Best Cross Training Shoes for High Arches

7 Best Cross Training Shoes for High Arches 2022

When you have high foot arches, the bulk of your body weight is carried by the heel area and the ball of the foot. Best Cross Training Shoes for High ArchesThis can lead to supination and other complications especially during running or cross training. But with proper arch support it is possible to continue with your workouts with comfort and much confidence. So, which are the best cross training shoes for high arches?

Well, here are typical shoes that will enable you to cross train effectively with your high arches.

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Reviews: 7 Best Cross Training Shoes for High Arches 2022

1. Ryka Women’s Cross Trainer Enhance 3

If you have high foot arches, plenty of arch support and cushioning is all you need to lessen the tendency of your feet to roll outwards. Enhance 3 comes with a well-cushioned and supportive footbed to enable your feet to absorb impacts.

Ryka Women’s Cross Trainer Enhance 3

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An EVA foam covers the entire midsole to provide a soft underfoot cushion and absorb impacts. Another foam known as N-Gage serves as the means for support while adding extra cushion. RE-ZORB foam acts as the sock liner and it’s designed to deliver additional cushioning to heighten underfoot comfort.

The design of the outsole is in such a way that it curves at the midfoot like your foot curve to enhance your comfort. Highly grippy rubber is placed at the forefoot and heel of the outsole to offer reliable grip on various workout surfaces. Plus it comes with dual pivot points to aid in turning and twisting especially during cardio dances.

Sufficient foot lockdown and protection is delivered by a perfect construction of the upper part. Providing for breathability is a mesh which is generously reinforced by overlays. The toe area is protected by a sturdy synthetic leather toe cap.

  • Supportive footbed
  • Well-cushioned
  • Ankle and lateral support
  • Adequate shock attenuation
  • Good for cross training and dancing
  • Quite durable
  • Relatively expensive

2. Asics Women’s Trainer Gel-Venture 6

Venture 6 running shoes are ideal for both cross training and running. The Gel cushioning at the rearfoot provides a bouncy platform to keep you comfortable during cross training. The platform exhibits adequate shock absorption to protect you from extreme impacts during high impact cross training.

Asics Women’s Trainer Gel-Venture 6

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The removable insole offers a plush footbed that keeps you comfortable while promoting smooth transition.

AHAR rubber is utilized on the sole unit to ensure you have a firm and reliable grip on surfaces. The treads on the outsole provide reliable grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. AHAR is also admired because of its ability to withstand prolonged use even on abrasive surfaces.

The durability of the upper unit also makes it a valuable cross training shoe at such price. This part entails a synthetic mesh which is complemented by leather overlays at convenient areas. These overlays help in reinforcing the mesh and prolonging its life.

The upper is also configured to enhance your comfort during workouts. It’s intended to provide a plush inshoe feeling and deliver a secure fit to prevent shoe wobbling.

  • Plush cushioning
  • Reliable durability
  • Adequate support
  • Versatile
  • Not the lightest shoe

3. Adidas Edge-Luxe Women’s Cross Training Shoe

With the Bounce technology used in the midsole, Edge Luxe delivers a bouncy and flexible landing platform. This ensures you have smooth and energetic transitions which enables you to train comfortably. The platform also exhibits adequate shock attenuation which keeps your feet free from injuries.

Adidas Edge-Luxe Women’s Cross Training Shoe

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The sole unit is made of robust rubber that can withstand prolonged usage without tearing or peeling off. This rubber also exhibits outstanding stickiness which provides secure grip on both outdoor and gym floors.

The forefoot flex grooves on the sole unit promote natural foot flexion during toe-off period of the gait cycle.

The upper unit provides a soft and sock-like cover which eliminates itching or bruising. This makes it possible to train for longer periods. In addition, the upper unit allows sufficient breathability and flexibility to maximise your comfort.

The mid-foot overlays play the role of foot lock down to ensure your feet are secured into the foot compartment.

  • Bouncy footbed
  • Sock-like foot wrap
  • Adequate flexibility
  • Responsive and efficient transition
  • Breathable
  • Rubber sole unit
  • Less padding on the collar and tongue

4. Brooks Launch-6 – Running and Cross Trainer

Launch 6 makes your running or cross training more energetic and free from injuries related to supination. This results from the generous midsole cushioning provided by the environmentally-friendly DNA compound.

Brooks Launch-6 – Running and Cross Trainer

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The DNA cushioning delivers an outstanding responsiveness which makes it good for cross training such as jogging. Plus it’s able to absorb impacts before they reach your feet.

The midfoot area also features a transition zone which promotes smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The sole unit is entirely made of a sticky rubber compound to guarantee secure grip on varied surfaces. So, whether you’re training indoors or outdoors, it’ll give you adequate traction. The outsole also comes with a wider heel which is intended to enhance flexibility while facilitating easy transition during heel-off.

The upper fabric covers your feet without causing blisters or itches, thanks to its one-piece design. It’s made of a flexible and breathable mesh which keeps you comfortable during your exercises.

What’s more, Launch 6 offers adequate inshoe comfort that allows you to train for long without getting blisters on your feet. Plus its stylish design and colors makes it stand out as one of Brook’s most outstanding brand.

  • Comfortable upper fit
  • Responsive and shock-absorbing
  • Stylish design
  • Smooth transition
  • Superb breathability
  • Narrow for wider feet

5. New Balance-1165v1 Fresh Foam

Foam 1165 comes with a raised medial midfoot which will be ideal for supporting high foot arches. This helps in stabilizing your feet during transition so as to prevent excessive rolling. In addition, the fresh foam utilized in the midsole provides the right amount of cushioning to ensure your comfort during cross training.

New Balance-1165v1 Fresh Foam

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Together with the cushioned insole the midsole also acts as the protection against impacts which might otherwise lead to injuries.

The rubber on the sole unit delivers adequate flexibility to ensure you achieve smooth transition. The rubber material utilized here exhibits appropriate stickiness to maintain accurate grip on surfaces. Plus it has outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion.

The foot compartment entails a breathable and flexible mesh made from synthetic materials. The lacing system works with the side panels to deliver a secure fit while providing lateral support.

  • The footbed feels comfortable and responsive
  • Arch support
  • Grippy sole unit
  • Ample breathability
  • Lateral support
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with custom insoles
  • Mesh cover may not last long

6. Asics 190-TR Gel Men’s Trainer

190 TR comes with a rearfoot Gel which enables smooth transition by mitigating impacts. Such a configuration is necessary when you want to prevent excessive outward foot rolling. Underfoot cushioning is offered by EVA foam to enable comfortable and responsive landing.

Asics 190-TR Gel Men’s Trainer

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Foot instability is eliminated by using two types of stability technologies. First, the midfoot entails a support system that keeps your arches supported. The second technology is a Trusstic system that prevents foot twisting.

The iconic AHAR rubber is what forms the sole unit of 190 TR cross trainer. This compound exhibits outstanding sturdiness which allows it to withstand abrasion for long. Plus it provides secure grip on both outdoor and gym surfaces.

Forefoot flex grooves promote flexibility which is necessary during toe-offs.

Plenty of overlays make the upper unit mesh very durable while providing the right amount of support. However, the mesh still retains breathability properties to ensure inshoe comfort.

  • Supportive and responsive cushioning
  • Adequate stability
  • Arch support
  • Good flexibility
  • Ideal for wide-footed individuals
  • Superb durability
  • Minimal breathability

7. Skechers Stamina Trainers – Cutback

Stamina Cutback is a versatile cross trainer designed to help you perform various workouts in and out of the gym. Though very affordable, it exhibits reliable durability that keeps you training for longer.

Skechers Stamina Trainers - Cutback

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Fitness enthusiasts who exhibit high foot arches will appreciate the generously cushioned and supportive midsole which offers substantial underfoot comfort. The platform also delivers adequate responsiveness and impact mitigation to keep you comfortable and free from impact-related injuries.

Supporting your foot arches is a removable memory foam insert that makes the footbed. It’s molded to take on the contours of your feet to provide the necessary arch support.

Stamina Cutback comes with a flexible rubber outsole to allow your feet to flex naturally and efficiently. The rubber also exhibits accurate gripping ability on the gym floor and most outdoor surfaces.

The utilization of leather and mesh as the upper unit aims at delivering sufficient support while maintaining breathability and durability. This cover also aims offering ample inshoe comfort, thanks to the well-padded tongue and heel.

  • Comfortable and supportive footbed
  • Affordable
  • Overall durability
  • Good for gym workouts
  • Bulky look

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How to choose the Best Cross Training Shoes for High Arches

Cushioning and Comfort

Inadequate cushioning denies your feet comfort that is necessary for ensuring foot stability. Therefore, it’s important to get generously cushioned cross training shoes so that the heel-to-toe transition goes smoothly with less outward rolling.

Plenty of cushioning also provides adequate responsiveness so that you ride effortlessly without straining your feet.

Shock Absorption

Workouts such as jumping, jogging, cardio dances and so on entail high impacts which expose your joints and muscles to strain. Therefore, not matter your type of foot arch, cross training shoes need adequate shock attenuation to alleviate impact-related injuries.

Arch Support

With high arches, the bulk of your body weight is carried by the heel area and the ball of the foot. This can lead to supination and other complications such as tightness of calf muscles, calluses, arch stiffness, and so on.

Getting shoes with arch support can help alleviate discomforts by supporting your arches. Alternatively, you can get custom orthotics and insert them in your shoes to provide arch support.


The lighter your shoes are, the lesser the weight on your feet. This helps in reducing strain on your feet during your workouts. Less weight also enables you to perform swift movements with ease and less strain.


Usually, cross training involves intense workouts which makes your body to sweat and heat up. With adequate breathability, your feet remain cool and dry no matter the intensity of your workouts. A breathable shoe also allows heat get out of the foot compartment to maintain a cool environment inside there.


Last but not least is durability. A durable shoe enables you train for long before buying a new one. Thus, there’s good value in your money when your buy such shoes.


High foot arches should not get you out of your cross training because of pain and discomfort. All you need are well-cushioned shoes to stabilize your feet during heel-to-toe transition. This enables your feet to land effectively with minimal rolling.

Shoes for high arches also need to have adequate arch support to minimise arches stiffness.

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