Best Running Shoes for Sprinters

7 Best Running Shoes for Sprinters 2021

The best running shoes for sprinters are uniquely designed to give you optimal performance, comfort and grip. Best Running Shoes for SprintersMost high performance sprinting shoes utilize the Pebax plate on the forefoot and midfoot area to aid in propulsion.

The Pebax plate also houses the sprinting spikes to provide the necessary grip on the running tracks or fields.

The best sprinting shoes should also be extremely lightweight to lessen the burden on your feet. Plus they should be flexible enough to allow unlimited foot movements.

See the best sprinting shoes in the reviews below.

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Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Sprinters 2021

1. Nike Zoom Unisex Rival S 9 Track Running Shoe

With the Riva S 9, you can take on sprints with much comfort, safety and efficiency. It’s built with lightweight materials which allow you to sprint with less burden on your feet.

Nike Zoom Unisex Rival S 9 Track Running Shoe

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Like most premium quality sprinting shoes, Riva S 9 uses the lightweight Pebax plate which runs from the forefoot to the midfoot. Its purpose is to give you propulsion during toe-off and dampen impacts. The plate also offers sturdy ports for anchoring the ¼” pyramid spikes.

The seven spikes are strategically-placed on the forefoot area to give you sufficient stability as your feet prepare to push off the ground.

Dubbed as Phylon wedge, the underfoot platform offers adequate cushioning and support for the heel area. Backed by the EVA foam sockliner, the platform delivers the ideal comfort and protection during jumping and sprinting events.

Wrapping the upper part is a synthetic material which features reinforcements on the midfoot and rearfoot areas. This results in secure and supportive foot cradle which lessens chances of wobbling or accidental shoe removal. Besides, the interior of the shoe is lightly padded and lined with a soft mesh to enhance foot cradle and prevent chaffing.

What’s more, the forefoot exhibits the ideal flexibility to enable your feet to bend with less restriction.

  • Overall comfort
  • Supportive heel cushioning
  • Unisex design
  • Ample flexibility
  • Admirable style
  • Many colors
  • Narrow fit

2. Saucony Spike Spitfire 5 Sprinting Shoe

Designed for sprinting athletes, Spitfire 5 makes a perfect sneaker for both short and long sprints. That means you don’t have to acquire different sprinting shoes for the 100m, 200m and 400m track running events.

Saucony Spike Spitfire 5 Sprinting Shoe

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With seven ¼” pyramid spikes placed on the forefoot area, Spitfire 5 delivers excellent traction on hard tracks, grass, rubber and dirt. The spike threads are attached on the Pebax plate in such a way that the responsiveness and flexibility of the plate is not compromised. This results in propulsive toe-offs thus allowing you to sprint effortlessly.

In addition, the spikes are evenly spaced to give you optimal stability during toe-off.

Running from the midfoot to the heel is a grippy and lightweight rubber which is completed with triangular patterns to enhance grip.

The entire underfoot platform is built with EVA foam which delivers a lightweight and responsive cushioning. This cushions your joints and connective tissues from landing impacts while giving you energy return.

Covering the upper part is a synthetic rubber compound which is molded at the midfoot and rearfoot area to offer customized foot cradle and support. The inside of the shoe delivers a comfortable inshoe experience, thanks to the mesh-lined padding on the collar, tongue and tongue.

Inshoe ventilation results from the tongue which is wrapped with mesh on both sides.

  • Comfortable sprinting shoe
  • Accurate traction
  • Replaceable spikes
  • Durable build
  • Affordable price
  • Little arch support

3. Puma Track Shoe Evospeed Sprint 6

Building from the success of the previous iteration, Evospeed Sprint 6 comes in a more lightweight design to enhance your sprinting performance. It’s equipped with eight ¼” pyramid spikes which are evenly placed on the forefoot area to offer multi-directional grip or braking.

Puma Track Shoe Evospeed Sprint 6

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Additional grip comes from the sharkskin-treaded rubber wrapping the heel area.

The Pebax plate provides a firm platform for attaching the spikes while serving as a means for propulsion during toe-offs. Plus the plate exhibits adequate pliability to allow appropriate foot bending.

With the EVA foam cushioning, the midsole of Evospeed Sprint 6 delivers exceptional comfort during both short and long sprints. Plus it dampens landing impacts to lessen pounding on your lower body appendages.

Use of microfiber on the upper unit results in a durable and lightweight design which further lessens the burden on your feet. Built in a single-piece, the foot chamber does not however restrict natural foot movements.

A light padding wraps the collar, tongue and heel to heighten inshoe comfort and keep your feet free from irritation.

  • Propulsive spike plate
  • Excellent grip
  • Quite affordable
  • Overall durability
  • Colorway limitation

4. Puma Unisex Evospeed Electric 8 Track Sneaker

Evospeed Electric 8 adds to Puma’s line of quality and high-high performance track running shoes. So, if you’re looking for the best running shoes for sprinters, then you can’t go wrong with this one. You can use it in both short sprints (100m-200m) and long sprints (300m-400m).

Puma Unisex Evospeed Electric 8 Track Sneaker

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Providing underfoot comfort is an EVA foam footbed whose springiness delivers a soft landing. In addition, it lessens excessive underfoot pounding so as to minimize injuries during sprints.

The sole unit offers exceptional grip especially on rubber surfaces which make most of the modern track and field stadiums. The primary source of grip is the eight-spike configuration which bites securely on rubber tracks without causing damage. The spikes are evenly spread over the Pebax plate which makes the forefoot area.

The Pebax plate is also responsible for propulsion so that you don’t have to use a lot of energy when pushing off the ground. The rest of the outsole is covered with a grippy rubber which is equipped with small but sharp nodes to enhance grip.

Complementing the sneaker’s comfort is the synthetic leather upper coverage which is lined with a soft micro-suede material on the inside. It’s intended to keep the foot effectively cradled without causing restriction or irritations.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Soft foot cradle
  • Removable spikes
  • Adequate forefoot propulsion
  • Stylish build
  • Few colors

5. Nike Zoom Mens Rival M 9 Track Spike Sneaker

This is a versatile running shoe which can be used in short sprints, long springs, hurdles and mid distance races. It’s also good for other track and field events including triple jumps, long jumps and high jumps.

Nike Zoom Mens Rival M 9 Track Spike Sneaker

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Running from the midfoot to the forefoot is a stiff Pebax plate which is responsible for springy toe-offs and underfoot support. The plate also provides sturdy ports for fastening the removable spikes.

Wrapping the rest of the outsole is a grippy rubber compound which is equipped with diagonal and node-like patterns to heighten traction. Moreover, the rubber compound delivers exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

The underfoot platform offers sufficient cushioning and support to keep you comfortable during short and mid distance sprints.

Covering the upper part of the foot is a cleatie-like single-piece synthetic mesh which is intended to offer a sock-like wrap. Overlays are placed on strategic areas to heighten sturdiness of the mesh fabric. Plus a stretchy and supportive band is embedded around the midfoot area to keep the foot securely cradled.

What’s more, inner fabric lining aids in moisture wicking while minimizing chaffing.

  • Supportive underfoot platform
  • Ideal for sprints and mid distance running
  • Excellent performance
  • Admirable styling and colors
  • Sock-like and supportive fit
  • Durable
  • Unisex
  • Inconsistent sizing

6. Adidas Track Spike Sprintstar

The Sprintstar makes one of the best running shoes for sprinters especially those that participate in 100m to 400m events. Designed to rubber tracks, the ¼” pyramid gripping pins deliver excellent traction without causing damage to the surface.

Adidas Track Spike Sprintstar

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Adding to outsole’s gripping ability is the rubber compound wrapping the midfoot and heel area. Presence of pyramid-shaped protrusions on the outsole rubber results in heightened grip on rubber tracks.

The Pebax plate comes with tough ports into which the removable spikes/pins are screwed. The plate also exhibits sufficient stiffness to propel you forward and lessen impacts.

Lining the entire underfoot platform is a thin layer of EVA foam cushioning which is responsible for soft landings.

Adidas uses Sprintweb technology on the upper unit of this sneaker to deliver a comfortable inshoe experience. This construction strikes an excellent balance of sturdiness, flexibility and breathability. Plus it does not add significant weight on your feet.

The forefoot and midfoot areas come with printed synthetic overlays whose purpose is to enhance foot lockdown and uphold the silhouettes shape.

The light padding on the heel, collar and tongue hugs the foot snugly to prevent rubbing or irritations.

  • Comfortable sprinting sneaker
  • High-performance design
  • Quality build
  • Breathable upper
  • Not heavy
  • Narrow toe-box

7. Under Armour Track Spike Speedform Sprint 2 – Unisex

Building from Under Armour’s experience in making running shoes, Speedform Sprint 2 promises nothing less than comfort, safety and performance. As far as traction is concerned, the sneaker comes with eight, quarter inch spikes which are responsible for secure contact with the running surface.

Under Armour Track Spike Speedform Sprint 2 - Unisex

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Running through entire outsole, the Pebax plate also deliver superb heel grip thus giving you confidence to sprint to your full potential. The plate also delivers excellent forefoot springiness which gives you sufficient energy to allow effortless toe-offs.

The footbed offers a thin cushioning which is responsible for soft and supportive landings. Not only is the footbed lightweight but it’s also flexible enough to enable natural foot biomechanics.

An upgrade from the original iteration, the foot compartment of Speedform Sprint 2 now utilizes Threadborne technology. Threadborne has the advantage of being lightweight, comfortable while remaining pliable and breathable.

The rearfoot is effectively cradled and supported, thanks to the synthetic heel cup and the embroidered strap. Plus the forefoot is lined with a TPU melt to enhance its sturdiness.

  • Comfortable
  • Springy forefoot
  • Accurate grip
  • Both for men and women
  • Overall durability
  • Lack color variety


When you’re looking for the best running shoes for sprinters, consider shoes that give you optimal performance, comfort and safety. They should offer sufficient cushioning and responsiveness to give you energized strides.

Sprinting shoes are phenomenal with gripping spikes. They allow you to make quick and explosive strides effectively and with minimal risk of accidental sliding.

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