Best Cross Training Shoes for Supination

7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Supination 2021

Foot pronation is an important consideration when choosing the best shoes for cross training. Best Cross Training Shoes for SupinationA simple DIY wet test will reveal the type of pronation exhibited by different individuals. Whatever your pronation type, there’re special shoes to help you train comfortably and with minimal injuries. So, which are best cross training shoes for supination?

Well, the best remedy for supination is arch support in your training shoes. Plus sufficient cushioning is necessary for comfort.

Read the reviews for details!

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Reviews: 7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Supination 2021

1. Ryka Influence Cross-Trainer

This is actually one of the most popular cross training shoes for women. It’s preferably an excellent choice for indoor fitness including cardio dances. The low-profile midsole gives your feet close contact with the ground to enhance your control.

Ryka Influence Cross-Trainer

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The midsole is fitted with two cushioning compounds designed to deliver a firm and responsive platform. This configuration also enhances the robustness of the midsole so that it mains sturdy even after many days of use.

A responsive insole serves as the footbed to enhance your comfort and energy return.

Another notable design of the midsole is the notch at the midfoot which separates the forefoot and heel to allow flexibility.

A pivot point below the ball of the foot makes Ryka Influence an ideal cross trainer for dance-oriented workouts. The rubber compound making the sole unit assures users substantial grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Plus it gives reliable sturdiness against wear and tear.

Your feet are comfortably and securely supported on their upper by a highly durable mesh. Synthetic overlays are appropriately-placed on the mesh to heighten its durability and offer secure wrap. Plus you get sufficient inshoe comfort from the well-padded collar and tongue.

  • Revered women cross trainer
  • Excellent support
  • Arch support
  • Durable build
  • Plenty of comfort
  • Stylish build
  • Not very responsive

2. New Balance Trainer 608 v5 – Men’s

This is an all-round athletic shoe designed to give you the best performance while protecting your feet from training hazards. Underfoot comfort and impact mitigation is provided by foam cushioning which serves as the midsole.

New Balance Trainer 608 v5 - Men’s

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A heightened responsiveness and shock attenuation is exhibited by rearfoot, thanks to the Abzorb pad incorporated here. Abzorb is blended with another rubber compound known as Dupont Engage to make it firm and enhance its durability.

The midsole works with the outsole upward extension to offer lateral support and enhance your foot stability during side-ways movements.

A durable and abrasion-resistant rubber compound is what makes sole unit of 608 v5. It provides effective protection against abrasion. Plus it exhibits the necessary stickiness for proving secure traction on both outdoor surfaces and the gym.

The tread patterns will be ideal for your indoor training since they won’t leave noticeable markings on your surfaces.

The leather configuration of the upper guarantees secure fit and foot stability. Thus it’s possible to perform side-to-side movements without dangerous foot rolling. Plus, it comes with forefoot and heel overlays to enhance support.

Ventilation is provided by the mesh-like tongue and the strategically-placed perforations.

  • Comfortable and firm midsole
  • Excellent durability
  • Arch support
  • Lateral support
  • Stylish
  • Insufficient breathability

3. Ryka Cross-Trainer Enhance 3

Like the popular Ryka Influence, a dual-density cushion is employed in the midsole. The first layer is known as N-Gage and it aims at providing a firm and supportive underfoot platform. A layer of EVA lays above the N-Gage compound to offer the necessary underfoot cushion and impact mitigation. Plus there’s a plush sock liner for added comfort and responsiveness.

Ryka Cross-Trainer Enhance 3

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Designed with your foot shape in mind, the sole unit offers satisfactory comfort which allows you train for long. Plus it allows ample foot flexibility which enables you to make abrupt movements without difficulties.

With the rubber outsole, there’re little chances of slipping on the gym floor or other surfaces. The pivot point allows effortless turning especially during dance workouts.

This helps in minimising strain on your knees, waist and ankles.

Enhance 3 employs a breathable mesh on its upper to promote ideal air circulation in and out of the foot chamber. Adequate foot lock and support is made possible by the synthetic overlays that are strategically-fitted on the upper mesh.

The foot compartment entails plenty of comfortable padding including a collar and tongue.

  • Versatile cross training shoes
  • Lateral and ankle support
  • Supportive and flexible midsole
  • Pivot point
  • Comfortable landing
  • Ample responsiveness
  • Mid-cut upper may restrict some movements

4. Nike Men’s Alpha Trainer Air Max

Dubbed as air max, this training shoe employs air bags in its midsole to deliver a lightweight yet comfortable footbed. The platform compresses during footstrike to absorb impacts and give energy for toe-off. During toe-off it returns to its initial form without losing its springiness.

Nike Men’s Alpha Trainer Air Max

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A removable foam insole is incorporated into the midsole to aid in support and enhance comfort.

The outsole entails an abrasion-resistant rubber which provides protection for both the midsole and the upper mesh. In addition, the rubber compound exhibits excellent stickiness which offers reliable traction on numerous surfaces.

Alpha Trainer comes with a comfortable and snug-fitting upper mesh which is lined with a soft and moisture-wicking fabric. This ensures your workouts are free from discomforts, irritations or blisters.

With the strategically-placed overlays, your feet have guaranteed support which allows you train without discomforts. Plus you get comfortable foot lock-down from the collar, tongue and the lace-up system.

  • Exceptional lightweight cushioning
  • Multipurpose
  • Stylish build
  • Reliable traction
  • Ample breathability
  • None

5. Ryka Cross Trainer Devotion-XT

Devotion XT bears a lot of similarities to the Ryka Devotion which was revered for being comfortable, supportive and lightweight. With the new Devotion, you get a well-cushioned midsole which delivers adequate comfort during various cross training activities.

Ryka Cross Trainer Devotion-XT

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RE-ZORB layer is a foam-based compound deigned to deliver remarkable energy springiness and absorb impacts. It’s molded to support your foot contours which makes it possible to train with minimal foot rolling.

Also delivering underfoot comfort is an ortholite insert which is also responsible for averting odor and moisture accumulation.

Devotion XT differs from its predecessor in that comes with a pivot point on the sole unit to enable quick and effortless change of direction. The rubber outsole works perfectly with the incorporated ridges to offer reliable traction across various surfaces.

The outsole presents a split configuration where the heel and forefoot are separated for added underfoot flexibility.

The upper mesh together with its incorporated overlays provides a comfortable and secure foot support. Plus adequate foot lock and stability is delivered by the collar and the heel counter.

  • Perfect cross training and dancing shoe
  • Pivot point for easy turning
  • Reliable grip
  • Range of wide feet sizes
  • Ample cushioning

6. New Balance Cross Trainer 517

If what you’re looking for is a multipurpose cross trainer for the gym and outdoors, the NW 517 is a good bet. It comes with a firm and flexible rubber which protects your feet from outdoor hazards while allowing appropriate foot flexion.

New Balance Cross Trainer 517

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With its Ndurance rubber outsole, you’re able to tackle abrasive outdoor surfaces without too much wear and tear. If you’re training in the gym or polished floors, it won’t leave any noticeable marks, thanks to its indoor tread pattern.

EVA foam delivers plenty of cushioning to offer sufficient comfort during your training. Owing to its responsiveness, it allows your feet to land with minimal impacts and more energetic toe-offs.

Offering a supportive footbed is a memory insert which can be substituted with a more supportive orthotic if need be.

A stylish and breathable mesh gives this trainer the aesthetics of a premium brand. With the good breathability, your feet remain cool and dry throughout your training. Plus it does not encourage odor-causing bacteria.

Leather overlays are conveniently-placed to enhance foot lock-down and offer protection to vulnerable areas of the shoe.

The inside of the shoe does not cause uncomfortable rubbing or chaffing, thanks to the smooth and soft inner lining.

  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor trainer
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Excellent breathability
  • Affordable
  • Non-marking treads
  • Wide sizing available
  • Non-responsive insert

7. PUMA Tazon 6 Versatile Cross Trainer

Since its release, Tazon 6 has received numerous positive appraisals regarding arch support, performance and durability. It’s also revered because of its versatility which allows you train across a myriad of cross training activities. Plus when you’re not training you can use it as a casual wear.

PUMA Tazon 6 Versatile Cross Trainer

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Tazon 6 comes with a low heel-to-toe stack height designed to allow better foot control. However, the heel area features EVA pods which enhance underfoot comfort and enable better shock attenuation. In addition, the platform is made firm by incorporating a TPU shank.

Protecting you from slipping is a highly grippy outsole. This material also gives protection to the midsole because of its high resistance to abrasion. The multidirectional treads add to the gripping ability especially when you’re training on rough surfaces.

The material utilized on the foot compartment is synthetic leather which offers plenty of support while remaining sturdy. The midfoot is reinforced with a saddle to provide better foot lock down. Plus perforations are conveniently-placed to ventilate the foot camber.

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Ideal for the gym, outdoors and casual wear
  • Excellent durability
  • Firm platform for weightlifting
  • Insufficient ventilation

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How to Choose the Best Cross Training Shoes for Supination


The tendency to supinate leads to excessive strain on your feet, legs, ankles as well as the back. But, with adequate arch support in your training shoes, you can attain the correct gait to minimise the strain.

You also need lateral support to keep your feet stable especially if your training entails numerous multidirectional movements.


Comfort is key whether you’re cross training, jogging or running. This will be determined by the level of underfoot cushioning provided by your training shoes. A responsive cushioning will not only make you comfortable, but it also protects you muscles and joints from impact-related injuries.

The amount of cushioning required varies with the type of cross training you’re undertaking. Weightlifting requires a firm cushioning while jogging and jumping requires a responsive cushioning.


Heavy training shoes are not only a burden, but they also put a lot of strain on your feet thus lessening your performance. That’s why it’s always recommended that you get lightweight cross training shoes.


Cross training will make your feet sweaty and feeling hot. With these conditions, your feet are likely to suffer blisters and itchiness as they slide inside the shoes. Sweating also creates a conducive environment for bacteria which are responsible for awful odor in shoes.

With that mind, you need breathable shoes to prevent moisture accumulation and dissipate excess heat.


You whether you’re training in the gym floor or outdoors, your shoes should have adequate grip to ensure you don’t slip.


Your satisfaction depends on the performance and quality of your shoes and how long they are likely to last. Due to supination, your shoes will wear out excessively on the outer side which exposes you to more injuries.

Therefore, durability is inevitable when buying your cross training shoes.


Everyone exhibits any of the three forms pronation – overpronation, neutral pronation or supination. While supination is not an injury, it can lead to one or cause a lot of discomfort especially during workouts.

Luckily, you can avert supination by getting the correct shoes to provide arch support for your feet.

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