Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet

8 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet 2022

The best running shoes for heavy runners with wide feet come with a spacious toe box and firm midsole cushioning. Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide FeetA firm midsole gives you the necessary support to enhance your stability during running.

Below are some recommendations of shoes that will give you sufficient support and comfort while allowing effective toe splay.

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Reviews: 8 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners with Wide Feet 2022

1. Brooks (Wide Feet) Dyad 11

Built neutral runners and those who exhibit severe overpronation, Dyad 11 comes with generous space for wide feet while allowing the use of custom orthotics.

Brooks (Wide Feet) Dyad 11

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BioMoGo DNA provides the primary underfoot cushioning of Dyad 11. This environmentally-friendly compound offers consistent responsiveness depending on a runner’s weight. Thus, it’s able to withstand heavy pounding when used by a heavy runner.

The midsole also incorporates flex grooves to give you stability. The segmented crash pad at the heel yields smoother transitions during the gait cycle. Plus you get a soft landing from the removable plush insole.

Blown rubber makes the entire sole unit of Dyad 11. Blown rubber exhibits the properties of being lightweight, durable and grippy. Moreover, it offers extra under cushioning to enhance comfort.

The flex grooves at the forefoot are meant to enable forefoot flexibility and heighten grip on surfaces. An arch pod is incorporated at the midfoot of the sole unit to enhance stability.

Dyad 11 comes with a spacious upper unit to accommodate wide-footed runners and the possibility to use orthotics. The upper mesh promotes effective foot ventilation to keep them cool and dry.

The shoe comes with an internal saddle designed to provide a secure fit to minimize shoes wobbling. The heel counter aids in locking down your heel to enhance foot stability. Plus it’s generously padded on the collar and tongue offer a perfect fit and enhance comfort.

  • Outstanding comfort
  • Accommodative upper unit
  • Supportive cushioning
  • Can be used with orthotics
  • Stylish build
  • Excellent breathability
  • Relatively heavy

2. New Balance Cushioned Fresh-Foam 880(v10)

An updated form of the Fresh Foam compound is utilized in the midsole of this shoe to deliver a soft, lightweight and responsive running experience. Although the platform feels soft, it’s firm enough to support heavy guys and give them sufficient stability.

New Balance Cushioned Fresh-Foam 880(v10)

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Laying above primary cushioning is a removable sockliner which adds to the plushness of the footbed. The fact that it’s removable means that it can replaced with custom orthotics.

A view of the midsole from outside reveals indentations and tiny holes. These are meant to improve the responsiveness of the midsole and enable better impact absorption.

Blown rubber makes the sole unit of this road running shoe where it’s aimed at accomplishing three responsibilities. It’s responsible for grip and protection from hazards during running. Since its spongy brown rubber also adds to underfoot responsiveness.

The outer surface features a dense network of flex grooves which make the sole unit extremely flexible. The forefoot is designed to allow your joints bend naturally.

The foot chamber entails HypoKnit technology which in essence a seamless woven cloth. This results in flexible and non-irritating foot wrap. Sitting on the eyestays and sides of the mesh, the printed overlays are responsible for a secure fit while enabling the shoe to retain its structure.

The thermoplastic heel counter aids holding your feet in the shoe so that it won’t accidentally slip out. Plus contributes to the sturdiness of the upper part.

  • Comfortable and supportive underfoot cushioning
  • Supportive midsole
  • Adequate impact mitigation
  • Flexibility
  • Durable build
  • Admirable styling
  • Somewhat heavy

3. Brooks Adrenaline Wide Feet GTS 20

Heavy runners require adequately-cushioned running shoes from optimal comfort. In addition, the midsole should also be sturdy enough to bare the heavy weight. The midsole of GTS 20 uses both DNA Loft cushioning and BioMoGo DNA to deliver a comfortable and durable underfoot platform.

Brooks Adrenaline Wide Feet GTS 20

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The platform is also equipped with crash pads to which add an extra layer of cushion and enhance support. The GuideRail embedded in the midsole of GTS 20 plays the role of stabilizing your motion especially if you’re a neutral runner or exhibit overpronation.

The blown rubber outsole adds extra underfoot cushioning to enhance your comfort. Since it contains injected air, blown rubber is lighter and more flexible compared to normal outsole rubbers. Blown rubber also delivers excellent traction especially of paved roads. Plus it exhibits effective resilience to abrasion.

The flexibility of the underfoot platform is enhanced by incorporating flex grooves in both the midsole and the sole unit. This results in smoother transitions which

FlexFit technology is basically a dual-layer of mesh designed to offer a comfortable foot cover. It’s stretchy, lightweight and breathable, characteristics which guarantee optimal comfort during running.

The outer layer exhibits sufficient sturdiness provides effective foot support and prolong the shoe’s lifespan. The inner layer provides a soft and smooth foot sensation with no hot spots.

What’s more, the well-padded collar and tongue are responsible to comfortable fit and aid in preventing blisters.

  • Wide forefoot
  • Comfortable and durable midsole
  • Arch support
  • Ample flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Sufficient stability
  • High price

4. Brooks Beast ’20 Heavy Runners Shoe

If you’re searching for a wide feet running shoes which is adequately cushioned, then Beast ‘20 form Brooks meets this qualities. Built with BioMoGo DNA cushioning, the midsole of Beast 10 guarantees optimal comfort and impact for heavy runners.

Brooks Beast '20 Heavy Runners Shoe

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DRB Accel is incorporated at the midfoot to enhance torsional rigidity. Thus the midsole does not easily give in to twisting due to the heavy pounding exhibited by heavy runners. However, this configuration neither affects the flexibility of the forefoot nor the springiness of the heel.

Another component in the midsole is the GuideRail support which meant to keep your feet locked to enhance stability. Plus Segmented Crash Pads cover the entire midsole to promote smooth transition.

Beast 20 also utilizes a Cushsole in the midsole to add a plush feeling and enhance flexibility. Plus, a removable sockliner makes the footbed even more comfy.

The sole unit features HPR Plus rubber at the heel to offer reliable traction and enhance the shoe’s longevity. Meanwhile, HPR Green rubber is placed at the forefoot to allow sufficient grip even when the road is wet. The forefoot also comes with flex grooves designed to promote natural foot flexibility during toe-off.

The upper part of your feet is guarded against hazards by a breathable mesh also ensures they’re well ventilated. A meshed lining is incorporated on the inner side to enhance inshoe comfort and provide a means for moisture wicking.

  • Superb cushioning
  • Excellent underfoot support
  • Spacious toe-box
  • Grippy outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy build
  • Few colors

5. Saucony FormFit Hurricane ISO-5 Women’s Sneaker

A blend of sturdy midsole and wide feet sizing makes Hurricane ISO 5 an ideal running shoe for heavy runners with wide feet. The full-length EVERUN cushioning results in a comfortable midsole which is sturdy enough to bear the weight of heavy runners.

Saucony FormFit Hurricane ISO-5 Women's Sneaker

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EVERUN also delivers adequate impact mitigation to guard your feet against high impacts. Together with the EVERUN topsole, the midsole guarantees sufficient energy return which results in effortless toe-offs.

In addition, there’s a removable FormFit footbed which meant to offer arch support to enhance stability. Backed by the stability post, this configuration aids in minimizing overpronation in flat-footed individuals. If your feet do not require arch support, you can replace the insole with custom orthotics.

Traction and underfoot protection is provided by crystal rubber which serves as the outsole. Since it’s a pongy compound it adds to underfoot responsiveness to enhance your comfort. Moreover, it’s built with flex grooves to promote smoother transitions especially during toe-offs.

The upper unit is engineered to offer a sock-like foot cover and promote natural foot flexibility. An inner cloth is incorporated to make the foot compartment smooth and prevent rubbing or irritation.

ISOFIT overlays are also incorporated to enhance the sturdiness of the upper unit and make it supportive.

  • Adequate cushioning
  • No hot spots
  • Arch support footbed
  • Offers stability
  • Durable build
  • Spacious toe box
  • Relatively heavy

6. Asics DuoMax Gel Kayano-26 Women’s Running Shoe

Kayano 26 is a road running shoe designed to give you sufficient comfort and support. Heavy runners will benefit from the FlyteFoam midsole cushioning which offers adequate support.

Asics DuoMax Gel Kayano-26 Women's Running Shoe

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The forefoot and heel areas are covered with GEL cushioning to make midsole more responsive. This results in better shock attenuation and energetic toe-offs. The midsole also comes IGS and Trusstic System both of which help in stabilizing your gait to minimize overpronation and fatigue.

Dynamic DuoMax technology is incorporated to reduce stress due to overpronation and give you smoother strides. Plus an antimicrobial sockliner adds to the underfoot comfort.

Asics uses AHAR rubber in its road running shoes including Kayano 26. It’s placed at the heel to offer reliable grip and make the shoe durable. The forefoot is equipped with DuraSponge to provide effective grip and toe-offs.

Jacquard mesh provides a breathable and flexible foot cover to deliver optimal running experience. Printed overlays and a heel counter are incorporated to make the upper unit supportive and durable.

  • Comfortable and durable midsole
  • Supportive underfoot cushioning
  • Wide foot sizing
  • Breathable mesh
  • Stabilizes overpronated motion
  • Overall durability
  • Relatively expensive

7. Mizuno Wave (SmoothRide) Inspire 15

The Cloudwave technology used in the midsole of Inspire 15 is seen on the outside of the shoe in form a wave. It gives you an exceptional ride while protecting your feet from harmful impacts. Together with the SmoothRide configuration, the wave plate is also responsible for smooth transitions.

Mizuno Wave (SmoothRide) Inspire 15

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Midsole responsiveness is delivered by the U4icX which is a wedge-like technology incorporated at the heel. This technology also contributes to the plushness of the midsole to enable comfortable landing. In addition, U4icX Strobel is incorporated to enhance instep comfort.

X10 rubber is retained as the outsole of Inspire 15 because of its proven durability and traction properties. It entails carbon rubber which is especially effective on road surfaces. In addition, the rubber is equipped with deep flex grooves which make it flexible for smoother running.

Jacquard mesh is utilized as the material for upper coverage to give you consistent comfort during long distance running. Dynamotion Fit technology is also incorporated on the upper unit ensure your feet are wrapped securely.

Notably, the design of the upper guarantees optimal foot flexibility so that feet can feel as natural as possible.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Moderate underfoot support
  • Uses a flexible jacquard mesh
  • Breathable
  • Durable configuration
  • Reliable traction
  • Requires break-in

8. Brooks Trail Cascadia 14 Men’s Running Shoe

Cascadia 14 has now been updated to deliver comfort and safety when running on trail surfaces. Like many Brooks running shoes, it makes use of BioMoGo DNA compound as the primary cushioning. This compound adjusts itself according weight of the runner therefore giving the right amount of support and responsiveness.

Brooks Trail Cascadia 14 Men's Running Shoe

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A pivot post is incorporated in the midsole platform to provide a means for stability. The pivot post also contributes to the sturdiness of the midsole, thus enabling it to bear heavy weight.

TrailTack is the technology featured on the outsole of Cascadia 14. This entails a highly grippy rubber, with the high-wear areas being more durable. Plus it’s equipped with trail-ready lugs to offer secure grip during uphill or downhill trails.

Cascadia 14 features an updated upper deign meant to offer optimal comfort and prevent inconveniences from mud, water and debris. It makes use of a synthetic mesh and an internal saddle deigned to deliver a contoured fit.

Cordura mudguard is incorporated in this 14th iteration to protect the exposed areas against water, mud and debris.

  • Firm and comfortable midsole
  • Offers stability
  • Spacious toe box
  • Shields mud, water and debris
  • Durable build
  • Breathable
  • Not great styling


If you have having trouble getting a perfect shoe for your wide feet and heavy weight, then the above shoes are a great option for you. They come with a comfortable but firm midsole to give adequate support. Plus have a spacious toe area to allow proper toe spread.

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