Best Shoes for Aerobic Dance

7 Best Shoes for Aerobic Dance 2021

Aerobic dance will blast as much calories as most of the cross training exercises.Best Shoes for Aerobic Dance With aerobic dance, you get to challenge your body while enjoying the music and dance movements. While you don’t need special equipment for aerobic dance, a good pair of shoes will deliver optimum performance and protection. So which are the best shoes for aerobic dance?

Well, see the reviews and guide below to choose your best shoes for aerobic dance.

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Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Aerobic Dance 2021

1. Ryka Influence Women’s Shoes for Aerobics Dance

All the features in Ryka Influence training shoe are intended take care of the unique foot anatomy of women dancers. It’s one of the most preferred women’s fitness shoe for aerobic dances such as Zumba, Jazzercise, BallRoom dancing, and so on.

Ryka Influence Women’s Shoes for Aerobics Dance

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If your workouts entail jerky or impact-generating dance procedures, you’ll benefit from the ample cushioning delivered by the double-layered midsole. N-Gage compound gives the midsole sufficient springiness and firmness to cushion your feet against harmful impacts.

To give you a plush underfoot sensation, Ryka utilizes a softer foaming material above the N-Gage layer. Not only does this contribute to softer landing but it also relieves your joints and muscles from harsh impacts. Plus you get extra responsiveness from the precise-return insert.

The midsole and outsole are designed with a notch at the midfoot to enhance flexibility of the footbed. A podded rubber compound is employed at the forefoot and heel parts to allow effective breaking. A pivot point is also included which makes Ryka Influence ideal for dance-oriented aerobics.

The upper unit aims at delivering sufficient support while giving you the much needed comfort for optimum and prolonged performance. This is made possible by making use of a breathable mesh and flexible overlays. Plus it features effective collar and tongue padding to provide a snug fit.

  • Premium aerobic-dance shoe
  • Generous cushioning
  • Supportive shoe
  • Ample breathability
  • Good grip
  • Pivot point
  • Not designed for men

2. Fly-Fit Strong by Zumba Aerobic Dance Shoes

Like other shoe models from this brand, Zumba Fly Fit is specially designed to allow efficient manoeuvrability during aerobic dance. Plus it caters for your dancing needs by delivering the most ideal comfort on your feet.

Fly-Fit Strong by Zumba Aerobic Dance Shoes

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The midsole of Zumba Fly Fit is built using molded EVA foam which results in a responsive and lightweight footbed. This gives you the means for shock absorption to protect your body from dangerous impact shocks.

The shape of the footbed helps in supporting your feet to give you personalized comfort. The entire midsole exhibits adequate flexibility to enable your feet to bend without restriction.

A rubber outsole guarantees you accurate gripping to prevent unintended sliding. The ball of the foot pivot point allows easy and effortless changeovers during dance. Thus, you won’t strain your joints when making such dance movements.

The upper comes in a low-cut design which does not restrict your feet and ankles. Both mesh and synthetic overlays are utilized on the upper to give the shoe a breathable and supportive structure. The toe-box gives ample space for toe movement to prevent toe stiffness or injuries because of the fast and numerous foot movements.

  • Ample cushioning
  • Supportive footbed
  • Grippy and durable outsole
  • Breathable and supportive mesh
  • Ideal flexibility
  • Moderate durability

3. DS11 Fierce Dansneaker Capezio Women’s Dance Sneaker

Capezio has more 10 decades experience in making some of the most revered dancing shoes in the world. And with Fierce Dansneaker, you will benefit from Capezio’s expert craftsmanship in these dancing sneakers.

DS11 Fierce Dansneaker Capezio Women's Dance Sneaker

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It comes in a split-sole design whose purpose is to offer adequate arch support to enhance your stability and comfort. Backed by the built-in spin spot and flex points, the split-sole configuration also aims at enhancing flexibility and enabling you to slide and glide effortlessly.

A highly-cushioned EVA foam insert serves as the midsole of Fierce Dansneaker. It’s intentionally built with a contoured outline to offer the ideal arch support for personalized comfort and enhanced stability.

Polyurethane leather is the immediate material that connects the outsole to the upper mesh. This makes the upper unit sturdier and more supportive while protecting the most vulnerable zones. A soft mesh is utilized so as to offer comfortable and non-irritating upper foot cover. This upper mesh also exhibits excellent flexibility and breathability which guarantees optimum inshoe experience.

  • Popular Zumba sneaker
  • Superior cushioning
  • Overall comfort
  • Excellent arch support
  • Superb sturdiness
  • Runs small

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4. Women’s Ryka Grafik-2 Dance-Fitness Shoe

Grafik 2 is a firm and comfortable fitness shoe designed for high-intensity cross training and aerobics including cardio dances like Zumba and Jazzercise.

Women’s Ryka Grafik-2 Dance-Fitness Shoe

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The shoe delivers outstanding arch support which is necessary for comfortable landing, thanks to the anatomical footbed. EVA foam is employed as the main cushioning material. Covering the entire midsole, EVA foam offers a responsive platform which assures you underfoot comfort and protection.

The midsole also includes an IHG system whose purpose is to support the heel area for enhanced stability.

Midsole is appropriately lined with a durable rubber compound which gives Ryka Grafik 2 acceptable longevity. The traction delivered by this rubber is not only good for braking but it’s also responsible for accurate movements.

Ryka has intentionally included a pivot point in this cross trainer because aerobic dance entails frequent and abrupt turning and twisting. This gives you a support point on which you can conveniently turn without exacting harmful strain on your body.

The upper is composed of synthetic overlays and mesh. This configuration aims at offering optimal convenience as far as support and comfort is concerned. The mesh provides the required ventilation while the overlays enhance the support.

Plenty of inshoe comfort and support also results from collar and tongue padding. Plus the lacing system offers convenient closure.

  • Superior cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Grippy outsole with pivot point
  • Lateral support
  • Ideal comfort for aerobic dance
  • Size inconsistency

5. Impact Pulse Zumba Women’s Dance Shoe

As the name depicts, Impact Pulse will be the most ideal shoe for high-impact aerobic dance. It halts harmful impacts from reaching the joints and muscles on your lower body appendages.

Impact Pulse Zumba Women's Dance Shoe

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The footbed is adequately cushioned using EVA foam to offer tolerable impact mitigation for optimal comfort as well as injury prevention. Due to the flexibility of the shoe, your feet are guaranteed plenty of freedom which minimizes discomforts or lack of stability.

With the Z-technology, the outsole of Impact Pulse allows efficient lateral movements. That means, it offers effective grip while allowing you to glide easily whenever you want to. Also aiding in gliding and turning is the pivot point which is strategically placed under the ball of the foot.

The upper offers a snug fit and allows efficient air movement into the shoe to keep your toes aerated. Leather overlays are purposely placed at specific areas to provide both support and protection.

What’s more, with the ample padding on the collar and tongue, you won’t get blisters or irritations on your feet.

  • Superb cushioning
  • Sufficient impact protection
  • Stylish build
  • Overall durability
  • Breathable
  • Sizing inconsistency

6. Ryka Cross Trainer Devotion-XT

Devotion XT brings in a host of advantages including its availability in wide feet sizes. Therefore, if you haven’t found the correct size for your wide feet, you can try Devotion XT.

Ryka Cross Trainer Devotion-XT

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EVA foam is material used to provide the primary midsole padding for optimum underfoot comfort. A firmer compound known as RE-ZORB increases the midsole’s ability to absorb impacts for safe landing. RE-ZORB LITE separates outsole and midsole to minimize tension on your feet due to pressure points.

Additional underfoot padding comes from the ortholite insert which is also intended to resolve odor and moisture issues.

With the split-sole unit, your feet are able to keep up with the complex foot movements involved in aerobic dances. A rubber compound is utilized to enable efficient gripping. Plus there’s is a strategically-placed pivot point for efficient gliding and turning.

Effective and secure foot cover is provided by a breathable mesh which is fitted with synthetic overlays. Plus you get a plush inshoe experience from the collar and tongue padding.

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Overall comfort
  • Wide-feet sizing suitability
  • Lightweight
  • Strategically-placed pivot point
  • Good traction
  • Women’s only dancing shoe

7. Ryka Vida-RZX Aerobics Shoes

As its name depicts Vida RZX utilizes RZX technology which entails two cushioning compounds to deliver a durable and responsive midsole. This configuration gives you sufficient rebound and protection against harmful impacts.

Ryka Vida-RZX Aerobics Shoes

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Impact absorption is enabled by the RE-ZORB compound which is utilized at the heel area. The forefoot of the midsole is fitted with Ultra Flex-Grooves designed to enhance its flexibility. This is a useful component of aerobic dancing shoes because of the numerous foot movements involved.

The grippy rubber utilized on the outsole aids in braking while offering protection to the midsole. The pivot point gives you a spinning spot on which you can easily turn or twist. Plus it helps in easy gliding on the dancing floor.

Vida RZX uses mesh, textile and overlays on its upper. Backed by the collar and tongue padding, this mesh results in a comfortable support which protects your feet from possible hazards.

  • Excellent for aerobic dance
  • Comfortable for high-impact aerobics
  • Ideal support
  • Proper breathability
  • Inadequate flexibility

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Shoes for Aerobic Dance

1. Comfort

When you’re participating in intense aerobic dance workouts such as cardio you require the most comfortable dancing shoes. Comfortable shoes are responsible for your effectiveness and motivation to progress with the training.

A soft and well-padded midsole is what gives you’re the necessary underfoot comfort to minimize fatigue on your feet. The heel area should exhibit sufficient shock-attenuation to protect your joints and muscles from intense pounding during aerobic.

Adequate foot support enhances our comfort because it minimizes strain and lack of stability.

2. Breathability

Aerobic dance workouts are associated with sweating and heat accumulation on your whole body. When your feet sweat, they tend to slide inside the shoe which may eventually result to irritations or blisters.

That’s why your aerobic shoes need efficient breathability to keep off sweat accumulation. Air circulation in the foot compartment also aids in cooling your foot by dissipating the accumulated heat.

Overall, good breathability aids in maintaining healthy conditions around your feet for optimum comfort.

3. Spin Point

Aerobic dances such as Zumba and Jazzercise will engage you in endless turning, rotating or twisting. That’s why most of the premium brands come with a pivot or spinning point to make it convenient for you.

4. Durability

A durable workout shoe will not only give you value for your money, but it also keeps you safe from hazards. Notably, the outsole should not give in to abrasion, ripping or deformation within a short period.

The midsole should have reliable robustness to resist deformation due to the pounding under your feet. Plus the materials for the upper ought to endure ripping and abrasion.

5. Flexibility

The Flexible your shoes determines how smoothly and safely you can perform various dance exercises.

Consider rubber outsoles that are not too thin nor too thick for your dancing shoes. Backed by a stretchy mesh, this gives you sufficient flexibility for unrestricted movements.

6. Traction

As much as you need easy changeover in your movements, your shoes should offer accurate gripping whenever, you want to brake. Therefore, a grippy rubber should be strategically placed at the forefoot to enable effective braking without limiting pivoting.

7. Lateral Stability

Lateral movements during aerobic dance will end up straining your joints. That’s why your shoes should provide reliable support to minimize foot bending or rolling. This is especially helpful for individuals who experience overpronation.

8. Lightweight

Last but not least, your shoes should be built with lightweight materials to enable swift and non-strenuous movements.


When you’re looking for the best shoes for aerobic dance, consider shoes that give you optimal comfort, stability and flexibility. Your ideal shoes should also have a good balance of traction and pivoting to enable efficient changeovers during your dance.

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