Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet 2022

While having wide feet isn’t a problem, wearing inappropriate shoe size could result to recurring discomfort or injuries during cross training. Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide FeetSo, which are the best cross training shoes for wide feet?

Well, below are some of the best shoe models that cater for the needs of wide-footed fitness enthusiasts.

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Reviews: 7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet 2022

1. Inov-8 Men’s Knit F-Lite 260 Sneaker

The midsole of F-Lite 260 Knit utilizes Powerflow technology which exhibits better rebound and energy return than the conventional EVA foam. This delivers reliable shock-attenuation for weightlifting, HIIT workouts, CrossFit exercises, and so on. You can also use it for running short distance races.

Inov-8 Men's Knit F-Lite 260 Sneaker

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You also get additional underfoot padding from the removable footbed which can be omitted for better stability during weightlifting. Plus there’re midfoot reinforcements to aid in rope climbing.

Unlike the initial version of 260 knit, the outsole of this cross trainer offers better traction and guarantees prolonged usage. It’s also fitted with multi-directional flex grooves to offer substantial flexibility during various cross training.

The toe guard gives you the necessary protection during plyometric workouts.

A knitted fabric offers proper ventilation for your feet and allows your feet to bend appropriately. A combination of TPU panels and overlays offer adequate lateral support for enhanced stability during side-oriented movements.

Rubber overlays come in handy in rope climbing exercises where they offer accurate grip and protection.

  • Excellent comfort and lateral support
  • Wide-feet sizing
  • Versatile
  • Excellent grip on surfaces and rope
  • Superb flexibility
  • Durable build
  • High price

2. New Balance Sneaker 608 v5

The versatility of this cross trainer has seen it being admired many fitness including men and women. Not only is it good for the gym and fitness classes, but you can use it for light jogging or as a typical walking shoe.

New Balance Sneaker 608 v5

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With its adoption of multiple wide-feet sizing system, wide-footed individuals won’t have trouble getting their correct and most comfortable shoe size.

A foam-based midsole serves as the main underfoot cushion which is contributes to your comfort. The use of foam results in a lightweight midsole to minimize the overall weight of the shoe. Plus it has the ideal flexibility for enabling comfortable foot bending and transition.

Shock-attenuation ability is enhanced by incorporating a sturdier, more responsive and lightweight foam compound often known as Abzorb.

You also benefit from the lateral support provided by the midsole extensions at both the forefoot and heel areas. This is a great addition for enhancing foot stability during lateral movements like sliding.

The durability of the outsole is assured by utilizing an abrasion-resistance rubber which is also admired because of its reliable traction properties. Moreover, it’s backed by non-marking treads to heighten grip. The treads won’t leave patterns on your fine-looking indoor surfaces.

Although no mesh is incorporated on the upper unit, the leather material comes with perforations to ventilate the foot compartment. The leather construction offers superb support and foothold to enhance stability and minimize wobbling.

  • Excellent support
  • Overall durability
  • Superb cushioning and comfort
  • Versatile
  • Wide-feet sizing
  • Less breathable

3. New Balance (517) Wide Foot Cross Trainer

The wide-feet shoe sizing employed by New Balance in this cross trainer caters for the needs of wide-footed men. It’s comfortable cross trainer for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Plus you can don this sneaker during your daily walks.

New Balance (517) Wide Foot Cross Trainer

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The midsole is generously cushioned using EVA foam to provide sufficient rebound for impact mitigation. This prevents impact-related injuries and while minimizing fatigue due to overuse.

A polyurethane insert adds a custom underfoot cushioning, thanks to its ability to conform to foot contours. You can substitute with a preferred orthotic if you need a more personalized underfoot experience.

Ndurance rubber results in a very sturdy outsole to allow prolonged usage even when used on abrasive outdoor surfaces. Ndurance rubber is backed with indoor treads to offer accurate and reliable traction on indoor floors.

Most of the upper unit is covered with a mesh to promote high levels of breathability. Leather overlays are conveniently placed to offer support for the mesh and guard it from wear and tear. A soft internal lining makes the foot chamber very comfortable and non-irritating.

  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate sizing
  • Wide-feet assortment
  • Versatile
  • Non-marking treads
  • Thin insoles

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4. Ryka Fitness Sneaker Devotion XT

Designed for women, Devotion XT is a great sneaker for dance fitness and cross training. It’s available in a variety of profiles including the wide sizes to cater for women with wide feet.

Ryka Fitness Sneaker Devotion XT

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The underfoot platform entails a molded EVA foam which delivers the appropriate rebound for lessening the pounding and fatigue on your joints and muscles. Underfoot springiness is further enhanced by the full-length RE-ZORB compound placed beneath the main midsole cushioning.

The split-sole build is intended to increase outsole flexibility to enable better transitioning. A similar design is found in many dance fitness shoes because of the need to bend and twist your feet during dance.

The flexibility of the outsole is further heightened by the shallow semicircle-like grooves featured on its outer surface. Quick changeovers during dance are made possible by the pivot point which is fitted right under the ball of the foot.

The upper unit cover comes with a generous forefoot space to allow effective toe splay. This caters for wide-footed individuals who often complain about inadequate toe space in some models of cross training shoes.

The blend of mesh and overlays on the upper results in a supportive and well-ventilated closure which guarantees optimum training conditions. Inshoe comfort is further augmented by the plush support deliver by collar, tongue and heel counter.

  • Ideal for dance fitness and cross training
  • Superb cushioning
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent sizing including wide feet sizes
  • Not for men

5. Nike Air Sneaker Monarch IV – Best for Senior Men

Monarch IV is popularized as a ‘dad shoe’ because of its old-fashion appears. However, it has been an all-time best seller especially amongst senior men who want to maintain their fitness. If you’re looking for the best cross training for wide feet, then you can’t go wrong with Monarch IV.

Nike Air Sneaker Monarch IV - Best for Senior Men

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A very responsive EVA foam rubber is utilized as the midsole of Monarch IV. This results in a bouncy and supportive platform which enables you to train with less fatigue. The midsole also features a full-length cushion of pressurized air which is responsible for impact absorption and energy return.

The outsole guarantees outstanding performance and traction whether you’re training indoors or on paved outdoor training courts. The non-denting tread patterns are only meant to heighten grip without leaving marks on indoor surfaces.

What’s more, sole unit allows smooth transitions and foot movement, thanks to the incorporated flex grooves. Plus the pivot point promotes effective changeovers and transitions.

Nike gives you two version of upper unit to choose from. You may opt for the leather only or the leather and mesh version. Whichever version you choose, Nike guarantees you optimum support and comfort for your training.

  • Superb cushioning
  • Wide-feet sizing variety
  • Great quality
  • Excellent support
  • Reliable grip
  • Versatile
  • Minimal breathability

6. New Balance Wide Feet Trainer 623-v3

The previous versions of this workout shoe have been well received and continue to cater for the needs fitness enthusiasts. With 3rd iteration building from the previous success, you’re assured of even superior craftsmanship.

New Balance Wide Feet Trainer 623-v3

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It retains the much revered EVA foam midsole because of its reliable shock absorbing properties. This results in superb rebound and flexibility which contributes to your comfort because of less fatigue and pounding under your feet.

Your heels are further protected from impacts by incorporating Abzorb foam to offer better rebound and resilience. The midfoot shank is responsible for proper forefoot bending to prevent injuries or discomfort due to incorrect bending.

Unique to this iteration is the incorporation of QUIX technology on the outsole just beneath the ball of the foot. QUIX has a similar function to a pivot point in dance fitness shoes. It’s purposely designed to enable easy and quick changeovers or turning.

The rubber material used on the sole unit exhibits adequate stickiness to allow effective braking. It’s also designed with heightened forefoot flexibility to minimize restriction when bending your toes.

New balance gives you a choice of either suede or leather for upper unit. Both versions are designed to offer excellent foot support and comfort. Perforations are used instead of mesh to offer ventilation.

  • Comfortable footbed with precise support
  • Multipurpose
  • Facilitates quick changeovers and turning
  • Durable build
  • Available in wide sizes
  • Less breathable than predecessor

7. Reebok CrossFit Sneaker Nano 9

Nano 9 strikes a good balance of stability and underfoot cushioning compared to its predecessor. This makes it good for weightlifting, jumping and short running.

Reebok CrossFit Sneaker Nano 9

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The use of EVA foam cushioning on the midsole gives adequate rebound for jumping workouts and short runs. The decoupling of the wrap-around side panels makes the platform more flexible for smoother transitions during short runs.

Reebok enhances the stability of Nano 9 by incorporating side panels on the midsole to give adequate support to your heels and midfoot. This gives you sufficient stability for weightlifting and workouts that require lateral movements.

With the 4mm drop your feet have closer contact with the ground which gives you the much needed stability for weightlifting.

The outsole is made with an extremely sticky rubber to give you accurate grip on most indoor surfaces. Notably, the outsole is broadened at the heel and less rounded to aid in stability. The medial side of the outsole is reinforced with RopePro to allow effective rope climbing.

The Flexweave mesh featured on the upper now delivers better flexibility and snug support. Plus the return of Reeboks vector logo gives Nano 9 a very stylish look.

  • Overall comfort
  • Ideal weightlifting cross trainer
  • Stretchy and supportive mesh
  • Excellent versatility
  • Wide feet options
  • Rope climbing shoe
  • Relatively pricey

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best the Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

As a fitness enthusiast, getting the ideal size of cross training shoes contributes to your overall performance, comfort and injury prevention. Wide-footed individuals often have difficulties getting their correct shoe size because of the sizing inconsistency in most training shoes brands.

If have wide feet, there’re some important factors to consider when choosing your cross training shoes. See them below.

1. True-to-Size

The terms ‘true-to-size’ are used by shoe making companies to eliminate guesswork amongst their customers when determining the correct shoe size. So, whichever the sizing system you’re using, ensure you stick to your recommended shoe size.

A foot sizing chart will help you determine the most ideal size foe your feet. If you don’t know how to go about it, you can visit the nearest shoe shop and get measured. You can also get insight from your podiatrist regarding the most ideal fit for your cross training shoes.

2. Wide Toe-Box

Wide-footed individuals also tend to have outspread toes. That’s why shoes for such feet need spacious toe-box to offer ample room for toe movement.

Also ensure there’s a space between young big toe and front of the shoe

3. Comfort

Although you don’t need plenty of cushioning in your cross training shoes, the level of cushioning should deliver sufficient comfort to minimize fatigue.

A soft and smooth material on the upper of the shoe is recommended because it allows to train without discomfort from or chafing and irritations.

4. Support

Your shoes should provide the necessary underfoot support to enhance your stability. The level of underfoot support will however vary from one individuals to another depending on your type of pronation.

Flatfooted and high arched individuals require better support to attain good stability during their training.

In addition, consider shoes with adequate lateral support to minimize pronation during side-to-side movements.

5. Flexibility

During your fitness training, your feet should bend naturally and without restriction. This is made possible by flexible shoes.

6. Durability

A quality shoe gives you longer training days before replacement. Shoes for training on outdoor courts require sturdy rubber outsoles to withstand the abrasiveness of such surfaces.

The material making upper unit exhibit superb sturdiness to withstand the rigorous bending and stretching experienced during high-intensity cross training.


Not all training shoes models will give you wide-feet sizing options. You’ll in fact realize a lot of inconsistencies is wide-feet sizing in most of the models.

The above shoe models are designed with a variety of wide-feet sizes so as to cater for the unique needs of wide-footed individuals.

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