Best Hiking Boots for Ankle Support

7 Best Hiking Boots for Ankle Support 2021

The best hiking boots for ankle support, are intended to enhance your ankle stability so as to minimize injuries. Best Hiking Boots for Ankle Support These are high-top and mid-cut boots designed to support the ankle area so as to keep the joint intact.

These boots are especially recommended for individuals with weak ankles and those with high foot arches.

See the reviews of typical hiking boots for ankle support.

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Reviews: 7 Best Hiking Boots for Ankle Support 2021

1. Merrell High-Top Waterproof Phaserbound 2 Tall

The second iteration of the Merrell Phaserbound now promises greater comfort and performance with its updated midsole. By utilizing an air cushion on the heel area, the underfoot platform delivers heightened energy return which allows you walk effortlessly.

Merrell High-Top Waterproof Phaserbound 2 Tall

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The primary midsole is an EVA foam compound which works with the Kinetic Fit Base footbed to cushion your feet and offer support.

Wrapping the underside is the highly-revered Vibram rubber which exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion. The outsole also delivers excellent grip on most outdoor terrain, thanks to the deep and multi-directional treads.

They are designed to bite on soft, hard, rugged and wet surfaces whether you’re walking uphill or downhill.

The high-cut upper design ensures that the foot is effectively protected from cuts and bruises while providing ankle support. The boot also comes with a rubber overlay on the toe-box to guard your toes from impacts.

With the full-grain leather, the boot exhibits excellent durability which makes it good for tackling harsh terrain. The boot is kept watertight by the M-Select Dry lining. Wrapping the collar area is a mesh fabric which is responsible for breathability.

  • Superb cushioning
  • Admirable aesthetics
  • High-cut boot for ankle support
  • Excellent grip on rugged terrain
  • Durable construction
  • Watertight
  • Less breathable

2. La Sportiva High-Cut Eclipse GTX

A highly-coveted brand in trail and hiking shoes, La Sportiva brings you the Eclipse GTX mid-cut boot. If you’re looking for best hiking boots for ankle support, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

La Sportiva High-Cut Eclipse GTX

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It’s designed to give you optimal comfort and protection even during the most perilous hiking or backpacking expeditions.

Providing underfoot cushioning is the segmented EVA foam midsole. Backed by the polypropylene reinforcement, the platform delivers exceptional comfort and support despite the ruggedness of most hiking terrains.

Underfoot comfort is taken to greater heights by the removable ortholite footbed. It gives you the leverage to use custom orthotics depending on the anatomy of your foot.

Eclipse GTX uses a slip-resistant and hard-wearing Vibram rubber as outsole material. The tread patterns are designed for trails so that they can provide accurate grip on rocky, soft, wet and rugged surfaces.

With the roughout leather and Gore-Tex lining, the upper unit delivers excellent resistance to abrasion and water respectively. The mesh fabric on the tongue and ankle area aids in ventilation to keep of excessive heat and moisture.

The gusseted tongue construction serves as a shield for keeping off debris.

What’s more, the upper design is intended to provide ankle support and therefore prevent injuries on your ankles.

  • Underfoot comfort and support
  • Ideal for backpacking and hiking
  • Ankle support
  • Secure traction on wet terrain
  • Good styling
  • Durable boot
  • Narrow fit

3. Timberland Mid-Cut Waterproof White Ledge

Built for tackling difficult terrain, this mid-cut boot uses technologies that give you comfort, protection and value for money.

Timberland Mid-Cut Waterproof White Ledge

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It comes with a full-grain leather whose sturdiness delivers heightened resistance to sharp edges and abrasion. This boot construction also guarantees excellent protection from hazards while keeping your feet dry even in wet conditions.

Offering underfoot comfort and impact resilience is an EVA foam compound. Despite the ruggedness encountered on outdoor terrain, it keeps your feet comfortable and less pounded.

Also aiding in cushioning is the EVA foam insole which can be substituted with custom orthotics for a more customized comfort.

With its deeply treaded outsole rubber, the boot guarantees secure footing on both uphill and downhill trails. The outsole also provides excellent protection from trail dangers like sharp rocks and abrasion.

Like most hiking boots, this boot comes with a gusseted tongue which is intended to keep off debris.

Having metal eyelets for lacing means that you get secure foot underpinning for tackling difficult terrain.

  • Overall comfort and underfoot protection
  • Durable build
  • Waterproof design
  • Accurate uphill and downhill grip
  • Ankle support
  • Could slid on extremely wet terrain

4. Lowa Mid Renegade GTX Waterproof

Whether you’re hiking for one day or backpacking, this mid-cut boot guarantees the ideal comfort and support for optimal performance.

Lowa Mid Renegade GTX Waterproof

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With its DuraPU cushioning, it provides a comfortable and resilient underfoot platform. Backed by the Monowrap frame, it keeps your feet supported to enhance your stability and lessen fatigue.

In addition, it’s equipped with ATC insole which is responsible for arch support to enhance your walking comfort. It is meant to counter the tendency of the foot to roll so as to minimize strain on the lower body appendages.

The underside of the boot is covered with Vibram Evo rubber which guarantees accurate grip on most hiking terrains. Backed by the pronounced gripping teeth, the outsole delivers secure bite on both hard and soft trails including wet surfaces. Plus the lugs are designed to provide uphill and downhill grip.

Wrapping the upper part is nubuck leather which delivers exceptional resistance to possible hiking hazards. Backed by the Gore-Tex membrane, the upper unit does not permit water into the foot chamber. Plus it comes with a gusseted tongue to keep off debris.

The interior fabric and padding keeps the foot effectively locked without causing blisters. Plus it’s meant to provide ankle support.

  • Comfortable for hiking and backpacking
  • Waterproof
  • Good traction
  • Ankle support
  • Arch support
  • Lacks durability

5. Hanwag Boot Tatra GTX Light

With this boot on your feet, your day hikes and backpacking expeditions are taken of. They provide adequate foot protection and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Hanwag Boot Tatra GTX Light

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It’s equipped with a polyurethane foam midsole which exhibits a good balance of responsiveness and resilience. Together with the TPU shank, the midsole exhibits heightened sturdiness which lessens twisting at the midfoot area.

Moreover, there’s a foam footbed which adds to underfoot comfort.

The sole unit comes with a low heel height to enhance your stability. With the Vibram rubber and prism-like patterns, the outsole delivers secure traction whether you’re walking uphill or downhill. Plus it is designed to withstand the harsh conditions on most hiking trails.

The suede leather foot compartment is responsible for heightened durability while keeping your feet free from bruises and cuts. Lining the upper unit is the Gore-Tex membrane which is highly revered for its waterproofness while remaining breathable.

The use of mesh fabric on the tongue results in heightened ventilation to keep interior of the shoe cool and dry.

What’s more, the cuff area offers a plush and supportive cushion for the ankle.

  • Comfortable boot
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable and supportive ankle cuff
  • Stylish build
  • Durable and grippy outsole
  • Narrow toe-box

6. Asolo Mid-Cut Stynger GTX Waterproof

With its single-density polyurethane midsole, the Stynger GTX boot promises exceptional comfort and support no matter the terrain you encounter during hikes. Owing to its firmness, the platform offers excellent resistance to compression during backpacking.

Asolo Mid-Cut Stynger GTX Waterproof

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Landing is made more cosy by the well-cushioned footbed. With its contoured design, the footbed also offers arch support to heighten your stability.

The Syncro outsole adds to underfoot responsiveness while protecting the rest of the platform from trail hazards. With its multi-directional lugs, the outsole also guarantees secure traction on both uphill and downhill stretches.

The outsole also extends to the toe area to provide an impact bumper.

If you’re looking for ankle support, this is a good boot for you. With its well-padded cuff area, the upper unit delivers a comfortable and supportive ankle cradle.

Use of Gore-Tex coated suede results in waterproofness to keep your feet free from wetness. Despite being waterproof, Gore-Tex membrane allows heat dissipation and air circulation.

Mesh fabrics are utilized on strategic areas to enhance breathability. This keeps your feet cool and dry throughout your hiking sessions.

What’s more, the rubber toe guard offers protection in case you hit rocks or other stuff during hiking.

  • Admirable style
  • Watertight construction
  • Ample ankle support
  • Supportive footbed
  • Excellent grip
  • Durable build
  • Not ideal for waterlogged terrain

7. Salomon High-Cut Quest 4D 3 GTX

Now in its third iteration, the Quest 4D 3 GTX makes a decent hiking boot when you need extra ankle support. If you ankles are susceptible to rolling, this boot will give you the ideal stability to minimize injuries.

Salomon High-Cut Quest 4D 3 GTX

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The boot uses various technologies to provide the ideal comfort and stability for tackling rugged terrain.

First, is the dual-density EVA foam which serves as the primary midsole compound. Together with the contoured EVA foam footbed, the underfoot platform contributes to soft and stable landing. The footbed comes with a cupped heel which further heightens your stability.

Embedded into the midsole is a firm chassis which aids in propulsion while enhancing the platform’s resilience during backpacking.

What’s more, with the ortholite sockliner, the boot does not become excessively wet or smelly.

As the name suggests, the Contagrip outsole technology is intended to give you accurate ground contact during hikes. Not only is it grippy but it’s also deeply-treaded to offer secure grip on trails whether soft, rocky or wet.

What’s more, the underside also exhibits outstanding resilience to the numerous hazards likely to be encountered during hikes.

Quest 4D 3 GTX uses nubuck leather and hard-wearing fabrics to provide the ideal foot protection for tackling rough terrain. Presence of Gore-Tex membrane results in a watertight construction without hindering aeration and heat dissipation.

Linking the upper unit and the outsole is a rubber overlay which keeps off mud and debris.

Your toes are protected from impacts by the rubber toe-box overlay and the outsole extension.

  • Underfoot comfort and support
  • Good ankle support
  • Excellent grip
  • Admirable styling
  • Hiking and backpacking boot
  • Mid-foot might feel constricting


When you have high foot arches or weak ankles, there’s a higher risk of suffering ankle sprains when hiking on uneven terrain. That’s why it’s recommended to wear the best hiking boots for ankle support to enhance ankle stability.

The above high-top and mid-cut boots are designed to keep your ankles effectively supported without causing blisters.

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