Best Running Shoes for Top of Foot Pain

7 Best Running Shoes for Top of Foot Pain 2021

If you’re experiencing pain on top of your feet, then you might be straining your extensor tendons especially when running.Best Running Shoes for Top of Foot Pain The tendons get inflamed and painful due tight lacing and lack of enough space for toe movement. However, you can resolve this complication by wearing the best running shoes for top of foot pain.

The best running shoes for top of foot pain come with ample space for toe splay and have a lacing system which adjustable to a custom fit.

See the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Top of Foot Pain 2021

1. Altra ALM1948G Men’s Paradigm 4.5

The technology employed in Paradigm 4.5 aims at allowing effective metatarsal movement so that toes are free to bend and stretch. The purpose of this is to prevent toe curling and stiffness which is known to cause pain on top of your foot.

Altra ALM1948G Men's Paradigm 4.5

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The footshape design of the forefoot also aims at giving your toes the freedom to move without restriction which further minimizes strain on top of your foot. Plus the GuideRails keep the foot in place whenever it strays from its position.

EGO foam provides the underfoot cushioning in Paradigm 4.5. This gives you appropriate responsiveness throughout your underfoot for enhanced comfort. The platform’s flexibility ensures your feet are not fatigued due to stiffness

Overpronators will benefit from the StabiliPods on the sided of the midsole which are meant to provide lateral stability.

The underside of Paradigm 4.5 is covered a rubber compound which designed to mimic the shape of your underfoot. The purpose of this enable effective foot flexibility and mechanics. The grooves on the outer part of the outsole enhance flexibility while promoting good grip.

Paradigm 4.5 employs a knitted mesh for the upper part and it’s aimed at providing the necessary support. The seamless design of upper guarantees you the ideal comfort for optimal running performance.

  • Consistent responsiveness
  • Ideal flexibility
  • Non-irritating upper unit
  • Flexible laces
  • Sufficient toe-box
  • Excellent stability
  • A bit heavy

2. Brooks Running Shoe Adrenaline GTS(19)

From the overall flexibility to the wide toe-box, GTS 19 promises outstanding comfort for the entire foot including your toes and the top of foot. This makes it good for easing pain on your extensor tendons.

Brooks Running Shoe Adrenaline GTS(19) 

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The midsole of GTS 19 offers the ideal comfort and responsiveness for running, thanks to the full-length BioMoGo DNA cushioning. Presence of crash pads in the midsole heightens the underfoot responsiveness while enhancing the shock-absorption capability.

Blown rubber is employed as the outsole to offer traction and extra underfoot cushioning without making the shoe heavy. The platform comes in a segmented configuration which is meant to isolate impacts to the convenient areas during foot strike. Plus it exhibits adequate flexibility, thanks to the full-length flex grooves.

Providing the upper coverage is a cloth-like mesh designed to give you non-constricting support and offer ventilation. Presence of 3D printed overlays on the heel and sides enhances the sturdiness of the mesh while giving you appropriate foot security.

What’s more, the foot chamber entails a well-padded collar and tongue to give you the ideal comfort and support.

  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Spacious toe-box
  • Quality build
  • Breathable upper
  • Good traction
  • Price

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3. Saucony Ride-8 Men’s Running Sneaker

As its name depicts, Ride 8 promises outstanding smoothness during transition which keeps you comfortable throughout. The smooth ride comes from the ample flexibility and responsive cushioning in the midsole unit.

Saucony Ride-8 Men's Running Sneaker

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The EVA-based midsole cushioning works with the Powergrid compound to provide reliable impact mitigation. The heel and midfoot areas are built to offer even better impact mitigation and make the transition even smoother.

The contoured sockliner is intended to add extra cushioning while offering support to neutral and supinating runners.

Ride 8 utilizes both IBR+ and carbon rubber as the outsole to deliver effective traction and resilience on road surfaces. IBR+ rubber is placed at the forefoot to offer flexible and responsive toe-offs while providing sufficient traction. Carbon rubber is utilized at the heel because of its heightened durability and traction properties.

A combination of open mesh and flexible overlays results in a supportive and comfortable foot chamber. It’s also deigned to offer effective ventilation to your feet so as to keep the cool and dry. The collar is well padded for proper foot cradling and comes with RUNDRY lining for effective moisture wicking.

  • Underfoot comfort and responsiveness
  • Adequate flexibility
  • Smooth ride
  • Effective traction on the road
  • Moisture-wicking collar
  • Durable build
  • Less forefoot cushioning

4. New Balance (840-v4) Women’s Sneaker

The ample forefoot space in these running shoes ensures you don’t suffer toe curling or rubbing on your extensor tendons.

New Balance (840-v4) Women's Sneaker

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Underfoot cushioning is provided by a removable Abzorb compound which makes the entire midsole. It works with the EVA strobel to guard guarding your joints and muscles against impacts.

Both Ndurance and blown rubber are utilized on the outsole to offer protection, traction and durability. Blown covers the forefoot area and its meant to offer flexibility, traction and responsiveness. Ndurance rubber delivers reliable traction and durability at the heel area of this running shoe.

The outsole also incorporates flex grooves to promote natural and effective foot bending.

The upper is built to offer a supportive and flexible wrap so that your feet don’t feel restricted in the foot chamber. This upper coverage is also responsible for ventilation to keep your feet free from wetness and overheating.

Presence of a heel counter and overlays guarantees adequate foot support and lock-down to keep your feet steady. Plus you don’t get chafing or irritation, thanks to the generous padding on the tongue and collar.

  • Adequate toe space
  • Comfortable underfoot cushioning
  • Ample flexibility
  • Durable shoe
  • Arch support
  • Reliable traction
  • Color scheme limitations

5. Brooks Ghost-10 Men’s High-Ankle Running Shoe

Ghost 10 comes with BioMoGo cushioning which gives the midsole adequate responsiveness for energetic and less tiring running. DNA foam is also incorporated in the midsole to deliver a more personalized underfoot platform.

Brooks Ghost-10 Men's High-Ankle Running Shoe

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The underfoot comfort is further enhanced by incorporating a profile Sockliner and S-257 Cushsole which serves as the insole. Presence of flex grooves in the midsole enables the entire platform to conform to natural foot mechanics. This results in smoother transition and less foot restriction.

HPR+ rubber covers the heel area of Ghost 10 to offer secure grip and ensure durability. However, the forefoot is built with blown rubber to give you appropriate rebound for efficient and energetic toe-off. Blown rubber also exhibits excellent flexibility which allows your metatarsal to bend without restriction.

On top of Ghost 10 is a breathable and lightweight mesh which is engineered to offer support and allow appropriate foot movements. Overlays are strategically placed on the upper unit to uphold the shoe structure and give better foot lock.

What’s more, the upper unit comes with a saddle at the midfoot which can be adjusted to a convenient fit. This allows you to loosen the fit whenever you are experiencing pain on top of the foot.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Adjustable midfoot saddle
  • Breathable
  • Reliable grip
  • Lightweight
  • Supportive construction
  • Not very responsive

6. Saucony (VersaFoam) Cohesion 13 – Women’s

Cohesion 13 is a preferable running shoe for individuals with top of foot pain and PTTD. It comes with a non-rubbing and spacious upper construction which does put pressure on your toes and top of foot.

Saucony (VersaFoam) Cohesion 13 - Women's

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The material for the upper part is breathable fabric which effectively reinforced with synthetic overlays to provide secure foot support. In addition, the interior of the shoe comes with a soft and smooth fabric lining to keep off irritations.

The top of foot is well guarded from excessive pressure by the padded collar.

Versarun foam is utilized in the midsole of Cohesion 13 to offer excellent underfoot cushioning for ultimate comfort. Backed by the footbed, Versarun provides adequate shock absorption which keeps you safe from impacts.

The bottom of Cohesion 13 features a segmented rubber which is intended to allow appropriate flexibility. Backed by the zigzag grooves, the rubber guarantees accurate traction on most of the surfaces you’ll encounter. Plus it’s able to withstand abrasion for a prolonged period.

  • Comfortable footbed
  • Responsive ride
  • Excellent support
  • Overall durability
  • Soft and smooth inshoe
  • Spacious forefoot
  • Relatively stiff

7. Saucony Hurricane (FormFit) ISO 5

Hurricane ISO 5 features an updated design in the foot compartment by making using ISOFIT technology. ISOFIT entails a stretchable mesh at the midfoot to allow non-restricted foot movement. This alleviates excessive pressure on top of your foot. If you’re looking for the best running shoes for top of foot pain, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Saucony Hurricane (FormFit) ISO 5

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Underfoot cushioning comes from EVERUN foam which covers the entire midsole. Not only does it offer the necessary comfort but it also ensures you don’t get hurt or fatigued by impact shocks.

Offering extra comfort is top layer of EVERUN and FORMFIT foodbed. The foot is formed to provide arch support and you can replace with custom orthotics in necessary.

Crystal rubber covers the bottom of Hurricane ISO 5 to protect the midsole from wear and tear and enhance the cushioning. Flex grooves are incorporated into this platform to allow foot flexibility. This results in effective toe movement which prevents top of foot pain.

Crystal rubber also delivers reliable traction especially on asphalt or paved roads.

  • Super comfort and shock attenuation
  • Provides arch support
  • Excellent stability
  • Non-restricting support
  • Durable build
  • Good flexibility
  • Heavy shoe

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Top of Foot Pain

Toe curling and lack of flexibility in your toes can lead to top of foot pain especially when running. However, you can prevent or ease pain on your extensor tendons by wearing appropriate running shoes.

Here is how to choose the best running shoes for top of foot pain or extensor tendonitis.

Roomy Forefoot

If the toe box of your running shoes isn’t accommodative to your toes, then toes tend to curl overtime. As such, the extensor tendons become excessively strain thus causing them to get inflamed and painful.

You can however prevent toe curling by wearing shoes that give a convenient clearance with the toes so that they can move without restriction.


Lack of flexibility at the forefoot of the platform and foot chamber results in excessive strain on the extensor tendons. So, your shoes should permit adequate flexibility at the forefoot so that your toes can bend freely during toe-off.

Snug Fit

Snug fitting shoes won’t strain your feet especially the metatarsal and top of foot which are prone to strain-related injuries. Ensure the part of the shoe directly above top of the foot does not fit too tightly when you tie the shoe laces.

Comfort and Cushioning

Underfoot cushioning determines how comfortable you shoes are when running. If you’re running on hard outdoor surfaces such as asphalt, consider a high level of cushioning to minimize fatigue on your joints and muscles.

Appropriate cushioning is also acts as bumper for minimizing impact-related injuries.


Your running shoes ought to give you the right amount of grip to prevent injuries that could result from accidental sliding. Most of the high-end running shoes come with rubber outsoles which are intended to grip securely on most surfaces.

If you’re running on trails, then you need to consider deeply lugged outsoles to get secure grip on the rugged terrain found on trails.


Ample ventilation is responsible for inshoe comfort. The flow of air around your feet discourages moisture and heat accumulation. This keeps your feet cool and dry hence allowing you to run comfortably.

When there’s no wetness in the foot compartment, your feet won’t slide or move about. This prevents irritations or blisters which might result from rubbing in cases your feet slide inside your shoes.


Quality shoes guarantee you high level of durability. So, you have to replace your running shoes now and them.


Your toes help in propulsion during to toe-off and aid in stability. However, when toe movement gets hindered or the toes get curled, you might end up with pain on top of your foot.

The best way to prevent toe curling is to wear running shoes that give adequate space for toe movement. The laces should be tied snugly to minimize pressure on the extensor tendons. Plus your shoes should be flexible at the forefoot.

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