Best Cross Training Shoes for Narrow Feet

7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Narrow Feet 2022

Narrow-footed fitness enthusiasts often find it very challenging when searching for the best cross training shoes. Best Cross Training Shoes for Narrow FeetThat’s because, only a few brands in the industry profoundly focus on models for narrow feet. So, which are best cross training shoes for narrow feet?

Well, you don’t have to take your frustrations any further. To simplify the search for your ideal cross trainers, I have reviewed seven models that adequately address the needs your narrow feet.

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Reviews: 7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Narrow Feet 2022

1. Nike Men’s Sneaker Metcon 5

Fifth in the Metcon series of cross training shoes, Metcon 5 promises superb performance and versatility across varied training endeavours. Known for exceptional stability, Metcon 5 makes one of the best cross trainers for weightlifting.

Nike Men's Sneaker Metcon 5

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Unlike the previous version, Metcon 5 gives you the opportunity to customize the heel height using wedge-like Hyperlift inserts. Without the inserts, the midsole gives you a 4 mm heel height, which gives you great stability and foot control. Plus the heel area features an almost incompressible foam to provide a firmer footing for heavy lifting.

With the insert, the heel height increases to 8 mm for men’s version and 6 mm for women’s version. These add-on inserts are great for squats because they permit ample ankle mobility.

Additionally, the midsole is made flexible at the forefoot to permit proper foot mobility during workouts such as squats.

The wide and flat configuration of the heel area heightens your stability to enable safe and effective heavy lifting. Two rubber compounds are appropriately utilized on the outsole to deliver unwavering traction and resilience.

Offering grip during rope-climbing are the extensive outsole extensions at the midfoot. These panel-like extensions are made wider and more aggressive compared to the predecessors.

Covering your foot is a supportive, sturdy, and snug-fitting compartment designed to facilitate optimal performance with enhanced comfort.  The complex structure entails a woven mesh, synthetic overlays, Flywire threads and a heel clip. In addition, the collar, tongue and heel collar are responsible for a secure and non-irritating foot clasp.

  • Great stability for weightlifting
  • Customizable heel height
  • Overall durability
  • Outstanding support and snug foot clasp
  • Appealing color schemes and style
  • Relatively highly priced

2. Inov-8 All Train (215) – Women’s Trainer

The ‘215’ appearing on the name of this trainer indicates the weight of each shoe in grams. That means All-Train 215 is a lightweight cross trainer which allows swift and less tiring movements.

Inov-8 All Train (215) - Women's Trainer

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Built for intensive training, All-Train 215 features an IMEVA midsole designed to deliver guaranteed comfort by providing adequate cushioning. The platform also exhibits substantial responsiveness which is responsible for energy return and impact absorption.

An 8 mm heel height gives you the ideal position for strength workouts such as weightlifting. It also gives you adequate underfoot protection during high-impact activities like running.

Giving you an accurate grip is a sticky rubber placed on the effective contact points. As its name suggests, it’s equipped with All-Train cleats to offer reliable traction on varied surfaces. Plus it’s made flexible by incorporating Meta-Flex grooves.

Your feet are comfortably cradled by the utilizing a breathable mesh and synthetic overlays. These components are perfectly merged to deliver a flexible and supportive foot coverage. A TPU counter provide additional stability by locking your heels to minimize foot bending.

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Excellent versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Lateral support
  • Ample flexibility
  • Reliable grip
  • Little resilience for rope climbing

3. New Balance Trainers 624

Narrow-footed athletes will find it very comfortable to train in these cross training shoes. They’re built to withstand rigorous and prolonged usage while offering ample foot protection.

New Balance Trainers 624

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An IMEVA-based midsole exhibits precise responsiveness which guarantees athletes optimal comfort and effective shock attenuation. The footbed comprises a layer of EVA foam which responsible for a soft and bouncy landing.

Incorporating Abzorb at the heel delivers a sturdier landing coupled by heightened impact absorption to ensure your safety.

The entire outsole is built using a sturdy, traction-ready and flexible rubber to deliver a comfortable and secure performance.  Presence of no-marking flex grooves at the forefoot enables non-restricted foot movement.

The leather material on the upper unit is responsible for the great support, protection and durability exhibited by this workout sneaker. A soft and smooth fabric is utilized inside the upper to offer a comfortable foot cradle. Plus you get non-irritating foot clasp from the collar and tongue.

  • Great cushioning is responsible for comfort
  • Traction-ready
  • Revered durability
  • Versatile
  • Lateral support
  • Ideal narrow sizing system
  • Less breathable mesh

4. Reebok Flexweave Speed TR 

With its unbeatable versatility, TR Flexweave is an ideal cross trainer for speed training, rope climbing, gym workouts, cardio exercises, and so on.

Reebok Flexweave Speed TR 

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A 3 mm heel height on the midsole is ideal for workouts that need plenty of stability and better ground control. Built with EVA foam, the midsole presents a very responsive platform for energized bounce and shock absorption during high-impact workouts.

Not only is the outsole made of grippy rubber, but it’s complemented by a complex network of oblong-like lugs to offer accurate grip in all directions. The vertical lugs covering the midfoot of the outsole extend to the midsole to provide grip during rope climbing.

Moreover, the sole unit gives you adequate flexibility, thanks to the dense network of multidirectional flex grooves.

Flexweave provides a very effective cradle to keep your feet comfortable, flexible and secured. Reinforcing overlays made from synthetic materials are placed at the rearfoot and eyestays to provide resistance to wear and tear. Plus the toe area is reinforced with an underlay for added protection and comfort.

  • Comfortable training sneaker
  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent traction
  • Good training versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable sturdiness
  • Long laces

5. Reebok Flexweave CrossFit Nano-8 

When cross training requires you to have heightened support and secure footing then you need a perfect trainer like Nano 8 Flexweave. An upgrade from the Nano 8, these trainers come with a revamped upper cage to give you better comfort and support.

Reebok Flexweave CrossFit Nano-8 

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A flat base coupled by the 4 mm heel drop results in greater stability which guarantees you comfortable and injury-free training. Midsole cushioning and support is provided by a responsive compound which is firmer at the heel.

An ortholite insert gives your underfoot a plush feeling while providing a buffer for impacts before the get to your feet.

A flat and rubber-based outsole platform is responsible for heightened stability and accurate grip during dynamic movements and heavy lifting. The extension of the outsole to at the midsole serves as the gripping aid for rope climbing.

Flexweave technology is what gives the upper unit the revamped appearance. Not only is it stylish but it provides a sock-like cover which enhances your comfort. Plus it’s effectively reinforced to enhance foot support and protection.

  • Firm but comfortable support
  • Ample flexibility
  • Lateral support
  • Excellent stability for weightlifting
  • Very durable
  • Color variety
  • Low heel drop not ideal for long runs

6. Adidas Elite CrazyTrain Men’s Trainers

With the incorporation of the Boost technology, CrazyTrain Elite trainers promise better workout efficiency and protection. The capsule-like cushioning results in effective midsole responsiveness give you comfort and provide a buffer for impact shocks.

Adidas Elite CrazyTrain Men's Trainers

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The resilience of the boost technology allows the midsole to compress and return to shape without failing. The midsole also comes with TPU supporters on the sides to offer foot stability during lateral movements.

The rubber outsole contributes to overall durability of this trainer by offering adequate resilience to abrasion and other hazards. Backed by the multidirectional treads, the rubber guarantees reliable traction despite the orientation of your movements.

The upper unit is made to be withstand strenuous movements and rigorous training including rope climbing. It entails a closely-woven fabric and rubber overlays on the abrasion-prone zones. Plus the midfoot is covered with a sturdier TPU rubber to enable effective rope climbing.

  • Comfortable and supportive underfoot
  • Admirable durability
  • Excellent grip on surfaces and rope
  • Breathable upper
  • True sizing system
  • A bit stiff on the upper

7. Adidas Men’s Trainer Pureboost

If you’re looking for a versatile cross training shoe for narrow feet, then Pureboost Trainer is meant for that. It’s perfect trainer for high-impact workouts including running and jumping. The boost cushioning technology covering the entire midsole entails TPU balls which make high-impact works less tiresome. They also have greater ability to absorb impact and retain their shape over a long duration.

Adidas Men's Trainer Pureboost

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The midsole also features forefoot lateral extensions designed to guard your feet against sliding or movements.

Adding to foot stability are the outsole extensions forming a wrap over the midsole and fusing with the upper. Thus your feet won’t excessively bend or roll away from the neutral position during lateral movements.

Backed by a generously toothed outer surface, the sole unit delivers outstanding traction on most surfaces.

A breathable and snug-fitting mesh provides a comfortable foot cradle which eliminates discomforts even during your most strenuous workouts. The elastic supportive strap aids in maintaining secure foot lock-down.

  • Comfortable midsole for high-impact training
  • Snug-fitting and supportive upper
  • Excellent grip on most surfaces
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Lacks stability for weightlifting

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How to Choose the Best Cross Training Shoes for Narrow Feet

1. Size and Width

Not all brands in the industry will give you many options for narrow, medium and wide feet shoes corresponding to your foot length. Thus, when you know you have narrow feet, it’s important that your ideal shoe size matches with the corresponding width in order to have best fit.

Notably, you’ll get variations in the accuracy of your ideal fit depending on the standards used by different shoe brands.


Other than snug-fitting shoes, your comfort will be determined by other factors like cushioning and support. The midsole should have sufficient padding to protect your feet from impacts which might otherwise result to fatigue or injuries.

Different types of cross training require different levels of support and cushioning for you have optimal comfort. You’ll require a high level of support if your training is more inclined to weightlifting.

2. Stability

Your stability matters a lot during cross training because of the endless exposure to heavy loads or lateral movements. Most cross training shoes are designed with stability in mind to keep your feet in the position so as to minimize stain or fatigue.

However, as much as you need stability, ensure that the stability features do not inhibit the flexibility of the shoe.

3. Flexibility

With the numerous foot movement and bending experienced during most cross training workouts, your feet need adequate flexibility to prevent injuries. That’s why your training shoes should allow your feet to bend without restriction.

4. Breathability

Ample ventilation in the foot compartment is essential because it allows effective foot breathing. Without this, your feet will be soaked with sweat which inhibits proper breathing.

Good breathability also minimises inshoe foot sliding by inhibiting moisture accumulation. This prevents foot rubbing which might otherwise results to itchiness or even blisters.

5. Traction

Having good grip on surfaces guarantees your safety since it prevents accidental sliding or skidding. Therefore, your training shoes should have grippy rubber outsoles to give reliable traction both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Some cross training shoes also come with outsole extensions to the lateral side to provide grip during rope climbing workouts.

6. Durability

The more durable your training shoes are, the longer you’re likely to use them before replacement. Thus, the best value for money results from considering high quality and durable training shoes as opposed to cheap and quick-wearing shoes.


If you’ve been searching for the best cross training shoes for narrow feet, then the above models are perfect choices. They come in a wide variety of narrow widths corresponding to typical shoe sizes.

In addition, these shoes cater for other cross training needs such as efficiency, comfort and safety.

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