Best Men's Running Shoes for Bad Knees

7 Best Men’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees 2022

Wearing less-cushioned running shoes is sometimes blamed for the frequent knee pain complaints among runners. Best Men's Running Shoes for Bad KneesSuch shoes expose your knee joints to impact forces which in turn lead to pain due to excessive pressure. If you’re searching for the best men’s running shoes for bad knees, then this guide has some perfect options for you.

See the reviews below which also include a highlight of important factors to consider when buying shoes to prevent or ease knee pain during running.

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Reviews: 7 Best Men’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees 2022

1. New Balance Ultra-Cushioned Vongo V4 Fresh Foam

The high level of cushioning inherent in the midsole of this running shoe provides a perfect buffer that lessens the intensity of impacts on your knees. Fresh foam is the main source of cushioning which runs throughout the midsole.

New Balance Ultra-Cushioned Vongo V4 Fresh Foam

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At the forefoot, the fresh foam cushioning is shaped like a wedge to minimize overpronation due to flat-footedness. This helps in averting pain on your knees due excessive pressure on the knee joint.

The midsole also comes with an EVA-based insole designed to increase underfoot comfort and provide arch support.

Underfoot responsiveness further heightened by the blown rubber which covers the bottom of Fresh Foam Vongo V4. The compound gives the rest the of the shoe reliable protection against abrasion or tearing.

Hexagonal patterns are incorporated throughout the landing surface of the sole unit to improve its gripping ability. These patterns also help in increasing the flexibility of the sole unit to keep your feet naturally comfortable.

A knitted mesh which lacks sewn overlays provides a comfortable foot cradle with no instances of rubbing or hot spots. The printed overlays aid in supporting your feet to minimize inward rolling or overpronation.

  • Excellent comfort
  • Great for runners with back and knee pain
  • Durable
  • Breathable mesh
  • Flexible configuration
  • Relatively heavy

2. Brooks Adrenaline Stability GTS 19 Men’s Running Shoe

The problem with knee pain is that it tends to exacerbate as you continue exposing them to high impacts during running. However, highly-cushioned running shoes are considered an effective remedy for knee pain because they greatly reduce the impacts received by your knee joint.

Brooks Adrenaline Stability GTS 19 Men’s Running Shoe

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Adrenaline GTS 19 is one of the most recommended running shoe for individuals who have issues with knee pain and hip pain. That’s because of the thick underfoot cushioning provided by the BioMoGo DNA compound in the midsole. This compound exhibits high rebound which keeps you comfortable while dampening the effect of impacts on your knee joints.

Another useful component is the GuideRail technology which locks your feet at the heel and midfoot. This results in appropriate foot stability which in turn lessens pressure on the knee joints.

Providing secure traction and prolonged durability is the blown rubber compound which makes the

The entire sole unit entails blown rubber, a material that demonstrates sufficient stickiness to guarantee secure grip especially on road surfaces. Blown rubber is also intended to provide additional underfoot cushioning for enhanced comfort and protection against impacts.

Owing to its segmented designed, the outsole ensures that the non-contact points are spared from the landing impacts. Moreover, the platform is equipped with flex grooves to make it pliable enough enable natural foot flexibility.

The upper silhouette offers a comfortable and supportive foot wrap with not hot spots areas. The spacious toe box makes ideal for individuals with wide feet.

  • Adequate underfoot cushioning
  • Appropriate foot support
  • Ample flexibility
  • Durable build
  • Breathable and non-irritating upper coverage
  • Excellent foot stability
  • Sizing inconsistency

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3. Nike Epic Men’s Comfort Sneaker React Flyknit

As used in this running shoe, the term ‘React’ refers to the React foam technology featured in the midsole. A proprietary technology from Nike, React foam offers an increased level of cushioning and better energy return. Thus, it will be a preferable cushioning for individuals who have knee and hip pain.

Nike Epic Men’s Comfort Sneaker React Flyknit

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The exceptional springiness delivered by react foam aids in lessening the impacts received by joints including the knees. Fluid Geometry technology is incorporated in the midsole platform in form of heel support to give you stability. This aids in decreasing pressure on your knee joints thus easing the pain. Additional stability is delivered by the TPU heel clip.

Also utilized on sole unit, React Foam heightens the cushioning to protect your feet and knees from impacts and give you better rebound. It has the advantage of delivering consistent performance for longer miles.

The forefoot and heel of the outsole are lined with a sticky rubber to offer sufficient grip on surfaces.

The FlyKnit technology utilized on the upper unit entails a one-piece sock-like mesh which offers sufficient foot support while permitting foot flexibility. A more sturdy and flexible heel skin offers adequate heel support without causing restriction.

  • Sufficient underfoot comfort
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Snug-fitting upper
  • Durable configuration
  • Heightened energy return
  • Runs narrow

4. New Balance Durable Running Sneaker 990 v5

It you are experiencing pain on your knees, then you need a good running shoe like new balance 990-v5. It’ built to give you stability so as to avoid exerting excessive strain on the knee joints.

New Balance Durable Running Sneaker 990 v5

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Two layers of cushioning are employed in the midsole to deliver adequate underfoot cushioning and support. Absorb makes the bottom layer of cushioning where it’s intended to offer consistent impact mitigation to keep your joints safe. The top layer is the Acteva foam which is meant to offer a softer and flexible cushioning.

The bottom of the shoe also comes with two different types of rubber. The heel part features Ndurance rubber which abrasion-resistant and very effective in traction. The forefoot comes with blown rubber with also guarantees sufficient traction while enabling efficient and effortless toe-offs.

Pigskin suede covers most the upper part where it’s meant to provide sufficient foot support and protection. An open mesh is incorporated at convenient areas to promote breathability and heat release.

Locking the heel securely is the TPU strap and the well-padded collar.

  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Supportive
  • Excellent durability
  • Breathable and supportive upper
  • Superb grip on the road, treadmill and elliptical
  • Less flexible

5. New Balance Cushioned Sneaker Fresh Foam (880-v10)

With the updated Fresh Foam X, the midsole of this running sneaker promises enhanced responsiveness and shock attenuation. This allows you to run with much comfort and lesser impacts on your joints and muscles.

New Balance Cushioned Sneaker Fresh Foam (880-v10)

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The midsole also features small holes and angular protrusions on the sides which meant to enhance its responsiveness. Thus, your knees won’t be exposed to the excessive impacts experienced during running.

The responsiveness of the platform is further enhanced by employing blown rubber as the sole unit. Unlike many regular outsole rubbers, blown rubber exhibits considerable springiness which allows it to be used where extra shoe responsiveness is required. But it still offers reliable traction and durability.

The full-length network of tread patterns are responsible for the pliability of the sole unit which is necessary to natural foot motion. Plus they enhance the gripping ability especially on rough surfaces.

The upper part employs HypoKnit technology which is essentially a combination of one-piece of woven material, printed overlays and thermoplastic heel counter.  The resulting silhouette results in a secure and supportive foot cover which enables you run with optimal comfort. This structure also maintains a cool and dry inshoe environment for optimal performance.

  • Ample underfoot cushioning
  • Superb shock attenuation
  • Overall flexibility
  • Durable configuration
  • Stylish
  • A bit restrictive on the upper

6. Skechers Men’s Marathon Sneaker Go Run Forza-3

If knees ache when you run longer periods, then your shoes aren’t giving you adequate cushioning and stability. With this running shoe from Skechers, you can comfortably cover greater mileage with less fatigue or impacts on your feet and knee joints.

Skechers Men’s Marathon Sneaker Go Run Forza-3

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The Flight Gen cushioning technology in the midsole entails three types of foams which are meant to deliver comfort, stability and durability.

The shape of the midsole aids in guiding your feet towards midfoot strike as opposed to heelstrike. The purpose of this is to minimize impacts on your joints during landing.

The rubber outsole guarantees accurate and durability even when you’re running on abrasive surfaces such as asphalt. Presence of straight line patterns or indentations makes the sole unit even grippier to give you maximum safety on the road.

The 3rd edition of the Skechers GOrun Forza now comes with an updated upper design to give you adequate foot support and flexibility. Backed by the midfoot strap and wraparound configuration, the upper unit ensures your feet are stable enough to avoid straining knee joints.

  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Durable build
  • Lightweight
  • Roomy toe box
  • Responsive toe-offs
  • You may get blisters on the instep

7. Skechers Men’s Versatile Sneaker GOrun Ride-7

If you’re experiencing common legs issues like meniscus pain or knee pain, then you need a highly cushioned shoe. GOrun Ride 7 comes with a thick Flight Gen cushioning in the midsole. The lightweight compound delivers outstanding responsiveness which you leaves comfortable throughout your running session.

Skechers Men’s Versatile Sneaker GOrun Ride-7

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The platform also offers optimal shock attenuation to keep your joints safe. Plus it’s built to force your feet to midfoot strike so as to lessen impacts on your knees.

The sole unit guarantees maximum traction whether you’re running on dry or wet surfaces. Plus it’s meant to provide sufficient durability to prolong the shoe’s life.

On the upper unit is a two-toned fabric designed to offer breathable and supportive foot cradle. Silhouette is exceptionally lightweight and does not cause rubbing or irritation.

The shoe comes with a Gusseted tongue to enable a more secure fit and increase stability.

What’s more, the visibility details come as a bonus to make you visible when it’s dim out there.

  • Thick and responsive platform
  • Consistent comfort
  • Supportive and durable upper
  • Versatile sneaker
  • Reflective elements
  • Breathable
  • Runs small

How to Choose the Best Men’s Running Shoes for Bad Knees

When you suffer from bad knees condition, you don’t have to quit your running routine. Research has shown that by following appropriate running guidelines, there is no risk of worsening the condition.

Other than shifting to a softer running surface, doctors recommend appropriate running shoes to minimize impacts and strain on your knee joints. Below I have highlighted some important features to consider when searching for the best men’s running shoes for bad knees.

1. Underfoot Cushioning and Shock Attenuation

Most of the typical road running shoes come with adequate underfoot cushioning to cushion your joints and muscles from the hard surfaces. You need such level of cushioning to prevent knee pain or ease pain from an existing bad knees condition.

Not only does plush cushioning free your knees from pain but it is also responsible for your overall comfort when running.

Moreover, consider responsive cushioning which is able to deliver adequate impact mitigation. This minimizes the intensity of impacts to the knee joint thus easing the pain.

2. Stability Features

Lack of stability is associated with numerous running injuries on your lower body appendages. Knee pain is one of the most common complaint from runners who overpronate due to lack of foot stability.

Thus, it’s important to consider shoes that will give you adequate support to minimize the tendency of your feet to roll inwards. This aids in easing the strain on the knee joints.

Some of the stability mechanisms include Brook’s GuideRails, Asics’ Trusstic System and Nike’s dense medial posts. Whichever your favourite brand, ensure it keeps your feet in the correct gait so that there’s minimal strain on the knee joints.

3. Traction

Lack of accurate grip when running is very likely to strain your knee joints as you try to keep your feet steady and avoid slipping. Therefore, ensure your running shoes guarantee secure grip on the surface that you’re running on.

4. Breathability

Typically, all running shoes should provide ample ventilation to your toes and the entire foot to maintain a cool and dry environment inside there.


By choosing proper running shoes, you can either ease pain on your knees or minimize the risk of suffering knee pain. As you have seen, less cushioned and non-supportive shoes put you at the greatest risk of having bad knees when running.

Notably, it’s advisable to replace your worn out shoes because they may not have adequate underfoot cushioning to protect your knee joints from impacts.

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