsole also wraps the toe-box area to guard the toes during box jumps and burpees. Plus it’s designed to offer grip and withstand abrasion during rope climbs.

The upper zone is wrapped with a mesh fabric and synthetic overlays. The mesh fabric keeps your feet ventilated while allowing them to bend and spread with little restriction. Foot support is provided by the strategically-placed synthetic overlays.

Presence of a TPU heel counter results in secure heel lockdown to enhance your stability during heavy lifting.

  • Stable cushioning
  • Durable sneaker
  • Versatile cross trainer
  • Breathable
  • Excellent grip
  • Flexible construction
  • Relatively heavy

7. Nobull CrossFit Trainer

This is a decent multi-purpose sneaker for most gym workouts including burpees, plyometrics, lunges, squatting and weightlifting.

Nobull CrossFit Trainer

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The underfoot platform is designed to be both responsive and steady. This is meant to keep you comfortable and stable during various workouts in the gym. Together with the contoured footbed, the platform delivers exceptional comfort while lessening landing impacts.

With the flat and low-drop outsole, the Nobull Trainer keeps you effectively-grounded during heavy lifting. The outsole also uses a high carbon rubber material which is both sticky and able to withstand abrasion.

Surface grip is taken a notch higher by the gripping nodes running throughout the outsole.

What’s more, the outsole also allows ample foot movements during burpees and lunges. Plus it extends to the toe-box to provide a bumper for guarding your toes.

With the single-piece and stretchable SuperFabric, the sneaker remains comfortable while allowing appropriate foot movements. Covering the fabric is an abrasion-resistant membrane which allows it to withstand wear and tear.

The tongue is designed with a microsuede fabric and it’s perforated to enhance breathability.

The low-cut upper design is intended to promote proper ankle mobility when you’re performing squats.

  • Comfortable trainer
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile sneaker
  • Breathable
  • Good for casual wear
  • Available in several colors
  • Relatively pricey

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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Burpees

Burpees are usually associated with unending toe (metatarsal movements). So, your typical shoes for burpees ought to allow unrestricted metatarsal movements. Other considerations include forefoot grip, toe protection and so on.

Generally speaking, a good sneaker for burpees should have the following qualities.

1. Flexible Forefoot

Forefoot flexibility will not only promote unrestricted foot movements but it will also enhance your performance during running, dancing or cross training. Burpees is one of the workouts that requires your forefoot to bend frequently.

Therefore, your typical shoes for burpees ought to promote adequate forefoot flexibility so as to minimize strain-related discomforts or injuries.

2. Traction

While burpees might involve complex variations, it basically entails six primary steps. You start with a squat and then progressively transition to a thrust, a plank, a push-up, a crunch and finally a stand-up.

Taking more of these steps and a faster rate gives you more challenge hence enhancing your endurance. So, your typical shoes for burpees should keep you securely footed so that you can make these moves more effectively.

3. Toe Protection

During burpees, you’ll be doing push-ups and leaping in the air where toes are subjected to a lot of weight. A rubber toe bumper will therefore guard your toes against squishing when you’re doing burpees exercises.

4. Lightweight

You don’t want to wear heavy shoes that will hinder your performance or strain your feet. So, consider lightweight shoes for burpees workouts or any other fitness program you have enrolled in.

Benefits of Burpees

Burpees are some of the most beneficial workouts for building muscle strength and endurance. A typical burpee workout procedure basically entails a push-up and leap in the air. When done correctly, it gives you full-body fitness while burning plenty of calories.

Here’re the benefits you expect when you incorporate burpees exercises in your fitness program.

It’s A Full-Body Workout

Burpees is one of the most beneficial full-body workout for enhancing your muscle strength and endurance. It engages both upper and lower body muscles including the chest, glutes, hips, abdomen, arms, legs and shoulders.

Enhances Balance and Stability

Burpee exercises are good for core strength. The core includes muscles that are responsible for your balance and stability. Studies show that having stronger core muscles results in improved balance and stability.

Burns Calories

Burn excess fats is one of the major goals of any fitness enthusiasts. Simple as it may look, burpees is a high intensity interval training which is very effective in burning calories.  If you want to burn the excess fat on the stomach and abdomen areas, then burpees are likely to give quick results.

Burning excess calories results in cardiovascular benefits when your heart and lungs operate optimally. Plus there’s improved blood circulation. This lessens chances of suffering cardiovascular complications like heart attacks or high blood pressure.

Burpees are Convenient

Burpees rely on your bodyweight as resistance. So, you won’t be requiring any equipment. In addition, you don’t require a big space to do burpees. With just a small space in your apartment you can conveniently train using burpees.

If you want to challenge your body to greater heights, you can incorporate burpees variations. For instance you may add weights such as dumbbells and bosu balls or do an extra push-up before the jump. Another way to increase the challenge is to do a burpee box jump.


Just like lunges, burpees are associated with frequent forefoot bending.  Thus, the best shoes for burpees are designed to allow your feet to bend effectively.

In addition, they should have a toe bumper to keep toe injuries at bay.

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